FishPoker App – First Look at The Brand New Platform ( Fall 2023 )

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Just few years back, playing on club based platforms was a unthinkable event, which was frowned upon. Nowadays, these mobile poker apps, are the best possible way to find soft games and avoid reg battles.

FishPoker app is the latest addition to the online poker market and today we will take our first glimpse at the platform. If the app, developes, we will do an in-depth review, but as of right now, FishPoker app is in its very early stages of development. So ;et’s go over our first impressions , so far :

FishPoker App Introduction

FishPoker app is a brand new mobile poker application, which is home to one main union, which hosts players mainly from Japan, Thailand and Taiwan. The majority of the players come from Asia, which is always a good news, for people seeking the softest games possible.

As per the FishPoker app itself, it launched in early July and is just few weeks old now. From what we have seen of the interface, it largely resembles PPPoker app, which comes as a no surprise, given that the platform is trying to emulate the success of one of the first club-bases poker apps on the market.

FishPoker App Game Types

As of right now, FishPoker app offers the usual set of poker games, which are well known to people, playing on club poker apps. Those games include:

  • NLH
  • PLO
  • PLO5
  • PLO6
  • OFC

All of these are available in both 6-max and Heads Up variants ( Chinese Poker is 3 seated).

Currently the games are mainly held at low to mid stakes. The highest blinds you can find are 3/7. Currently the games of choice NLH and PLO6. We expect that to change very quickly, given how popular PLO5 is in the current online poker landscape.

FishPoker App Software and Safety

As already mentioned FishPoker app has pretty similar software and visuals to the PPPoker platform, but the big difference is, it does not have PC version. Not only that, using emulators and VPN is firmly forbidden. The only possible way to play is from your smartphone or tablets.

Similarly to other agent based apps, to play in real money games on FishPoker, you have to join private clubs. There the hosts organize the games.

Contrary to other club-based platforms, FishPoker app does not have dedicated security team yet. This might be problematic, but we firmly believe that will change with time. From what we saw so far, there are only legit players and not only that, they are quite bad at both NLH and Omaha.

Traffic is lower, which can only be reassuring news to people worried about collusion or players with RTA ( real time assistance).

We have been actively monitoring the games for only few days now, which is not enough to form a firm opinion, but so far, things are looking good. It is perfectly acceptable to join and try the games yourself or even just monitoring the tables, to form your own opinion. Speaking of joining, here is how …

How to Join FishPoker App


Joining is super easy, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Download FishPoker App from their official website.
  2. Create account for free
  3. Click “Join a Club” and enter the ID of the club you have chosen. Here is the FishPoker Clubs List.
  4. Send Application
  5. Contact The Poker Agent Telegram Admin, to mention your nickname and get accepted faster.

In the event there is another club available or this one is no longer active, just contact us and we will give you new ID’s to type in.


Final Thoughts

It is too early to form a definitive opinion on FishPoker app, this is why you can keep an eye out for potential updates about the platform in the future. We will monitor closely the action and inform you of all the negative and positive aspects of it, so that you can make an educated decision, whether to give it a try.

As of right now, things are looking good, if only because there are quite a few fishes on the tables. Whether the games will remain cheater-free, whether the app will develop, which will result in much more active tables 24/7, it remains to be seen.

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