Best PPPoker Rakeback Deals – Updates Every Week (2023)

pppoker rakeback

PPPoker is the first club-based poker app, which is safe to say, made private poker clubs the biggest trend, in online poker. With no country restrictions, everyone was welcome to the party right from the start.

This brought poker players from all over the world – mainly players, who play poker as a hobby. The soft games are good enough reason to play in all the private clubs, but there are those grinders, who always seek the best PPPoker rakeback deal.

To all those hustlers – this article is for you. This will be a weekly updated page, where you can always find the best PPPoker rakeback deal, in the most suitable PPPoker clubs for you. The amount of PPPoker clubs to choose from is astonishing, as you can quickly find out here .

To select a suitable PPPoker club is not a very easy task, this is why we recommend everyone to contact us and get a professional recommendation. Once you find the best PPPoker unions and private clubs to join, it is time to talk about bonuses.

Bonuses on PPPoker, as we already mentioned, come mainly in the form of rakeback. Best PPPoker rakeback deals, of course, are for fellow PPPoker agents, who can also gain access to our deals. But this is not the only way to get a big PPPoker rakeback deal. For all serious grinders who put big enough volume, there are rewards to be claimed, at the end of each week.

PPPoker is an online social gaming platform and does not provide any real money service

Best PPPoker Rakeback Deals Week By Week
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pppoker rakeback
pppoker rakeback deals

How to Receive Rakeback on PPPoker ?

To claim your PPPoker rakeback, all you need to do is sign up with our referral id, in one of the many clubs we offer. The Poker Agent gives access to more than 20 clubs, with the number growing each week. This is why, this article is our way, to make it easy for you to follow all the latest PPPoker rakeback deals, in all the best clubs.

There are two ways to claim your weekly bonus. The first way is by receiving your rakeback chips, directly into your PPPoker account on Monday, for the previous week, which has passed. The Poker Agent sends you screenshot with all your stats, taken directly from the built-in PPPoker feature, to check wins / loss and rake. This way you can see for yourself how big of a bonus, you will receive.

The second way is to directly withdraw your bonuses. The Poker Agent once again shows you a screenshot of all your stats, but this time, rakeback is not loaded as chips, it is withdrawn to you.

PPPoker Rakeback for Agents ?

If you are PPPoker agent, you will be happy to know, that we give access to all the PPPoker deals, at any given time, with a competitive rakeback deal. Some Mosmaller private PPPoker clubs, which have limited access do not give away big rakeback bonus, but the focus in those are the criminally easy-to-win games.

In most clubs, however, the PPPoker rakeback deal is very high for serious agents (up to 65%). If know many poker players , we will happy to make you a PPPoker agent. If you are well established PPPoker agent, who always seeks to improve his rakeback deal and get more clubs to offer – we got you covered !

Highest PPPoker Rakeback Deals for Agents in October 2022

Many PPPoker agents aim to work only in the places, where they can get the highest rakeback deals. For all of them this month, we recommend the following 3 clubs, in which we can offer the best conditions.

You can apply with Club ID and Referral ID if you are using PPPoker on PC or click Join, to directly apply from your smartphone. To quickly describe the clubs for you – Saloon AU is the biggest one, but slightly tougher. White Fish has decent activity, but less than the other 2. However, it has the softest games. Club Snatch is in the middle. Second place when it comes to both traffic and easy games.

Best PPPoker Rakeback Deals for Regular Players in Week 17.10 – 23.10

It is Halloween time, and we have some scary good PPPoker rakeback deals to offer. All our regular players will enjoy premium rakeback deals, depending on their weekly volume.

Below are our pics for the best PPPoker clubs, in which we can give the highest rakeback deal ;

Please note that these are not the highest PPPoker rakeback deals , but they are the best ones . What this means is, that those clubs, combine good traffick, amazing games with many weak players and solid rakeback deals, to keep regular grinders happy.

The idea of not giving away even higher rakeback deal, is that those attract shark players, which is not the aim of any union. Of course, crushers have their place under the sun, but on apps like PPPoker, 90% of players are recreational. With some of the private PPPoker clubs, to which The Poker Agent has access from, we dare to say that 100% of players are fish (no offence 🙂 )

New PPPoker Rakeback Deals in Week 24.10 – 31.10

There is not a huge movement this week on PPPoker. Most of the deals remain the same with only difference being that we know offer even higher rakeback for short deck players, in one of the best places to play this poker format.

All Short deck lovers will be happy to know that Saloon Thailand, is probably the very best place to play 6+ (SD) in the world right now. This is a private Thailand club, with terrible players, who barely know the rules of Short Deck game ;

Best PPPoker Rakeback Deals in the Beginning of November 2022

PPPoker begins the month with a bad news. One of the best clubs for short deck, which we mentioned last time, seized to exist ! Most our short deck players, will continue to play in Australian union, where we compensate them with bigger rakeback deal. All of their bankrolls were safely transferred within few hours.

To continue on a brigher note, we are happy to give you fresh new PPPoker club from India. It is part of small union T3. Indian clubs are not famous with their generous rakeback offers, but we are making sure our players are properly rewarded.

Best Rakeback Deals on PPPoker Week 7.11-14.11 (2022)

This week on PPPoker, there are few changes worth noticing. First one being that Saloon Thailand is not available, currently. At least, not in the same union.

At this point and time, Saloon Thailand club and the whole PPPoker Royal union, moved to a whole new American union. Traffic is considerably more, with active tables, being almost twice as much, as before.

To celebrate this new beginnings, The Poker Agent, offers up to 50% rakeback , in this PPPoker club. Details of how to join, you can find in the last week of October section.

Best Rakeback Deals on PPPoker Week 14.11-21.11 (2022)

From this week our we offer access to a private club on PPPoker with great rakeback deal, for all our players.

This is a high stakes PLO5 club. Rakeback may not seem high, but it is an exclusive offer, which is almost impossible to find elsewhere. Such private clubs are gold mine for regular players.

Black Friday PPPoker Rakeback Deals 21.11 – 28.11 (2022)

Those who follow us on our social media pages and also in our Telegram News Channel, knew we had some exclusive Black Friday promotions on all apps and sites.

Now that these are over, but we continue to deliver you good in news, in the form of increased PPPoker rakeback deals , in the trendiest clubs.

This week, we have very good deal for you, in one of the newest PPPoker unions – T3. It is an Indian alliance, which is on big upswing, as traffic has increased dramatically this month.

How are the PPPoker Rakeback Deals in the beginning of December 2022 ?

Another week on PPPoker has passed and good news are coming your way. All our PPPoker rakeback deals are alive and well, ready to be claimed by all serious poker players. As you know our PPPoker rakeback deals reach up to 60%.

The only exception to the rule is PPPoker Union Alliance. In the biggest Indian PPPoker Union ,now we decided to offer even bigger rakeback deal, only for serious grinders. Here is the new club, which allows us to boost our already high rakeback deal, to new heights ;

PPPoker Rakeback Deals in 05.12 -12.22 – New PPPoker Union Available !

New PPPoker Alliance has just launched. The name of the union is Favorites. Counter intuitively most of the players who you will face here, will not be the favorites to win, because most of the tables are filled with recreational players.

PPPoker Union Favorites is just few days old, but already has more than 10 active tables, at all times. There are even some quality tournaments to be played, which is not something, that most of the PPPoker clubs offer.

Union favorites for us is also a place, where we can offer one of the best PPPoker rakeback deals for both players and agents. Here is how to join ;

PPPoker Rakeback Deals in Week 12.12 – 19.12

This week is there are no new developments, as far as PPPoker rakeback deals are concerned. We strongly recommend you to look carefully at the previous weeks and the good deals we provide in Indian PPPoker clubs.

Usually, Indian clubs are not famous for their big rakeback deals, but The Poker Agent will give you above average offers in those. The main attraction in those Indian clubs, are of course, the ultra soft games. Players are almost exclusively fishes and whales. Along with Yamal Union, those are our top recommendations on the platform.

Not to leave you empty handed this week, we will give a slight boost, to one of our private Indian clubs –

One of the few deals, where there is PLO 4 card on PPPoker. Very valuable club, which is almost impossible to find access to.

NEW PPPoker Rakeback Deals ( Early Christmas Presents 19.12-26.12 )

During Christmas Week, The Poker Agent team have pretty juicy presents for all our players, in the form of PPPoker rakeback deals. Without further adieu – below you can find two of the best PPPoker clubs – both in terms of good and loose games and high rakeback deal.

Christmas PPPoker Rakeback Deals from The Poker Agent

Merry Christmas everyone ! We wish you health, happiness and great success in poker and personal life. While we can not help you with the latter – The Poker Agent team certainly can improve your poker success chance dramatically.

As you know we do this by finding you soft poker rooms and giving you solid rakeback deals. This week, we do not have new PPPoker clubs for you, but we have very attractive new rakeback deal, in already existing one.

You can find club Shambala in the previous week updates. Now in the last week of 2022, we can offer you another club in the same PPPoker Favorites Union, but with new and improved rakeback deal. Check the details below :

PPPoker Rakeback Deals in the first week of 2023

The 2023 for PPPoker begins with our usual assortiment of big rakeback deals. There are no new PPPoker clubs to join, but we believe it is a good thing, since there are already so many options to choose from, that you can get confused by the sheer number of rooms.

If you are NLH or PLO5 player, there are a lot of PPPoker rakeback deals to choose from, depending on your weekly volume – your weekly PPPoker rakeback deal can reach up to 60% in some clubs ! Astonishing number, especially when you compare it to the “normal” poker rooms, where you would usually get 20% , regardless of your volume.

As usual, once again The Poker Agent team will keep you updated throughout 2023 for the latest PPPoker rakeback deals, clubs and unions.

Rakeback Deals Update on PPPoker in 07.01 – 14.01

This week The Poker Agent team has prepared for everyone a brand new PPPoker deal, which does not only come with high rakeback, but also with interesting game types. Omaha Hi Lo is back on PPPoker with this amazing new club we are offering you today. Check out the details :

NEW PPPoker Rakeback Deals in January 16

Our already huge PPPoker Deals list just expanded, as we added very special, higher stakes Omaha Indian PPPoker club to our portfolio. Here you can play some really soft games, against Indian recreational players. Games of choice are PLO5 and PLO6.

The good news do not stop here ! There are other bonuses for the most dedicated grinders and this time, they come directly from the PPPoker app team. PPPoker has just announced the innovative PPGL competition. It is exclusive competition, which is the first one of its kind.

You can read carefully the rules, once you login on the app. Explained in short – PPGL is a competiton, in which you compete for your country, to get a chance at playing in some amazing real life poker games, hosted by PPPoker.

Imagine a world cup , where you and your country mates battle for the first places, together as a team, by playing in tournaments and ranking as high as possible. Only the best countries will be selected to continue in the advanced phases, where you get a chance to win the amazing prizes.

The tournaments, which qualify for participating in this International competition, are those held in all PPPoker Unions and Super Unions. To earn points, you need to be at least ITM of each tournament.


We wish everyone good luck and may the best nation win !

PPPoker App in the last week of January 2023

Slow week on PPPoker, with no new PPPoker Clubs to join. The rakeback deals from previous weeks, however, are alive and kicking and we welcome every player or agent, to collaborate with us and maximize his winnings.

This week, we decided to remind you of one of the best places to play poker online, which flew a bit under the radar, since there are so many deals to choose from.

This particular room offers NLH and PLO5 low to mid stakes games, but the main game here is NLH Pineapple (3-1) . It is super action packed version of regular Texas Holdem, which is for sure, more exciting than the regular NLH. Check out how to join :

PPPoker Rakeback Deals in the first week of February 2023

PPPoker app has just launched their long prepared international project, which sees countries compete against each other. Players from the winning countries, will get the chance to access exclusive LIVE PPPoker games and other prizes.

Other than that, there are no new places to explore, when it comes to the clubs and unions ecosystem inside the app. The Poker Agent access, has already more than 20 different PPPoker clubs to offer you, along with juicy PPPoker Rakeback Deal, in each one. Check out the previous weeks updates for more information. Till next week !

New PPPoker Union in Week 06.02 – 13.02

This week, we have exciting news for all PPPoker agents and players. Whole new PPPoker union is now available with juicy rakeback deal for everyone. Games are very soft and quite loose. VPIP % are above 35 on NLH and above 60 on PLO5 , for most of the players you will be playing against.

With the right strategy and the good rakeback deal from us, there is no way to lose here in long term. The name of the new PPPoker union is “Flesh”. Details on how to join below :

Increased Rakeback Deal in the latest PPPoker Union – Trouth Farm ( Week 13.02 -20.02 )

PPPoker is platform, which still is one of the most common places, where game organizers decide to open new clubs. It is very exciting to explore a new PPPoker club, but it is also equally thrilling to receive an update on a deal, you already have and love.

PPPoker Trouth farm is one of the best places currently to play online poker. Games are crazy ! Currently, this new union started offering No Limit Holdem full ring tables. On those, the average VPIP% of players is more than 50% ! Imagine playing full ring 9 seated game and everyone playing a wide array of garbage hands. The only thing you need to do is , set mine or hit straight or higher flush.

You will most certainly get value out of all your strong hands in this club. Till this week, the Trouth Farm union was hosting almost exclusively PLO6 games. It is one of those rare places on PPPoker, which offers PLO6, so in short – if you are not a PLO5 player, this is probably the place for you.

PPPoker rakeback deals with us, vary between 25-60% in most clubs we offer, but in trouth farm, most of the players will receive the offer towards the higher end of the spectrum. Here is how to join PPPoker Trouth Farm union :

New clubs and PPPoker Rakeback Deals in Week (20.02 – 27.02 )

Brand new PPPoker union has just launched and it is already picking up pace. There are good amount of active tables in the newest PPPoker alliance called Sirius . The room is populated mainly with players from CIS countries. Contrary to popular believe , one of the softest rooms in the world currently are Russian.

Players often play intoxicated, tilted or are just loose calling stations. Most of our players, just wait for such room to pop up and immediately include it in their arsenal of soft poker rooms to play in. Without further ado – here is how to join and get a juicy PPPoker rakeback deal in Sirius union :

PPPoker Rakeback Deals in March 2023

March begins with a bit of a bad news, as far as PPPoker deals are concerned. One of the softest PPPoker clubs Underdog, seized operations for now. We will get back to you, if it decides to welcome our players once again.

Good thing is there are countless other good PPPoker rakeback deals in many soft rooms, where competition is very easy to exploit. One of the best PPPoker clubs, when it comes to soft games and big rakeback deals are Freddy and Nefertiti. You can find details of those above, we updated you about them in last few weeks.

And if you prefer to take a detailed look at all PPPoker clubs, you can do that as well in our dedicated page.

PPPoker App in Week 13.03-20.03

Brand new PPPoker rakeback deals available in the middle of March, for our players on PPPoker. Extremely soft club with terrible players await you on the app. International room, with very few tables and a lot of fish, including easily tilted amateurs, who splash big pots. Check out the details :

New PPPoker Rakeback Deal in Indian Alliance

Fresh new PPPoker rakeback deal in the third week of March. It is in one of the best PPPoker Unions – Indian Alliance. The amount of rakeback is highly dependent on how much rake you generate, so ask us for a deal :

PPPoker Rakeback Deals in the First Week of April

Spring PPPoker Rakeback deals are here and The Poker Agent team has prepared for you a brand new PPPoker Union Royal. It was available a while back, but it has not been active since last year.

Finally this Thailand Union is available and we have juicy rakeback deal for our loyal players and agents. Here is how to join :

New PPPoker Rakeback Deal in the Second Week of April 2023

The private Indian PPPoker Club Richie Rich is back ! The best possible PLO4 games happen once again on the PPPoker application. We can offer a smaller rakeback deal in this club, because the owners aim to keep it a private room, with the least amount of good regular players, as possible. This is often possible by reducing the rakeback weekly bonus .

PPPoker Rakeback Deals in 10.04 – 17.04

This week, we have plenty of new deals Many new Indian PPPoker clubs have opened doors and we got access to these rooms. All of them, we would rank among the softest omaha games, we have ever seen. Most of the clubs, do not want to be guerilla promoted online, so if you want to gain access in those, do not hesitate to message us.

pppoker indian clubs

PPPoker Rakeback Deals in 17.04 – 24.04

There are so many small PPPoker clubs, which we have added over the past few weeks. The perfect places to bumhunt fishes.

However lets not forget the largest PPPoker unions, which are by far the most desired places, as they often plenty of action on all stakes 24/7. Let’s take a look at what rakeback deal we can provide in the largest PPPoker Unions – Primetime and Yamal.

PPPoker in the beginning of May 2023

Last two weeks have been extremely dynamic, with us adding so many poker clubs and sites, to our portfolio. PPPoker app has been one of the places, in which we added some new deals. Take a look :

This is extremely soft Australian PPPoker club, for micro stakes. The deal is not something to brag about, but the main selling point of these private PPPoker clubs, are the soft games. If you visit us solely for the juicy PPPoker rakeback deal, take a look at the biggest PPPoker unions from the previous weeks. See you next week !

New PPPoker Rakeback Deals in 15.05-22.05

Hello PPPoker grinders and agents. The Poker Agent team is happy to let you know that from this week, we have extremely good PPPoker rakeback deal in the following unions :

PPPoker Rakeback Deals in 22.05 – 29.05

We have two new very low rakeback deals for our players. Yes, that’s right, the rakeback in the newest PPPoker clubs we will give you access to, are very low.

But do not get discouraged, this only means, these are exclusive clubs with limited access and a lot of fish. The main attraction here is not the huge bonuses. It is the low skilled opponents, you will be facing. Here are the details :

Message us after you apply to these clubs. Perfect places for some soft low stakes.

PPPoker Rakeback Deals in the end of May 2023

PPPoker app is still one of the top 3 most busy club-based poker applications in the world. This makes it a desired place, by many poker agents and affiliates.

The Poker Agent team offers the biggest variety of PPPoker clubs , along with a juicy rakbeback deal and full bankroll guarantee.

In May 2023 we have added 5 new clubs, but the total available ones are above 15. To find the most suitable one for you, just browse our PPPoker clubs collection or do our quiz, in which we find the most suitable online poker room, according to your preferences. If you are rakeback junkie, make sure you select that option in question 4.

PPPoker Rakeback News in Beginning of June 2023

  1. The Poker Agent team can now offer up to 65% Rakeback in main PPPoker Indian Alliance.
  2. New Deal in Square Union for PPPoker agents – up to 60% Rakeback
  3. New PPPoker Rakeback deal in one of the best PPPoker clubs for PLO5 – Kingdom of Poker Union, club Compass.
  4. Other interesting news on PPPoker
    • The developers finally put an end to the International competition, which was not that captivating for most players.
    • Lately , the high stakes have been more busy in the biggest unions, especially for PLO5 tables.

PPPoker News in June 12 – June 19

  1. We now offer new PPPoker Australian Union club with up to 50% Rakeback for Agents and Serious Grinders.
  2. A reminder : The largest PPPoker rakeback deals you can have as agent in the following unions – Yamal, Pinoy Donks, Primetime, El Dorado, ULP Evolution, Indian Alliance, Square and Kingdom of Poker
  3. Many clubs, have been actively running Heads Up tables, much more frequently, Contact us for recommendations.
  4. One of the best places to play 3-1 Holdem (Pineapple) is the Romano Union. You can find ids of the club in our PPPoker page .
  5. Yet for another week, we observe higher traffic on the bigger stakes tables. Summer mood starts to kick in.

PPPoker Rakeback Update June 19 – June 26

  1. The Poker Agent offers very good PPPoker Rakeback deal up to 65% in the main Brazillian Union. This VIP deal is only for high stakes players and agents.
  2. New Rakeback Deal in PPPoker Trouth Farm Union. It is small CIS alliance for PLO6 games.
  3. PPPoker Family Union is one of the softest places for full ring NLH games and the usual PLO5 tables. Do not let the lower rakeback fool you, there is a ton of value in playing here.

New Rakeback Deals in June 26 – July 02

  1. New Indian club with decent rakeback deal available. High stakes PLO5 games and a bit OFC. Contact us and ask about “Indian Casino”
  2. Romano Union got an overhaul. It is now bigger, better and with importantly – with more casual players. The new modified PPPoker Super Union is called “Fish Hunt “
  3. The best PPPoker rakeback deals, remain in the TOP 3 best PPPoker Unions in our opinion, which is our way of trying to attract you to the most busy, yet soft clubs on the platform. Those are Yamal, Alliance and Square.
  4. With it’s last update, PPPoker app introduced a bunch of new avatar icons, available for everyone to use.

New PPPoker Rakeback Deals in July 03 – July 10

  1. New PPPoker Rakeback deal available in the fresh new Brazilian PPPoker Union – Particular. Very good NLH and PLO5 games on low to mid stakes. Rakeback for agents and serious players, can reach up to 50%
  2. Another new Indian club, for high stakes PLO5. The room is called Infinity and players definitely make infinite number of bad decisions. Very soft games, perfect to skyrocket your win-rate. The PPPoker Rakeback deal in this one is up to 40%.
  3. Plenty of new leaderboards, hand chases and challenges for bonus rewards, now available on various PPPoker clubs and unions. Follow our page for weekly bonuses for more information.

Rakeback Deals on PPPoker in July 10 – July 17

  1. +5% Rakeback deal in all PPPoker Unions for agents, until end of July.
  2. Great high stakes HU , running in Brazilian unions. +5% Rakeback bonus for all players, playing on those.
  3. New small PPPoker Union available with incredibly soft games. Access to only selected few players. This exclusive PPPoker alliance is not available anywhere else and prefer to stay anonymous.

PPPoker Update July 18 – July 24

  1. Completely new way to check the TOP 5 best clubs on each game type in real time. Not only on PPPoker but in general. Check our TOP 5 clubs section.
  2. One more week with the 5% increased PPPoker rakeback deal, a bonus which we started last week and it is going to end on July 31. Agents who increase their weekly rake, will keep the increased rakeback % permanently.
  3. New Indian PPPoker clubs available. Pocket 9 , Inifnity 2 and few other options from India away all Omaha players. Rakeback deals in those are low, but so are the skills of the players. Perfect places for PLO4.

New PPPoker Rakeback Deals in July 24-July 31

  1. New Rakeback deals available in the Indian PPPoker clubs. Contact us for more information.
  2. Higher deals in the Brazilian PPPoker clubs, only for agents and high stakes players.
    • PPPoker App Development team added few new customization options, ranging from new deck of cards and the option to see your own hole cards, only once its your turn. This is done in a bid to help you focus on opponents decisions, like in live poker game.

PPPoker Rakeback News in First 2 Weeks of August 2023

  1. New Deal in PPPoker PPPFish Union ( Australian Alliance). It is one of the tougher unions and it clubs we work with change there, but rakeback deal remains the same.
  2. Fresh new PPPoker club available. The room wish to remain anonymous, so it will be best if you ask us directly about it. Just mention the word “Hub” , while talking to our admins. They will immediately understand the password ! Rakeback deal in this club is up to 40% !
  3. Deals in Punjab and possibly in few other Indian clubs will be on pause. The rakeback deals in PPPoker clubs from India are lower. They are also very risky, so it is always an good idea to play with affiliate from outside of India, who 100% guarantees your bankroll. Joining Indian club directly with some local contact, is almost a suicide mission. Always trust an professional PPPoker agent , as things can get very ugly.

PPPoker Update August 21 – August 28

  1. Once again new deal in PPPfish union. We are slowly working towards giving an equally high rb deals for high raking agents and players. This union is notorious with its lower deals, but thanks to the latest clubs we have joined, we can now offer up to 60% RB in the Australian Union.

New PPPoker Rakeback Deals in Beginning of September

  • Fall 2023 boost for all our trusted partners ! PPPoker agents can now get up to 65% Rakeback in the main PPPoker unions. Ask our Telegram managers for more info
  • PPPoker introduced a new mystery bounty system. More about it , you can find out inside the platform
  • We have been testing a new arabic PPPoker club. Soon we will probably provide access and juicy PPPoker rakeback deal.
  • The Poker Agent team have finished working with some of the Indian PPPoker clubs. All our players received their full balance, right away. 100% guaranteed deals as always.

PPPoker Rakeback Update 18.09 – 25.09

  1. Currently The Poker Agent team is testing fresh new PPPoker club with mainly MTTs. It is predominantly filled with MTT tables and only few micro tables are available. Good news is we can offer very solid rakeback deal, up to 60%
  2. Great news for PPPoker agents and players looking for small soft clubs. Now one of our favorite places – Romano and Kingdom of Poker Union are available to all serious grinders and affiliates with up to 65% rakeback deal.

PPPoker Rakeback Deals in October 2023

  1. Large new rakeback deal in the latest PPPoker Union Samsung. We work with club Moroz in this Russian room and can offer solid incentives for all low stakes grinders.
  2. Lately PPPoker Kingdom of Poker Union is developing to be among the most preferred places on the platform. The terrific heads up games and unconventional 4 seated Omaha are the highlights of the room. The other positives come directly from The Poker Agent team ! We can offer up to 65% rakeback for all high raking PPPoker Agents.
  3. New interesting design decisions might be coming to PPPoker. The developers are testing and looking for feedback about their brand new ideas, in regards to the design of this widely popular poker app. Just log in to your account and give them your thoughts !

PPPoker App Halloween Update

  1. Scare away the opposition this Halloween with improved PPPoker rakeback deals. Every new player who signs up during the last week of October gets +10% rakeback on our usual offer. Hurry up and join the action !
  2. PPPoker Flesh Union is developing to be one of the most interesting places on the platform. It now offers plenty of NLH and Omaha Heads Up, as well as the unorthodox 3 seated Omaha tables. Grab a generous rakeback deal from The Poker Agent team.

PPPoker in Beginning of November

  1. PPPoker Particular Union is back and better than ever. The cherry on the cake is the fresh new rakeback deal, which is now up to 60% !
  2. PPPoker Ginger Union is expanding ! The RB deal is also growing proportionally and now our PPPoker agents and players can enjoy up to 55% rakeback.

New Exclusive PPPoker Rakeback Deals in November 13-20

  1. Brand new Japanese PPPoker union is now available with tempting PPPoker rakeback deal. This PPPoker alliance offers already one of the best NLH Heads Up and All in or Fold tables on the online poker market. Message The Poker Agent to join.
  2. Trouth Farm Union is another one which makes a solid comeback, by offering slightly bigger RB deal ( Up to 60% for big players and PPP agents ). This room offers PLO6 double board action, which is not easy to find on the app.

PPPoker Black Friday Rakeback Deals

  1. PPPoker Bravo Union is the latest addition to the platform. ” Poker Near Me” is our club in this PPPoker alliance and we will be welcoming all the PPPoker agents and players with HUGE rakeback deals ( Up to 70% )
  2. All The Poker Agent PPPoker rakeback deals will be +10%, for all the newcomers till the end of November.

Largest PPPoker Rakeback Deals Yet ! ( December 12- December 19 )

  1. The Poker Agent team is proud owner of two new clubs on the PPPoker platform. We give up to 65% rakeback to our players and agents. One of the clubs is called ” Sigmas “ and is part of the Double Ruble Union.
  2. The other club is part of a super alliance of the Russian Bravo Union and one of the largest PPPoker Union – El Dorado. The club is called ” Poker Near Me” and most active PPPoker agents and players can receive up to 65% rakeback .
  3. New large rakeback deal available in the Japanese Union. Up to 60% for the most active users.
  4. Samsung union is another place where we can reward our loyal player base with up to 60% rakeback.

PPPoker Christmas Update

  1. PPPoker is sporting brand new look for Christmas. Some fun customization options available.
  2. During the festive period till the end of the year, everyone who starts in our clubs Sigmas and Poker Near Me will receive premium deals.
  3. New option for Double Board PLO6. For those interested in this game type, contact us and ask for club Dark Horse.
  4. New deal in the Indian Alliance Union. Chip value and rakeback deal are much better now, for all our players.

First PPPoker Rakeback Deals Update in 2024 ( January 1 – January 7 )

  1. Not long ago Yamal Union merged with the second biggest Brasilian Union, into a super-union, which is now the third largest alliance on the PPPoker platform. For the most active grinders and PPPoker Agents, we can offer up to 60% rakeback in this one.
  2. PPPoker Australian Union is now available with better deal, up to 60% and better chip value.

More PPPoker Rakeback Deals in January 22 – January 29

  1. Fresh new private UK club available on the platform. Max rakeback deal for loyal players and PPPoker agents – 50%.
  2. New Indian private club for Double Board PLO5 – Mad House. Rakeback is only 40% , but games are worth it !

PPPoker App News in the Beginning of February 2024

  1. No new rakeback deals this week, but plenty of exciting news ! Brand new format is available on the platform, called the stand up game . Here are rules of the game and how to join.
  2. Another new card game on the platform is Seka/Svara. The super popular game in Eastern Europe and Russia is now available to play online on PPPoker. Check out how to play.

NEW PPPoker Rakeback Deals in February 19 – February 26

  1. The most notable new addition to the PPPoker platform is a new Indian super union for mid stakes PLO5 , including Double Boards. Rakeback is up to 50 % , but everyone who tried playing in Indian club, knows the main attraction are the soft games, not the RB.
  2. Newest PPPoker Union in 2024 , so far, is called Tula71. Another option for all Omaha lovers, but here the most popular game is PLO6 Double Board. It is hard to find active tables, but once you do, its one of the best places on PPPoker. Very weak players from CIS countries. Rakeback is up to 60%

PPPoker Rakeback Deals in the End of February 2024

  1. PPPoker Square Union is no longer among our offers. Square Union Owner is a dirty scammer, who cheats and steals. Please avoid this union, even if the deal is tempting.
  2. Brand new high stakes club has opened doors on PPPoker. It is called Honey Pot. 10/20 blinds PLO5. Rakeback is up to 50%.

PPPoker Rakeback Deals in Early March 2024

  1. Edgeville is a fresh new high stakes club, just opened for business on PPPoker. You can play up to 20/40 blinds PLO5 there, including on some 1v1 HU tables. Rakeback deal is up to 60% for serious high stakes grinders and PPPoker agents.
  2. Improved rakeback deal available in the latest Indian Super 4 Union . We work with the main club in this alliance – Oxycodone. The room offers extremely juicy Omaha tables and the rakeback is up to 65% for our most loyal and active followers !

PPPoker Rakeback Deals in Last Week of March 2024

  1. New attractive deal in brand new PPPoker Club Crazy House. It has low activity but very soft games against recreational Russian players.
  2. Better Rakeback deal in the PPPoker Australian Club – Whale Pond available. Now up to 50% Rakeback.
  3. Brand new PPPoker private club from India – Tilters. Incredibly easy-to-win room for mid-stakes PLO4 and PLO5. Rakeback up to 52% .

PPPoker Rakeback Offers in the Beggining of April

  1. New PPPoker club Crazy House available with symbolic rakeback deal, but easy-to-win games. NLH and PLO5 available.
  2. Samsung Union has added few American clubs under its wing and now the newly shaped alliance is called Fish Hunted. America and Russia working together towards delivering fun environment – this can happen only in poker ! 🙂 Rakeback deal is very generous for all active PPPoker agents and players.

PPPoker Bonuses in April 15 – April 22

  1. No new Rakeback deals on PPPoker this week, but there is huge 25000 Monthly Leaderboard hand-chase. Contact us if you wish to jump and start climbing towards the top spots for extra juicy rewards.
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