Ton Poker App – This is How to Play Crypto Poker on Telegram


If you have heard of the Ton Poker App, chances are, you have more questions than answers. And it is only normal, given how vague the information about this poker platform is.

It is a niche online poker product, looking to innovate the way we enjoy online poker, by being extremely easy to join and play.

However, usually such platforms are often deemed risky by the wide audiences and in most cases, rightfully so.

Today we will go over the key features of Ton Poker App and explain in plain language, how you can join and what are the positives and negatives of this Telegram Poker Project.

What is Ton Poker App ?

Ton Poker App is an online poker platform hosted on Telegram . You can easily join from your TG account by just clicking a link.

Does Ton Poker App work on PC and Mac ?

Ton Poker app is fully available on Android smartphones, iOS devices, Mac and PC/Windows. Software is pretty identical on all platforms, with only difference being, that on mobile devices , tables are vertical and on PC, they are with horizontal looks.


What Games are Available on Ton Poker App ?


At this point and time, Ton App has only NLH up to mid-stakes. The action is mostly lower stakes. There is no Omaha, but in the future, the project owners plan to introduce PLO4 and PLO5 ring tables.

Are there Tournaments ?


Yes there are Tournaments, most of them are with low guaranteed prize, but participants are not many, so finishing in the top spots, should be relatively easy.

How can i join Ton Poker App ?

Joining to take a look at this platform is super simple. The whole preparation you need to do, is to make sure you have Telegram account. After that you can directly join the action and explore the room.

How can i Deposit and Cashout ?


Ton Poker App has direct cashier. You can use a variety of crypto coins to deposit, while withdraws are done using Tether ( USDT Trc20 ) . Everything is done, inside the platform. Minimum Deposits and Withdraws are 3$.


Where are Most Players From ?

Majority of the player pool in this Telegram poker platform come from Russia. The project is pretty young and it is mostly known in it’s native country.

Does the Ton Poker App have Security Service ?

Unlike the popular club-based poker apps and traditional poker sites – Ton App currently does not have a security team. This opens the possibility for a lot of cheating attempts, which is very a serious downside. Hopefully we see some improvement of this aspect in the future.

Does Ton App have RNG Certificate ?

Unfortunately, this Telegram poker project does not have the industry-standart RNG ( Random-Numbers-Generator) certificate. This is one of the biggest concerns in online poker and the right steps for this platform, would be obtaining such proof of legitimacy, as soon as possible.

Is there Rakeback ?

The app itself does not offer rakeback deal to its players. If you look for the best conditions possible and the possibility of receiving some weekly bonus, contact The Poker Agent on Telegram to discuss deal.

Are HUDs and Additional Software allowed ?


As we have already established, Ton Poker App does not have any security systems, as of February 2024, which would make possible the use of helping software . However Huds/Trackers are currently simply not working on the platform.

Final Words

It is hard to review poker platform, which is so early in development, that we ourselves are guessing whether it will be fully functional and attractive place for many online poker grinders, in the coming months.

However it is a fact, that the platform is highly accessible, because it is super easy to join the action for just 2 minutes. This is one of its biggest positives and selling points. That and the easy-to-navigate deposits and cashouts, which are done directly in the app.

The downsides on the other hand are many :

  • Lack of Security
  • No Game Variety
  • No Weekly Bonuses
  • Lack of RNG Certificate

If these are not a dealbreakers and you wish to try something new and maybe bumhunt few fishes, who are new to the world of crypto poker, we are here to help you join with some exclusive weekly incentives from our team !

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