Best FishPoker Clubs – Complete Guide + How to Join (2024)


Fishpoker app is the latest addition in the agent-based club poker app market. The app is developed by the PPPoker team and feels and looks identical.

FishPoker is a free platform , which allows the creation of Fishpoker clubs in which you can play with your friends, colleagues or total strangers, invited inside by the club owner or some Fishpoker Agent. The app can be downloaded to your mobile devices, whether they use Android or iOS systems.

To understand better which are the best fishpoker clubs, the best way to join them and how to start playing on the app in general, just read this article to the end.

FishPoker App Overview

Fishpoker app has launched back in 2023 with the ambition of recreating the success of similar poker apps. It is developed by ex-employees of PPPoker platform, hence the great similarity.

The main feature of the app is the creation of private FishPoker Clubs, which can be joined by everyone, who has the ID and potentially the Referral ID, to send application.

Then, the only thing left is to wait for club owner or the FishPoker agent , who invited you to the club, to accept your application.

Once that happens, you will be able to see the club you have chosen in the app main lobby.

When you enter the club you will be able to see the whole lobby, with all of the games, blinds, jackpots , tournaments. Observing the table gameplay without playing yourself is also possible. Just click at random table and observe the action.


Games and Stakes

Fishpoker app supports the following games:

  • NLH
  • PLO4
  • PLO5
  • PLO6
  • Spin&Go
  • Omaha Hi Lo
  • Short Deck
  • MTTs
  • Pusoy
  • Flash Tables ( Fast Fold Poker)
  • Short Deck
  • OFC
  • AoF
  • SnG
  • Black Jack

It is an impressive collection of various poker game types and including some casino games, such as Blackjack and Pusoy. All those games are available, but majority of players in the various private Fishpoker clubs, are playing mainly NLH and PLO5. With sporadic PLO4, PLO6, MTT and OFC action.

Does the App have security ?


As with its predecessor PPPoker, the FishPoker app invests heavily in the security department. Currently the app team collaborates with the main unions, in order to keep the games clean.

The app also has RNG License Certificate.

Are Trackers, VPN and Emulators allowed in FishPoker Clubs

Majority of the clubs on Fishpoker forbid using Emulators to play on PC. Furthermore, they also prohibit usage of VPN and Trackers.

If you wish to play on PC with emulator, you should specifically ask your agent whether the particular club allows it, in order to avoid problems at later date.

However, all players have the opportunity to monitor the VPIP% stats of all players, regardless if they are playing or just observing the game. As you probably know, this is the most crucial statistic of any player – how many times he Voluntarily Put Money In Pot (VPIP).


To unlock more statistics, time banks, rabbit hunts and many other cosmetic and non-cosmetic features, navigate towards the Fishpoker app store.


How to Create Account on FishPoker App ?

Creating account is super easy. All you need to do is :

  1. Download FishPoker App from Official Site.
  2. Register a free account.

How to Join FishPoker Clubs ?

  1. Log into the main lobby and click the magnifying glass symbol.
  2. Enter Fishpoker Club ID and Ref ID of the clubs you have chosen
  3. Contact The Poker Agent team, to get you accepted and help you with depositing and withdrawing chips.

Best FishPoker Clubs to Join in 2024


Empyrean Club – Part of Pinoy Union

ID: 3002047 , Referral ID : 142720

Asian club for NLH, PLO5 and OFC. Small Blinds. Emulators are Forbidden. Only 1 Account per person allowed.

The Poker Agent Team Observations

Monkey Club – Part of USA Union Syndicate

ID: 44444 , Referral ID : 142720

One of the best fishpoker clubs. Big MTTs with large guaranteed prizes. Soft Ring-Games NLH, PLO5 and Black Jack action. Small and Medium blinds. For now, emulators to play on PC are allowed.

The Poker Agent Team Observations

FishFarm Club – Part of FishPoker Malaysian Union

ID: 669966 , Referral ID : 142720

Best club for mid-high stakes ring games. Good activity 24/7. Player base is no less than few hundred players. There are plenty of NLH and PLO6 HU tables.

Do Fishpoker clubs offer bonuses ?


There are three type of bonuses you can receive, while playing on fishpoker app.

  1. The only 100% sure bonus is provided to layers, who use The Poker Agent services. We send weekly rakeback to all our players and agents. The sized of the bonus, is discussed individually with each player or agent.
  2. Monthly and Weekly Hand Chases. Some of the Fishpoker unions and clubs, provide such incentives for their players. It is a nice way to keep the games extra active. In return, players receive some very beefy bonuses. The amounts that can be won are considerably higher than those of regular poker sites.
  3. Bad Beat Jackpots – “Unlucky” players , who lose with quads or even straight flush , can expect huge immediate prizes. In these scenario the losing player usually snatches the chunky part of the jackpot , while the winning player receives smaller amount and the whole table also is rewarded with small part of the BBJ. It is incredible way to win out from nothing and the feeling is second to none.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long deposits and withdraws take ?

The Poker Agents loads chips immediately when deposit is done. Withdraws are done either instant or after security report checks for fair play.

What is the Rakeback Deal for Players ?

Players receive individual offer, which is usually between 25-45% RB.

Can i Become FishPoker Agent ?

Yes if you can refer players, you can become FishPoker Agent. Just write our Telegram Admins for further information.

Can i Play FishPoker on PC ?

Yes you can play on PC, using Android Emulator, such as LD Player

Which are the Best FishPoker Clubs ?

On agent-based poker apps, the landscape is dynamic and the best fishpoker clubs today, can no longer exist tomorrow. To make sure you are up to date, follow the latest list of Fishpoker clubs in this article or always keep in touch with our admins.

What is a FishPoker Union ?

Fishpoker union is an alliance of two or more Fishpoker clubs, which join forces and merge into one larger poker room. This way, they combine the player fields in order to provide busier ring tables and bigger tournaments.

Are Payments Guaranteed ?

The Poker Agent guarantees for players funds, independent of the clubs on Fishpoker app. This means if clubs disappear or even the app disappears, your bankroll is 100% safe with us.

Is Joining FishPoker Clubs Worth It – Conclusion

Fishpoker app is one of the latest additions in the industry, which almost always equals soft games. Private games tend to be much softer than any regular poker room and when the clubs are brand new, they are even better.

It is always a good idea to investigate something , which is lesser known, as being first to the fishing pool is the most profitable strategy.

Recreational players should strive even harder to join the great games on Fishpoker, as they will give them an equal fighting chance.

Downsides of trying Fishpoker app are barely none. If you hesitate or need even more info, you can also check out our initial FishPoker review back in 2023 . For those of you, who look to immediately hop into the action, without any preparation, just contact us and we will make it happen. Good luck on the tables !

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