The Pokerbros platform is a home for many clubs, most of which belong to a union. As of June 2022, there are total of 14 Pokerbros Unions.

Pokebros RGS Union is one of these unions and today we will answer the two most important questions, that a Pokerbros agent or player might have ;

  • What to expect from Pokerbros RGS Union ?
  • How it ranks among the rest of the Pokerbros Unions ?

PokerBros RGS Union Quick Intro

The full name of this alliance is Run Good Streets and it has been active for more than 2 years . It is one of the older unions on the platform, although there are veterans like Diamond and Panamericana , who were the very first ones.

When it comes to size, Pokerbros RGS Union comes in 4th place. The other 3 bigger alliances are Paradise, Panamericana and of course – Diamond Union.

As most man can argue – the size is not everything ! Most grinders know that the most important thing, in a poker room , is how soft the action is. In other words – can most of the players be categorized as fish / recreational ?

Pokerbros RGS Union – Skill Level of Opponents ?

Those familiar with club-based poker apps, know that games on these are nothing like in regular online poker sites. Players are way too weak to have any battling chance against seasoned grinder.

The super soft field is a common thing for all Pokerbros clubs. Just few days ago, we checked the overall stats of all our players in all Pokerbros Unions.

Men lie, women lie – numbers don’t. With The Poker Agent being active from the very beginning of each union, the list below shows in which Pokebros alliances our win-ratio is the best .

  1. Kings and Fives
  2. Mexico
  3. RGS
  4. Paradise
  5. Diamond
  6. Panamericana
  7. Pacifica
  8. Envite
  9. Poker Pit

This means our players have second best win-ratio in Pokerbros RGS Union. There are few other young unions like Poker Pit nation and couple of private clubs, in which we need to collect more data, in order to include them in the list.

What have we learned so far ? Pokebros RGS Union is both the 4th biggest room and 2nd softest. This combo definitely makes it in our eyes, the best pokerbros union in 2024.

As per our winner Pokerbros Ireland Union – it is unbelievably easy to win place, with players literally giving away all their chips without contest. The traffick is super low, in comparison to Pokebros RGS Union, but there are heads up games, which are lacking on Run Good Streets.

You can read all about these alliances in our Pokerbros Unions article.

Pokerbros RGS Union Texas Holdem

pokerbros rgs union texas holdem

The regular NLH format is with strong presence in Pokerbros RGS Union. You can find ring games with stakes up to 10/20. The low stakes grinders will also be happy to know, that there are enough action to multi-table micros. Even if not accustomed to playing multiple tables, Pokerbros RGS Union will quickly change your mind.

High Stakes NLH grinders will have no trouble finding a whale infested games with loose action and calling stations. Just beware of those multi-way pots, as coolers there can be brutal. After all, in almost all Pokerbros clubs, it is incredibly difficult to put someone on a hand, as most opponents are playing like maniacs. If Pokerbros was a movie and there was a sequel – it would be called Pokerbros : Overcalling .

There is no better thing than being surrounded by whales who play passively and have incredibly poor hand selection preflop, while playing it even worse postflop.

Pokerbros RGS Union Omaha

pokerbros rgs union omaha

NLH games are juicy but Pot Limit Omaha tables are stealing the show here. There are a ton of value in playing those . It is full of recreational players, who chase poor draws and overestimate the strength of their hand. Things like calculating odds, equities and ranges are out of the question for your opponents. They just like to play and try their luck.

Of course there are some solid players, but so few and far between, that it will be hard to notice them . As we mentioned RGS union is the 4th biggest one on Pokerbros and it is mostly thanks to the Omaha tables. This is the most played game here and it comes in 4 types – PLO , PLO5 , PLO6 and PLO8.

Least action you can find on PLO5, which is a good thing, as there is plenty of choices for Omaha 5 cards on PPPoker , Suprema and ClubGG. Still, there are very good games there, especially on high stakes.

PLO and PLO6 are pretty evenly matched traffick wise. There are active tables on those round the clock on all kinds of limits.

pokerbros rgs union plo hi lo

PLO8 is a game which is incredibly difficult to find, not only on apps, but in general. If you love Omaha Hi/Lo – Pokerbros RGS Union is the place for you. While it does not offer a lot of active tables, the games are worth it ! You will be playing almost exclusively against complete rookies to the format. Some players even join and at the first split pot, realize that they are not playing regular Omaha. In rare occasions , they might not notice at all.

Pokerbros RGS Union Spin & Go

pokerbros rgs union spinit

This is a format which gains popularity with each passing year. It is incredibly fun and attracts many recreational players. The thrill of landing big prize is something which combines the dynamic gameplay of playing multiple tables with the tournament level of rewards.

Pokerbros RGS Union is one of the best places you can play Spin & Go. It is not incredibly busy, but the players have no clue about things like chip EV, ranges and playing in turbo format. The player pool is not consistent of grinders, who are playing turbos and hypers since the dawn of time. The enthusiasts here are barely handling regular ring games, let alone formats, in which winnings come from studying off the table.

Pokerbros RGS Union Tournaments


There are plenty of beefy tournaments in Pokerbros RGS Union. Alliances on the app have 100% exclusive ring games, however when it comes to mtts, they often join forces. For example, Pokerbros RGS Union has some shared tournaments with Panamericana and Fish Tank Unions.

Of course there are also exclusive tournaments to RGS Union, which are enough in numbers to keep occupied even those who play only mtts. When it comes to the private games sector, Pokerbros app is the one with most tournament action and RGS Union is one of the most busy rooms, as far as tournament comes. The only ones which can compete with it are Panamericana and Diamond Union.

Disclaimer 1: PokerBros is an online social gaming platform and does not provide any real money service.

Disclaimer 2: PokerBros is not a sponsor of or in any way involved with this promotional activity, nor does PokerBros endorse it.

PokerBros RGS Union Bonuses

As you know the app itself has nothing to do with these third party unions, who are hosted on the platform. Most Pokerbros Unions are not giving any bonuses to players, they just make sure you play in safe environment with no collusion and players using helping software.

The bonuses here come from the person you trusted to get you inside these games. If you join Pokerbros RGS Union with The Poker Agent, the bonuses you receive are dependent on how many hands are played each week. In the beginning of the next one, you receive photo with your own stats and the bonus chips are sent to your account.

This way, you always begin the week a boost, regardless if you played a lot or not so much.

Of course the more hands you play, the bigger the bonus, but this is not like the regular online poker sites, where you have to play certain amount of hands, to unlock your reward. The Poker Agent has very high incentives for everyone, especially our loyal players, who receive VIP deals from us.

Each PokerBros deal is discussed individually – you can contact us and ask for your bonus on

Telegram : @thepokeragent

PokerBros RGS Union Bad Beat Jackpot


As of the beginning of 2024, the only bonus which comes directly from the union, is the opportunity to hit a lucrative Bad Beat Jackpot. It is not something, which you can control and you have to depend on your ” bad luck ” to lose with very strong hand. However, you can increase your chances of hitting the large Jackpot, by playing as many ring games as possible.

The amount you see above of nearly 80K , changes dynamically but usually gravitates towards these numbers. It is definitely a juicy reward, which can be won even playing low stakes, so everyone gets a chance to win.

How to Join PokerBros RGS Union

pokerbros rgs union

To join this PokerBros alliance all you have to do is download the app itself , create account and log inside the main lobby. From there you can click the magnifying glass icon, which is for joining a club and enter the following numbers :

1645876 ID

693507 Ref ID

If you are reading this from your phone and already have PokerBros account just click HERE and you will apply to join automatically !

When you are inside you can check the action yourself. If you are not accepted within minutes, you can write us. We will also help you get chips and start playing in no time, but not before answering every question you might have !

If you are tempted to try the softest Pokerbros Ireland Union or maybe you need the biggest room possible ( Pokerbros Diamond Union) – you can always check our full Pokerbros Club List and select the best place for you .

How to become PokerBros Agent ?

If you wish to become a full blown affiliate , poker agent or refer a few friends – you can definitely do so with The Poker Agent. In depth review of how you can do that and what are the benefits – find on our dedicated page.

For those interested in Pokerbros RGS Union particularly, it is pretty easy to start. Method of joining is same as the one for regular player, just let us know that you need agent account. By having a Pokerbros agent panel, you can check your own stats, as well as those of all your players.

The advantages of referring players to Pokerbros RGS Union are many. You can earn extra chips by doing so and help your friends win more in the long term. This Pokerbros group is filled with good games and wide selection of game types.

It will be incredibly easy to accommodate players with all kinds of preferences. The more players you bring, the more chips you can earn. Simple, yet rewarding.

PokerBros RGS Union Summary

There is little not to like here. The Poker Agent is proud to offer its players more than 70 different private rooms , across different apps, as well as many regular online poker sites. Out of all of them, Pokerbros RGS Union easily makes our TOP 5 list.

Amazing amount of active tables, unbelievably soft games and variety of game types and stakes are the main reasons we recommend Pokerbros RGS Union to almost all of our players. If this is not an incentive enough, ask us about our bonuses and ability for you to become agent and earn extra chips, while not doing anything.

As mentioned above Pokerbros RGS Union ranked third out of all unions, in terms of win-ratio among our players. The Poker Agent team hope that we have made choosing your next online poker room, a bit easier today !


+ Second softest Pokerbros Union, according to our stats

+ Fourth biggest Pokerbros Union

+ Wide variety of game types and stakes

+ Large Bonuses with The Poker Agent

+ Easy to bumhunt, softest high stakes

+ Easy Omaha Hi Lo games


– No Heads Up

– No Short Deck

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