NLH BombPot and Double Board – How to Play them in 2023

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NLH Bombpot and Double board games are quickly gaining popularity on the online poker scene. It comes as no surprise, given how much more dynamic the gameplay is, when comparing it to traditional Holdem.

As always, club poker apps are the first to offer a functional access to these games. The poker clubs on these platforms quickly pickup the latest trends and they invite plenty of recreational players, making the games fun both for those looking for maximum enjoyment out of the game and for others looking to for the softest games possible.

Quick Reminder of the NLH BombPot and Double Board Rules

Double Board and Bombpot formats were originally introduced as addition to the regular Pot Limit Omaha. The interest for the game kept growing and now you can find lots of people looking for PLO and NLH bombpot / double board tables.

Bombpot is simple game – all the traditional rules are the same, the only difference is skipping the initial betting round pre flop and starting the hand right after the flop is already dealt. Every player pays a number of big blinds “blindly” ( essentially like ante). The number of big blinds is either set before the game or it is selected on random between minimum and maximum amount ( for example min 1bb – max 5bb)

Double Board rules are even simpler. The only difference is having one additional board the whole time. With 2 boards being present, each one represents 50% of the whole pot. For example, winning one board, but losing the other ends up in pot being chopped between the two players participating. Each player can win, lose or draw each board separately. In the rare scenario where you chop one board but win the other one, you collect 75% of the pot.

If you are a fan of playing on two boards or participating in multi-way juicy pots – this is where to play these games.

NLH Bombpot and Double Board – Where to Play Them Online ?

list of clubs for nlh bombpot and double board

Pokerbros and ClubGG are the main platforms, which offer NLH bombpot and double board tables. Primarily the large established unions are testing the waters with these tables. In those, it will be the easiest for you to find active tables and hop into the action right away. Here are few short introductions about each of those unions :

  • ClubGG World365 Union – international alliance with players from all over the world. Action is probably a bit tougher than all other options for NLH Double Board , but there are tables 24/7.
  • ClubGG UpRoar Union – The renamed Donkey Union is now focusing more on traditional NLH games. The newly introduced NLH BombPots are the secret ingredient with which Uproar Union wishes to expand further and reclaim its former No.1 spot as one of the largest private poker communities.
  • ClubGG Israel Poker Kingdom – The oldest and currently the largest ClubGG union is now offering NLH Double Board games. Here you can play even Heads Up Double Boards. Extremely busy 24/7 and plenty of variety in terms of stakes.
  • ClubGG Swiss Union – Smallest out of the bunch and with very nitty regular Holdem tables. But once there are NLH BombPot games – restraints fall off and almost everyone shows lack of knowledge and proper strategy for this specific format. Good option if you play mainly during the time frame 7PM – 3 AM ( GMT Timezone )
  • PokerBROS Diamond Union – This is the largest private poker room in the world. It is booming with action round the clock. It offers both NLH Bombpot and NLH Double Board tables. Perfect for low to mid stakes. There are some 5/10 tables as well, but traffic there is not that great. For higher stakes, better stick to ClubGG.
pokerbros nlh bombpot and double board

How to Join and Play ?

nlh bombpot and double board

The best places to enjoy NLH bombpot or any other traditional or exclusive poker format, are often found on Pokerbros or ClubGG.

So the the first step toward joining is downloading Pokerbros or ClubGG . To have access to more games and tables, you can download both platforms.

Second step is to join the clubs you find suitable for your needs. Here are the ClubGG Clubs list and Pokerbros Clubs list

Third and final step is to contact us for chips, advices, recommendations and everything else you would need before starting your session. We always strive to help our players to maximum extend, so that they win and the long term and keep playing using our services.

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