ClubGG Agent – 5 HUGE Advantages of Using One

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If you have not been living under a rock for the last few years, chances are you have heard about ClubGG Poker app.

Part of the GG brand, this club-based poker app gives a lot of opportunities to play in soft games, using the services of ClubGG agent or club-owner.

Many newcomers are in doubt, whether they should search for trustworthy ClubGG agent or owner of a private room.

Today we will give you 5 reasons to consider the services of legit ClubGG agent :

Why to Use the Services of ClubGG Agent Instead of working directly with a Club Owner ?

There is nothing wrong with working directly with a ClubGG club, but from our experience, the disadvantages and risks are many

ClubGG Agents Give Access to Much More Places to Play

As of its current landscape, ClubGG is home to a few ClubGG unions and many other private clubs. Many of those rooms, are not big enough or do not have your preferred game types at any point and time. The very best way to optimize the playing environment, is joining few different clubs and play in them simultaneously. Limiting yourself to one club, is leaving money on the table.

Using a legit ClubGG agent with good portfolio of deals, will give you access to all those interesting places to play.

For example, The Poker Agent gives access to more than 20 different ClubGG clubs. Each one with 100% bankroll guarantee.

Safe High Stakes Games with Exclusive Access

Since it’s existence, ClubGG have always been home of one of the juiciest private games on the planet. VIP nosebleed games from Israel, Middle East , USA and Canada are running on daily basis on variety of rooms with limited access.

Many of those private ClubGG groups are not so welcoming towards new players and might refuse them access or not give them an attractive deal. Using the services of trustworthy ClubGG agent, is allowing you to :

  • Access to variety of high stakes games
  • Being always notified when new such places appear
  • Receive full bankroll guarantee. Playing 25/50+ blinds can feel uneasy if you do not have ClubGG agent, capable of making large transactions.

Pro Tip : Always make sure your ClubGG agent is “big” enough. There are many decent people, who cannot guarantee you safety, even if they have pure intentions, due to the fact, that they can afford it. Full bankroll guarantee can only be given by agents, who have much bigger bankroll than yours.

ClubGG Agents Have Backup Plan

Imagine you playing in a good soft ClubGG club, which is perfect for your needs. One day this club shuts down or owner disappears. In the best case scenario, you are without a place to play in. In the worst case scenario X chips are missing from your account as well and owner does not respond.

This situation plays vastly differently with a TOP GG agent at your disposal. Most of the times when such thing happens, the agent will have a backup club in the same ClubGG union you have been playing in and you will effortlessly continue playing in the same room.

If this is a private club or the agent, does not have another club in the same alliance, almost surely your handler will give you similar club, with identical traffic and player base, as the club you lost. Time will not be wasted, before you return to the action.

Most importantly, a legit ClubGG agent will take care of your chip balances. Whether transferring them to the new club or allowing you to withdraw them, regardless if the old club, have settled the balances with the agent.

Not Promoting a Room at All Costs

Another key difference between club owners and agents, is that club owners are entitled to their own club and promote it at all costs, whether they words are true, is a flip of a coin.

Let’s imagine there are 2 fruit vendors. One of them is selling only apples, the other one is selling all kinds of fruits. Customer enters each store and asks if the fruits are fresh. The vendor with the apples will always praise his products , no matter what, because It is the only thing, he sells.

The seller with the abundance of different fruits, might say do not buy the watermelon today, it is overripe. Better focus on the red fruits, they are much fresher.

It is exactly the game with people owning only 1 room and others who give access to many different ones. A ClubGG agent might warn you not to play somewhere and give you real feedback, instead of promotional words.

Notice how every club owner on ClubGG and other applications, claims they host the softest games on the planet. They have just 1 product and are overselling it hard. Often it looks ridiculous, but they do not have any other choice. ClubGG affiliates with many offers on the table, give an honest feedback and recommend the best places for real. Not because they have to, due to the lack of options.

Big Agents are Long Term Investment

You would think owners of rooms are people with long term plan, but most of the time, this is just not the case.

ClubGG clubs change like napkins. Our site maintenance team, absolutely hates us, when we ask them to change the clubs portfolio multiple a month, a week or even a day ! Clubs stop so often, that if you always look for new club owner to play, the majority of the time will be sent searching, instead of playing.

It is like buying a home. If you want someone to work 24/7 and show you all the offers available, you use an agent. Calling each seller individually will take you huge amount of time and effort and you will still find much less apartments or houses, than the person who does this as a job and is professional in his field.

Always trust a professional, who looks to build his reputation. In this example – those are the ClubGG agents. There are exceptions to the rule, but most clubs are here today, gone tomorrow. Some untrustworthy ClubGG agents are like that, as well, but overall they are the safer choices. Just find a true pro.

Finishing Words

legit clubgg agent

This article will be useful for the people, already somewhat familiar with the platform, but for newcomers, it might be slightly difficult to fully understand, how it works in practice.

If you are one of those people, we suggest by downloading the ClubGG Poker App and start things one step at a time, You can always ask us everything you wish to know about the platform, the clubs inside or any other question that might arise.

The Poker Agent loves to keep everything transparent and update all the players on everything interesting happening on poker apps and outside of them. This is why we created a Telegram Group, where we share everything interesting, in synthesized format. It is the easiest way to be in on the latest trends in online poker. See you there !

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