Super Holdem – Fresh New 3-Card Poker Format by PokerBaazi

super holdem format

“You Hold the Card” states the slogan of PokerBaazi , a popular online poker site in India. Now you will have the opportunity to hold 3 of them simultaneously , thanks to the newly introduced poker format – Super Holdem.

Super Holdem is variation of traditional Texas Holdem with extra card added to your hand. It resembles the most Pineapple Holdem, where you also have 3 cards to start with, but the difference there is, that you have to discard one.

Super Holdem Rules

This newly introduced format, has few key differences in its ruleset, which might make more risky and less dependent on skill.

The rules of the game state, that you can make up your hand with at least 1 card of your own, combined with the 5 community cards. The interesting thing, which differentiates Super Holdem, from Pot Limit Omaha, for example, is that you can use all your 3 hole cards, along with just 2 community cards, to form your hand.

This opens the possibility for extremely fun or frustrating situations, such as :

super holdem rules

Players having full houses or 4 of a kind on non paired boards.

pokerbaazi super holdem

2 Players having the same flush, straight or royal flushes, from different suits.

These new additions to the game, make it considerably more difficult, to put opponent on a range or optimize your bluff frequency. Not to mention things like hero calling, bluff catching or check raising. Such maneuvers will feel more like shot in the dark than anything else.

But it is not all glum ! On the positive side, such wild poker variations, attract a lot of fishes to the tables. Weak fish players, will always be an easy prey for experienced grinders, whether they play on NLH, Omaha or some new poker variation, such as Super Holdem.

While the game certainly seems attractive, we would still recommend initially trying Pineapple Holdem , first. For those who have not played it – it is a similar game, with less variance, due to forming the hand with only 2 cards, and the discarding the third one, early in the hand or after the flop is dealt ( depending on where you play the game).

Pineapple holdem you can play on PokerBros and PPPoker.

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