What is Seka/Svara ? How and Where to It Play Online (2024)

seka game rules

Seka ( Svara) is exciting and action packed card game, which is popular among people of all age groups.

It is not simply a gambling game. Seka is also a very social game, which brings people together.

In certain countries, you can meet people organizing home games or even playing it on the street. Many females are also playing the game, because it is fun, and easy to get into. It is easy to learn and hard to master.

What Exactly is Seka?


Seka is popular “poker” game in Eastern Europe. However, it bears very little similarities to the traditional poker games.

It is played with 3 cards, there are also 3 different types of bets ( which are very similar to regular poker game types)

  1. Blinds
  2. Calls
  3. Raises

The main goal of the game is to collect as many points as possible and in the event of the tie – there is a Svara round for all the marbles !

Seka/Svara Rules and How to Play:


Seka can be played with 21, 32 or 36 cards.

In the traditional 32 cards version, from the deck are removed all the lower than 7 cards. 7 of clubs acts as a wild card, but more on that later.

Scoring System:
Player with the highest points wins, the hand.

Card Scoring:

  • Wild Card : 11 Points
  • Ace: 11 Points
  • 10, J, Q, K – 10 points each
  • 9 – 9 points
  • 8 – 8 points
  • 7 – 7 points
  • 6 – 6 points ( in the 36 card version of Seka )

Main Rules :

  1. If 3 cards are of different suites and not three of a kind, only the highest card is counted. For example, Queen of Spades + Queen of Diamonds + Ace of Clubs = 11 Points
  2. If 2 or 3 cards are of the same suits, their points are added up. For example, Queen of Spades + Queen of Diamonds + Ace of Diamonds = 21 points.
  3. If 3 cards have the same face value, forming a three of a kind, adds all the points of the cards. For example, Queen of Spades + Queen of Diamonds + Queen of Clubs = 30 points.
  4. A wild card can be considered as any suit to achieve higher points. For example, a wild card + 8 of Hearts + 9 of Diamonds = 20 points, because the wild card is considered as a card in the suite of Diamonds. Similarly a wild card + Ace of Hearts + King of Hears = 32 points, because the wild card is considered as a card in the suit of Hearts.
  5. A wild card can have any face value to score the highest points possible. For example, it can form a three of a kind with a pair. A wild card + King of Hearts + King of Diamonds = 31 points, because the wild card is considered a king.
  6. If there are 2 aces, the points are added up and the third card is no longer scored unless it is a wild card. For example King of Hearts + Ace of Spades + Ace of Diamonds = 22 points, while a wild card + Ace of Spades + Ace of Diamonds = 33 points.
  7. 2 lowest cards are worth 23 points, and the third card is no longer counted. 3 lowest cards are worth 34 points, which is also the highest score ( not applicable to 21-card version of the game )


At the final showdown, if there are several top scorers whose points are tied, Svara will be initiated ( tiebreaker round). This is a new round and the pot used in the last round will be carried forward.

Top scorers from the last round will enter Svara directly. Other players, as well as newly joined players, can choose whether they want to join or not. Only players who fold in the last round cannot join Svara.

Before joining Svara, players are required to pay an ante. Ante = pot in the last round / number of top scorers in the last round. If remining chips are insufficient, players are not able to join Svara.

Where to Play Seka/Svara ?


The game can be enjoyed on the PPPoker platform. It was just introduced by their team and there are many people already playing on the platform, all the different poker game varieties.

This is one of the most versatile poker platforms, offering tons of side games , like Tongits, Chinese Poker, Stand Up Games, Short Deck Poker and many more exciting formats.

The new games quickly are getting attention and people start playing them in some of the most popular PPPoker private clubs.

Seka is going to soon appear in one of the most recognized PPPoker Unions El Dorado. If you are reading this from your phone, you can directly auto-send application to join and check out the tables.

If you are reading this on PC, you can apply to the club “Poker Near Me ” manually or just monitor all the latest clubs, which are offering this game. You can do both of those things on our PPPoker Clubs page.

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