PPPoker Primetime Union – Review

PPPoker Primetime Union

PPPoker is one of the biggest online poker platforms on the planet. Currently it is home of countless unions from all over the world – India, Brazil, Peru, Europe, USA, Philippines, Russia and many more. There are also PPPoker Unions which are with combined traffick from many countries. One such place is Primetime Union.

PPPoker Primetime Union started as a smaller USA poker room, but quickly became international phenomenon. Players from all continents started competing against each other, which made the games slightly more competitive, but this also helped with maintaining more active tables.

After this brief preview, let’s dissect all aspects of Primetime and give it a final verdict in the end.

PPPoker Primetime Union Traffick

While Primerime is not the biggest union on PPPoker, it is still above average in traffick. Here you will find around 7-8 NLH tables, 10-15 PLO5 tables, 3-4 All In Or Fold tables and around 2-3 Pineapple Holdem. It is not huge amount, but it is good enough for some multi tabling and consistency of games, during the whole day is very convenient. Meaning, no matter when you join, there will be almost the same amount of active tables.

Formats and Stakes Variety in Primetime Union

Primetime Union is very good place for lovers of all Texas Poker variations. Traditional Holdem, Pineapple, All In Or Fold – all those are present. The less popular ones, like Pineapple for example attract a lot of weak recreational players, who are focusing on having fun and not that much on winning. All In Or Fold on the other hand, is like a magnet for Asian players, as it is very popular format in that side of the world. And of course, most Asian enthusiasts are at hobby levels of understanding the game.

The most popular format in Primetime Union, by far, is PLO5. Five carded Omaha is always up and running, from micro limits, up to 5/10 high stakes games.

Tournaments are also present, with very solid rewards and low number of competitors. MTT grinders will be very happy with how long tournaments last, how many places are paid and the size of the rewards. Playing tournaments in this Union, is certainly EV ++ decision.

How Strong are the Players in PPPoker Primetime Union ?

Skill level of your opponents, as in all other PPPoker Unions, is nothing to brag about. When it comes to PPPoker, the right question is – how weak are the players ? Do not worry, there are plenty of fish players in Primetime Union. As we said above – weak Asian players on All In Or Fold format , hobby players trying Pineapple Holdem variation and ton of recreational NLH/ PLO5 lovers, who love to spend some chips, in attempt to have fun.

Traffick is very good, but unlike some other big unions, here the level of play is surprisingly well below average. This do not mean, this is the softest place on PPPoker. Primetime is not even close to some Peru and Indian clubs, in this department , but it is good enough for even medium experienced players, to feel like pros.

This is very hard to achieve, so we commend the union leaders, for keeping Primetime a fun place to newcomers with splashy bonuses and promotions, to keep the interest at peak levels. Newcomers join on daily basis, keeping Primetime, one of the bigger PPPoker Unions.

How to Join Primetime Union on PPPoker

How to register on PPPoker

Every player or agent can join these all unions on PPPoker , including Primetime

Just create your PPPoker account, by downloading the app on your phone or the official PC client.

After that, just contact us and will get you started immediately. The Poker Agent gives additional rewards to everyone who reaches out. Weekly bonuses, access to password protected games, hand chases, full guarantees – all this is part of the offer.

Send us a message and you will be inside in no time ;

Whatsapp – +359878805600
Telegram – @thepokeragent


Primerime union is not the largest on PPPoker, but it is big enough. It is not the softest one, but tables are full of recreational players. Our final score for this old and reputable union is ;

Weak Players6/10 ( Good Amount)
Active Tables8/10 ( A Lot)
Games Variety5/10 ( Average )
Stakes Variery6/10 ( Good)
Final Verdict6.5

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