Greatest Hero Call Ever ? Tony Hawk Calls Maria Ho with…


Do you remember one of the biggest poker scandals, back in 2022, when Robbi Jade Lew, made a bizarre hero call with J-4 ?

Well, buckle up as even crazier hero call happened right at the start of 2024.

Is this the sickest hero call ever ?


Imagine that you hold 7-5 suited and you face river bet, against the poker legend herself – Maria Ho, who by the way, just casually won one of the biggest poker reality competitions – Game of Gold , against other worldwide famous poker sharks.

The board shows 3 over cards and 4 clubs. If you call the river bet, you have to flip up your cards and reveal the mighty 7-high.

The Hero of this story is…


is none other than the professional skateboarder Tony Hawk ! He proved once again , he is an adrenaline junkie and his skateboard years made him fearless. Not only he made that hero call, but it was the correct decision, as his opponent Maria, held just 6-3 of spades. giving her the worse hand.

So, Tony Hawk won the pot with just 7-high and making a successful hero-call , which will go straight into the poker history books.


Maria Ho could not believe her eyes and jokingly demanded explanation from Tony Hawk. Luckily , everything was done in good taste, contrary to the Robbi / Edelstein madness.

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