Negreanu vs Polk 2 – Follow The Action Live on August 24

negreanu vs polk 2

Daniel Negreanu and Doug Polk are set to battle it out once again on August 24 at 8 P.M.(ET) . This major poker event will be streamed on PokerGO platform.

Not surprisingly , this grudge match is one of the most anticipated heads up battles of 2023. It is a direct sequel to their previous battle, in which there was a lot of bad blood before the game.

After the match , the participants squashed the beef, but this does not mean, they will pull their punches in the second battle tomorrow.

negreanu vs polk 1

What Happened in Negreanu vs Polk 1 ?

daniel negreanu vs doug polk 2 live updates

First time around, Doug Polk completely dominated one of the biggest poker celebrities – Daniel Negreanu , proving that specializing in single poker game type , is always a huge advantage over an all-around great player.

Polk won more than 1.2m $ , which drove Daniel Negreanu to being extremely frustrated and disappointed with his game, even blaming the “luck” factor , towards the end of their Heads Up duel.

After some time has passed, talked squashed their beef and even analyzed many hands from their battle, together, to the benefit of the viewers at home. This loss is not the only one on the heads up front for the Canada-born player. Daniel also lost a duel against bitter rival Phil Hellmuth.

Negreanu vs Polk 2 – Live Updates

negreanu vs polk 2 live

Here we will follow the action and provide updates in real time. Doug Polk opens as the favorite, which comes as a no surprise, given how the first encounter went.

  • Polk wins his first solid pot after raising suited connectors against Daniel’s AJ off suit. River gives Doug the flush and he attempts to end the match right then and there but Negreanu finds the fold.
  • Daniel Negreanu turns the tables as he flops a nut flush on his own. Luckily for him Doug Polk is drawing towards K-high flush himself. After river fails to provide anything useful to the heads up specialist, he decides to bluff with solid bet. Negreanu goes all in and Polk snap folds.
  • Negreanu continues chopping off his opponent’s stack.
  • Daniel wins yet another one , which was almost destined for split A2 vs A3. Lucky river gave Daniel a 3 and he collects a hefty pot.
  • In the final hand of the night, Doug Polk finished in style by 3-barelling a bluff, something which he did on multiple occasion, but it’s not good enough to trick a veteran like Negreanu. He calls the bluff of his opponents and wins the match. Daniel Negreanu wins the high stakes duel !
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