PokerBros Agents Tier list in 2023 – Who to Trust and Who to Avoid ?

pokerbros agents tier list

PokerBros has been around from more than 5 years now and is one of the most popular agent based poker apps in the world.

Just like every trending subject, it attracts a lot of opportunists, untrustworthy people and complete scammers.

Being a PokerBros agent, since the first day the app went online, gave us the opportunity to see the good, the bad and the ugly.

Today we will share our observations and rank all the places, where “Pokerbros agents” lurk . This comparison is not 100% accurate, as there will always be exceptions to the rule, but overall, it will give you a pretty good idea of what to expect.

The Pokerbros Agents tier list is divided in few sections and without further a do, we will start with the usually the least trustworthy people, which are …

PokerBros Agents on Reddit, Facebook, Instagram – AVOID


People on this social media platforms, who try to invite you to play , are often not even Pokerbros agents, at all. They just have some information about the app, create some posters and start promoting, in a bid to attract unsuspecting victims.

The reason why scam ration on social media is much larger, than on other places, is that it is extremely easy to do. Everyone can create multiple fake accounts and start promoting, pretending to be legit Pokerbros agent.

It will be best if you overall avoid such ” Pokerbros agents” .

Pro Tip : Easiest way to spot fake Pokerbros agents on reddit and other social apps, is by noticing unrealistically good bonuses. People who try to attract customers with gigantic bonuses are most suspicious.

Dangerous Pokerbros Agents lurk on Forums

trustworthy pokerbros agent

The situation in poker forums is pretty similar, with the only exception, that in the most of them – users have to be very reputable and trusted by the community and site owners, to be allowed to advertise their services as Pokerbros agent.

This is the only reason, why it is a tad bit safer place, than Meta and Reddit platforms. The simple fact, that scammers, have to make few extra steps, forces many of them to give up. Luckily unscrupulous people, who live to cheat others, are also very lazy.

Be Careful if your Pokerbros Agent is your friend, small-time club owner or pro player

professional pokerbros agent

Obviously those are vastly different categories of Pokerbros agents and the reasons to be careful with each of them, varies. Best way is to analyze each Pokerbros agent type saparately:

  • Pokerbros agents who are your friends – depending on the relationship with your acquaintances, close friends or relatives, the experience might be different, but in general those are people, who are not professional PokerBros agents. They might have good intentions, but does they have the ability to fully 100% protect you, in case of problems with the Pokerbros clubs ?
  • Pokerbros Club Owners are slightly more secure option, than all the rest of the Pokerbros agents in this list , so far. They made the effort to create their own Pokerbros club and are actually taking care of club levels, chip requests and assembling real group of players, who might communicate with each other.

    A bit safer than the options presented till now, but still very risky, as sometimes these people are hit and run merchants.
  • Pro Players who turned Pokerbros agents – These people are usually well connected in the poker world and have reputation to uphold. The chance to be scammed from such people, usually decreases proportionally to how famous they are. No one purposefully will taint his name , which is build with years.

    The danger with such Pokerbros agents is that they are active gamblers. You can draw your own conclusions, what dangers this hides.



Poker affiliates are one of the safest ways to access poker apps. They are specialized in providing access to all kinds of poker sites, which makes them very competent and capable partners.

Advantages of using an affiliate are many, this is why we will mention the only disadvantage, which prevents them from being the best choice. The downside with them is that they have too many different poker rooms and lack the time to focus to focus on apps, like Pokerbros.

This makes them not that well-versed in tricky Pokerbros situations, where a true professional poker agent, will 100% protect the players interest.

Professional Poker Agents

best pokerbros agent

Logically , these poker app specialists, are the safest way to access Pokerbros and other agent based apps. People who have spend large on website, marketing, ads, team – will always be step ahead and more importantly – they will never ruin their reputation, by scamming players.
When you have reputation to uphold, the amount of pressure is much bigger and you will always protect the players interests at all costs.

Choosing a professional poker agent is like trusting the best real estate agent in town. He will always protect the client and work 24/7 to provide him with the best options on the market.

PokerBros Agents Summary

Even though there are exceptions to the rule, overall this is Pokerbros agents tier list in terms of risk. Many active Pokerbros players can confirm the problems they were facing with people from the bottom half of this list and how happy are they once they choose a reputable Pokerbros agent or affiliate.

If you are already leaning towards using the services of professional poker agent, do not waste time and check the latest Pokerbros clubs available.

Most PokerBros agents and players who seek our services, are looking for access in one of the main PokerBros Unions :

  • Diamond
  • Panamericana
  • Paradise
  • RGS

Not only you can get started in those, but The Poker Agent has multiple access points to these unions, for seamless experience. When in alliance, some clubs pause activity and this is why it is of utmost importance to have a backup place available in the very same union, so that players can continue to play without problems.

There are also those, who prefer smaller PokerBros private clubs or recently launched alliances with less players but softer traffic. Those are usually riskier, but The Poker Agent team, provides 100% guaranteed deals.

For newcomers, who found this article useful and are ready to give PokerBros a shot – you can download the app from their official website.

In conclusion, we can only recommend you to choose your PokerBros agent carefully, as you will bear the consequences, whether positive or negative. Good luck !

Disclaimer 1: PokerBros is an online social gaming platform and does not provide any real money service.

Disclaimer 2: PokerBros is not a sponsor of or in any way involved with this promotional activity, nor does PokerBros endorse it.

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