PokerBros is Back on Google Play ! ( March 2024 Update )


After brief absence of , PokerBros is back on Google Play, once again, just like we predicted last time we spoke on the subject.

The popular club-based poker app was removed from Google Play on the accusation of it being a copycat of other poker apps with similar mechanics. Even though it happens for a second time in the history of the PokerBros existence, it came as a big surprise .

It is unusual to remove a platform for these accusations, especially in the gaming industry, where always the best-sellers are being emulated in one way or another. Games for mobile platforms are basically rip-offs. For those of you familiar with the tower defense phenomenon Clash Royale – there are dozens, even if not hundred of 100% identical imitations, under different name. Sadly, this is not the only game, which have those. Almost every successful project is being copy-pasted.

Luckily PokerBros is back on Google Play, already and rightfully so ! It has some very unique features, which the app introduced first, so the accusations of it being a copycat, are groundless.


Key Features PokerBros Introduced or Does Differently Than It’s Competitors

PokerBros app have many similarities, but also few details, which differentiate it than the rest of the poker apps.

  1. First and most obvious difference between PokerBros and other poker apps is that, while all the rest of the mobile poker platforms have fully developed PC version ( this is of course a good thing ), PokerBros remained purely smartphone-oriented poker platform. The app targets the recreational poker player, who plays few hands a day on their phone.
  2. PokerBros app was the first which introduced cross-union tournaments. Until then, all poker-apps which had the union/alliance feature, had unions hosting tournaments separately from one another. PokerBros was brought the unique feature of bringing players together for larger and beefier tournaments, by allowing union-owners to share the same MTT Schedule. As it can clearly be seen, as of this moment this is the poker app, which have the best and busiest Tournaments,
  3. PokerBros is also the very first mobile poker platform, introducing the Super Agent Feature. It allows Master Agents to assign Sub-Agents, delete members, block them from certain game types, check the country, out of where the players/agents play, limiting the stakes, claiming and sending credit to agents and many additional features.

So, PokerBros is Back on Google Play – Can You Just Go and Download It ?


Yes, the app is fully available for all Android Users. Just go to download PokerBros from Google Play, as it was always possible up until now.

After you download the app and register account, feel free to take a look at all the latest PokerBros clubs, from you can choose the one , which suits your preferences and hop straight into the action.

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