List of Cheating Poker Club-Owners, Agents and Players (2024)


Navigating the murky online poker waters has always been difficult, but it is an even bigger challenge in 2024.

Online poker cheaters have even easier time to scam nowadays with the introduction of so many online poker sites, platforms and private games.

This is why the first priority of any online poker player, regardless of skill level and goals, is to make sure he plays in safe environment, where he can withdraw his funds safely.

The Poker Agent team is in poker affiliate business from over 7 years officially and twice as long, if we count referring players, while we were playing and testing various poker sites, networks and exclusive online games. We have seen some of the most creative online poker cheaters, with sophisticated and rehearsed strategy on how to execute a perfect scam.

Good news is, some of the most professional teams and collusion rings have already been exposed or caught, but with the introduction of new ways to play online poker, some new cheap tactics have emerged.

Today we will expose few online poker cheaters, most of which are/were operating on poker apps. But first let’s go over some of the most popular cheating terms in the online poker today:

Online Poker Cheating – Terminology

Some of the most popular ways online poker cheaters try to scam are :

  • Collusion – This is when few people play as a team, in order to gain unfair advantage and divide the profits later. Online poker cheaters have the advantage of being able to do this unfair tactic by themselves. The only thing they need is access to multiple accounts in the same poker room and sit at the same table. Good news is that security can catch colluding accounts fairly easier, unless it is …
    • Passive Collusion – In this scenario the people following for fair play, have harder time spotting cheaters as the goal of this cheating tactic is to just use multiple accounts to choose the best possible starting hand and gain unfair advantage on knowing more cards, then your opponent. Works extremely well on 6-Card Omaha, where having 3 accounts on same table, means the scammer knows 18 cards of the deck. Luckily most attempts for collusion are fairly easy to recognize and stop. Cheaters are banned and confiscated of their funds.
  • RTA / Bots – AI has just started to give a helping hand to content creators, marketing agencies and other online industries. In online poker, however, cheaters are long-aware of the benefits of artificial intellect and use it to try and play mathematically sound poker with the help of programs, designed to calculate the best play in each situation. RTA stands for Real Time Assistance and works exactly as bot, with the only difference being that player must use it in real time. It is not automatic, in order to be more difficult to spot. This is one of the most common forms of cheating and most security teams can recognise bots and RTA fairly easy. This is especially true for smaller poker rooms, clubs and apps.

With the introduction of real money clubs, new forms of cheating were also created. Some of the best known ways, that club-owners, agents and players cheat are:

  • Chip Dumping – this is done by players. This is the practice of transferring the chips from one account to other by playing. It is done usually to avoid some penalty and trying to cashout chips, by using the services of different agent or club-owner.
  • Copycats – Online poker cheaters are not only found on the table, but also in social media and messaging apps. They represent themselves as working in some popular brand , make an exact copy of their accounts and try to contact players and extract as much funds, as possible from them. There was a scammer, not long ago, who tried to infiltrate the Telegram of many poker club-owners by using manipulative tactics, by asking them to take photos of their Telegram lobby, while at the same time requesting SMS for a new password. This way, they saw the code and logged in the Telegram of the Club-Owner and started collecting deposits from players.
  • Chip Transfers – more creative online poker cheaters on apps, who use some of the above methods to scam, can also ask for chip transfer their poker agent. The scammer would request that his chips are moved elsewhere so that it seem, he will play in multiple places, while at the same time, they do it with the sole purpose of misdirect and escape punishment. They would then request to withdraw the balance from the new room under the pretext that they did not like it as much. Then after security brands them a scammer and requests for funds to be frozen, they have already cashed out and all the punishment goes to the agent.
  • Charge Backs or Fake Transactions – Online poker cheaters have a new way to steal quickly funds, by sending fake transactions to poker room cashiers. They either send completely fake transaction with fake crypto or deposit by using some platform like Paypal, which allows for charge backs. We have met many such scammers, who try to take advantage of our complacency, unfortunately for them – attempts were unsuccessful.

There are few other forms of scam, which online poker cheaters use to do hit and run, but those are one of the most popular ones, you should be careful with.

Online Poker Cheaters List – Never Trust These People !

These are people, who have tried to scam us or some close partner of ours. Bear in mind, that our position as poker agent, means that regardless if we are scammed in any way, we are always paying our players in full. The funds of everyone playing with our referral ids on apps are 100% guaranteed. But if some online poker cheaters scam you, without having the protection of legit poker agent, your funds are irreversibly lost.

Now let’s get to the list of online poker cheaters :
( we will not specify the platform, because the apps themselves have nothing to do with these scam attempts. These foul deeds were done, without the knowledge or involvement of the people, behind the poker app platform )

Juan Carlos Ramirez – Square Union owner. He refuses to pay legit players, under the pretext that they are cheaters. Even though players are cleared by security, he still refuses payment.

Cheater Telegram Link


Gold Fish Union – Group of online poker cheaters who try to create American poker club alliances and then run away with the funds of players.

GTA Poker / Young Ace – Unfortunately these guys have deleted their Telegram. If you hear about club named GTA Poker – stay away.

Aces Chase – Group of Telegram accounts, who use bots, collusion and chip dumping. They have tried to use our services and attempted to do these things, but were banned within 24 hours. The Telegram / Playing accounts are probably run by the same person. As far as we could follow his/their tracks, he/they also try to organize some games themselves. We strongly advise against playing in this club.

The Poker Birds / Sam – Sam is the person who have scammed us and The Poker Birds is his brand. He supposedly offers some kind of live poker club, but in reality , it is highly possible that he does not organize anything. This Sam person, asks for funds upfront and promises flights, hotels and soft live games. Our team , he scammed by representing himself as union owner from Singapore.




We leave link to his Telegram Group and his Telegram Account. Stay away from him and this brand, 100% confirmed scammer.

Donny Paine – Scammer, who deleted all his messaging apps, but you can still find him on Facebook. Shameless scammer who is also degenerate gambler. He risks the bankroll of other people and does not repay.

RDKing – Personally we have never dealt with them . Players have complained to us about their services and have showed proof with unpaid balances.

PDPoker – Club which runs away with player balances.

Slaven Bule – Fake agent , begging for credit or free chips and not repaying.

X- Taiwan Union – Whole alliance is scam on one of the most popular poker apps. They allow cheating players and do not pay.

Flight Club – Not paying players and agents.

Collective Union – Whole union was scam. It no longer exists but in case they try to continue their cheating career elsewhere we will leave their Telegram Accounts here.



Small Tiger – Online poker cheaters from Singapore. They exit scammed many players and agents.

Rafajke – Scam Agent with unclean traffic. Be careful, this is His Telegram .


KC_Ade – Scam Agent with cheaters. Be careful if you have messages from the following Telegram Account.


Big Leagues Club / Corbin Ivory Owner – Personally we never dealt with this gentleman, but two reputable club-owners did, and the end result was that they both got scammed.


Conclusion: How to Avoid Being Scammed, While Playing Online Poker ?

If you are play in regular websites, just monitor the traffic and build an opinion. If you feel something is fishy contact the support. If the problem persist, try some new poker site or app.

For people playing in small private games:

If you are club owner – be careful of agents who look to scam or players sending fake transactions.

If you are agent – choose the club you work with carefully. Same goes for the players under your downline.

If you are player – choose legit agents, who will guarantee for your funds. Even if the poker rooms they refer you to, close doors, your balance should be paid fully.

The Poker Agent is in this business for many years and we have secure deals with fully guaranteed payments. You can take our quiz now and receive recommendation for the best poker rooms for your needs !

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