X-Poker and PokerBros Removed from Google Play ? ( February 2024)

pokerbros removed from google play

X-Poker , Suprema , PokerHub and Pokerbros removed from Google Play ?
On February 12 , Google Play took the decision of removing few of the popular poker platforms, in a very surprising turn of events.

As of right now, the popular online poker apps, cannot be downloaded from the official Google Play Store. There are thousands of players, already playing on these poker apps, who probably feel worried about the situation.


Do not be quick to panic, here are few reasons why :

This is not the first time X-Poker, PPPoker and Pokerbros were removed from Google App store too

In the past, these poker apps were also removed from the app store but all came back after short absence.

Are X-Poker , Suprema and Pokerbros removed from Google Play forever ?

Another comforting news is , that these platforms would probably make their return on Android store. Just like it happened in the past.

They are too big of an attraction across several continents to remain unavailable on Google Play.

X-Poker and Pokerbros are available on iOS store

All Apple users can still easily download X-Poker and PokerBROS on their devices. Both platforms are fully available in the Apple Store.

You can still Download All Poker Apps on your Android Device

It is just slightly more challenging, due to the recent developments. You can ask our Telegram admins how you can do it. It takes 2 minutes and you do not need special preparation.

As always, X-Poker and Suprema are available on PC as well

Both X-Poker and Suprema Poker apps can be downloaded from their official websites.

Download Suprema on PC

Download X-Poker on PC

Finishing Words – Reasons behind excluding some poker apps from App store

Apps like PPPoker who came first solidified their place and club-based model. They brought the innovation , so the apps who are copying this model, might be considered copycats. Although this tendency can be seen in videogames, fitness apps and many more categories, where there are 100% clone apps, who are not punished.

This is why, its quite possible that the poker apps who were removed from Google Play, will be making some minor tweaks, in order to not be considered copycats. The bad development now, might lead for exciting new things on later date.

Luckily, all players who are still playing on these apps from their android devices, can continue to do it so. For those, who are newcomers or need to install these poker apps again on their phones, feel free to contact The Poker Agent for solution.

UPDATE: March 2024 – PokerBros is back on Google Play Store. Learn more about it in this article.

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