10 Reasons Why Games on Poker Apps Are Still The Softest


With mobile poker platforms being around for almost 10 years now, almost every strong regular poker player have heard about them. Many of those poker sharks have also tried the games on poker apps . So how they still remain soft, if they have been discovered by good players ?

TOP 10 Reasons Why Games on Poker Apps Are Still The Softest in 2024

The Poker Agent team have been active for almost 10 years, throughout various poker platforms. The games on poker apps are still the softest ones, like they were in the beginning, even though many things changed since their launch.

Our services, have helped both solid players win , while attracting recreational players and offering them the best conditions possible, to give them a decent chance at snatching as many wins, as possible with their limited knowledge of the game. Helping to shape up games on poker apps for so many years, we , of course, have our own opinion, why these games continue to be places, where mostly recreational players gather to play.

Here are our top 10 reasons, why games on poker apps are the softest :

10. Number of Seats on Ring Games

This may seem like a small tweak, but sometimes these little details can be most dangerous. Some regular poker players, win purely because of their hard work and dedication. Studying the games outside of the tables is crucially important. Memorizing 6-seated Pre-Flop charts is a good way to gain an edge over the more lazy/recreational players in the pool.

However, games on poker apps are very diverse and different clubs, offer different formats and variety of different number of seats on ring games. From Heads Up, through the 3,4,5,6,7,8,9-seated options. Playing 3-seated is vastly different than participating in 8-seated Ring games.

By having a plethora of different table formats, recreational players have bigger chance against the regs, who mostly prepare for 6-seated games.

9. Mobile-Oriented Software

Even though most poker apps have completely working PC versions, the newcomers to the poker app world, who used to play on regular sites, can have a hard time adjusting to the new looks and interface .

You will not believe how easy some good players, can lose focus or throw away whole sessions, just because the software is slightly more challenging for them to use. Many players are not very adaptive and they feel a bit annoyed by the change, from their regular grinding room and can’t play their best.

8. Some Games on Poker Apps Have High Rake

Games on poker apps are whole another living, breathing organism with all the possible poker clubs you can join. Owners to some of them, decide to charge high-rake for their games.

Of course, this can be done solely out of greed, but often it is also a way to repel sharks, who come straight from regular poker sites. In the most popular online poker rooms, rake is not high, but games are reg-infested and it is nearly impossible to win. Most of the time is better to accept the higher rake, if it means playing against complete amateurs.

7. Always Introducing New Formats and Games on Poker Apps with more variance

Introducing fresh game types is a perfect way to attract new players. Less-known poker formats tend to equalize the chances of both veteran and amateur players. Especially crazy formats such as PLO6 Short Deck or The Stand Up game.

The more variance the game has, the better the chances of the weaker player. Keeping things non-conventional helps with retaining the lesser-skilled players.

6. Rebate System

Most clubs on poker apps have the so-called – rebate/tax system. It is an interesting and innovative way to help losing players, while slightly punishing the winning ones. The rebate system, while despised by some, is actually a genius way to maintain a healthy and balanced player pool.

Without delving deep into explanations and formulas, in short, the rebate/tax system is a way for players, who had losing week, to receive extra funds, on top of their rakeback for the beginning of their next week. At the same time, winning players for the week are taxed certain amount, after rakeback is calculated and added to their account. The tax and bonus rebate amounts depend on the weekly stats. Basically the bigger the loss, the larger the rebate bonus. Analogically the largerthe win for the week, the bigger the tax.

This is a perfect away to repel some sharks who are always winning and refuse to get taxed, while at the same time, retaining some of them. Those who do not mind the system, benefit from much softer games.

5. Removing Ultra Crushers


Some private games on poker apps, are solely available for weaker players, who aim to have fun. When super-skilled tough reg join the player base, they are removed from the games. Bankroll of the player is safe ( especially if he uses our services ) but he loses the chances to play in a soft club. This happen very rarely but it is still a practice, which some club-owners on poker apps use as a last resort, to keep their fish players around.

4. Not Allowing Third Party Software – Trackers/Huds, Helpers, VPN and more

All of the things listed above, are often in the arsenal of the online poker regs. By disarming sharks, some club-owners give a fighting chance of their recreational player base.

3. Many Clubs to Choose From

Games on Poker apps are not happening in one single big room. They are scattered in various private clubs. For example, The Poker Agent team , gives access to over 130 private poker rooms on various poker apps. Each poker club has different chip currency, player-base, game types and rules.

By having so many options, you can always change the room, if you do not feel like you are playing in the best one for your needs. With most of the rooms being smaller, it is also much easier to spot a good game, in which even bad players, have a good shot at winning.

Games on poker apps are happening in so many times simultaneously, that the only thing you need to do is search carefully or better yet, contact The Poker Agent and receive recommendations for the best options for your preferences.

There is even a POKER QUIZ, on our website, in which you answer few questions and receive suggestions.

2. In Most Clubs – Poker Agents are required to have a balanced traffic


Poker Agents are often tasked by club-owners with finding both good and bad players. This is called a balanced player base / traffic.

Agents who have only strong players and destroy the field are often removed or paused until they can attract recreational players. This is innovative way to keep the playing field good for both regs and amateurs.

1. Games on Poker Apps are available to everyone Worldwide.

Playing without borders , ease of access and hoping inside the action in just few minutes is what made club poker apps are global phenomenon in the first place. Being able to play from everywhere is convenience, which is nearly impossible to find in the online poker world.

Having players from places, which are not known as poker-playing countries is why there are so many fishes in almost every poker club.

To see players out of which countries are considered the worst, check out this discussion from cardschat forum , from few years back.

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