Pokerbros Not Working on PC [ 100% Proven Fix ]

Pokerbros Not Working on PC

After the latest updates, many players have complained that Pokerbros is not working on PC. As you already know – to play Pokerbros on PC, you need to use android emulator.

Recently, cases of people, being unable to log in on Pokerbros, are becoming much more frequent. Pokerbros just remains stuck on loading screen, regardless of which emulator you use.

Pokerbros Not Working on PC – Fixes Which Did NOT Work for Us !

The Poker Agent team have tried to find solution to this problem by trying a variety of different things. Here are two fixes, which do NOT work most of the time,

  • Cloning the Android Emulator – apparently for some people, this is working, but for many others it is just a waste of time and effort.
  • Running the Pokerbros App with Asian Hand Converter – this fix was working until very recently, but after the Halloween update, it was also rendered useless.

Our advice is to save your time, by not attempting those and directly continue on the only working fix for the moment.

How to Fix Pokerbros Freezing on Log In

pokerbros apk older download

Luckily, there is a very easy solution to Pokerbros not working on PC problem. The ONLY thing you need to do is download an older version of the Pokerbros APK file. The version which we tested is 1.20 and it is working like a charm. Just follow the link above, download the file, run Pokerbros with your emulator of choice and everything will work like a charm.

To follow all that is happening on the app, check out our weekly Pokerbros news page. There, The Poker Agent team, share everything interesting, surrounding the platform.

If you are not in the mood to read and just want to play some poker, check out all the Pokerbros Clubs you can join.

SPECIAL THANKS to MaleaB , who is the developer of Poker Union. He helped us find the solution to the Pokerbros emulator problem. You can go try his product , it is actually pretty helpful, if you struggle to optimize your Pokerbros user interface on PC to your liking. Mention The Poker Agent for free Trial.

pokerbros not working on pc fix
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