Poker Strategy – Exploiting Maniac Pokerbros Players

Today we are going to discuss the poker strategy, behind a hand at NL20  stakes, on Pokerbros app and more specifically Paradise Union – huge poker room. Third biggest on the app.

The goal is simple, contrary to most strategy gurus, here we show you how to dominate with ease, without overcomplicating your play.

Advanced math and fancy plays has their place in your arsenal, but when playing on apps and chinese poker rooms, all you need is to exploit huge leaks in your opponents play.

Many times it is much better to play far from the optimal GTO strategy, just to be deadlier when spotting weakness in your opponents. After all, not many players are pros, and many articles teach you how to beat king sharks.

Our advice is to look for soft games and avoid sharks. You will always winmore, playing against lesser opponents, even if you mostly win against sharks.

Last time in Upoker it took us 2 hands, to show you abysmall plays. Today on Pokerbros, we played around 40 hands and managed to isolate huge maniac on the table, playing almost any two hands.

Most strategy articles advise to avoid playing many hands against maniacs and wait for premium ones only. Why ? Why would you not play against someone who has terrible understanding of the game ?

Our advice is exactly the opposite. Play as much as possible against maniac type of players who are way too loose. The only thing you must do is isolate them with big raise, so that the other players fold. After that just use your superior skills and understanding of the game to exploit them.


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What happened Pre Flop

Pokerbros paradise club
Pokerbros paradise union

We have terrible hand but player already lost few buy in , for just 40 hands and we were able to guess what he was holding many times. He limps, we raise 4BB, to isolate him. On flop and post flop you will see how easy it was to read him and basically know what he is trying to do 100% of the time.


Pokerbros paradise agent

Flop comes paired and he donk bets into us. The size of the pot. Now here is the place to say, he did this at least 5 times for 40 hands with air. The nature of the flop makes it highly unlikely that he has something, so we decide to call with our bottom pair, thinking it is good for now.

The only two times this player had good hand, he slowplayed it. Typical recreational player, who “traps” , while playing 99% of the time on maximum aggression.


Pokerbros agent

Now turn comes 4 which is pretty much blank. In previous hands, the only time this guy had a superb hand, he decided to go all in directly on turn. Other times when he had nothing, or very weak pair, villain decided to be aggressive by betting small each street, unintentionally revealing his weakness.

Our opponent was afraid to put all the chips on the line, when he bluffed before, and we noticed this. Actually many players on Pokerbros, think of poker like bingo, pump a bit of chips on each street, hoping to build big pot in the end, if they catch something by miracle.


Pokerbros join club
Pokerbros legit

River comes 7 , excellent card for us, even if he had by some chance 5, we made bigger pair. Villain decided to bet half of his stack which was very low to begin with. Here if we raised him all in, our opponent is so bad, he would probably folded some pairs , not taking into account  pot equities. But we play it safe and just call, just to see him revealing 98 off suit.

He was bluffing all the way to the end without any reads or reasoning for it. Just decided to bluff us of this hand, even though we raised from early position. Not to mention he just decided to donk bet out of position 3 times, not even considering going all in to make us fold.

Finishing Words

Playing online poker is considered one of the toughest disciplines to be successful in. This is true because people tend to overcomplicate things and lose focus on the most important factors of being successful poker player – mental toughness, solid understanding of the game and finding the weakest poker rooms to play in.

Calculating odds, ranges and playing GTO poker is crucial, if you play against sharks, not against guys like those above.  If you want to join the fun on Pokerbros, feel free to contact us :


You can also check out the Pokerbros clubs we have !

Happy Grinding !

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