5 Card Omaha Online – a Comprehensive Guide of Where to Play PLO5 in 2023

5 card omaha online plo5

5 Card Omaha (PLO5) is a poker format, which became familiar to the wide audience, fairly recently. It was the mobile poker apps, like PPPoker, which were among the first to adopt this poker format. 5 card Omaha have many privileges over traditional Omaha, as it is more action packed, you catch good hands quicker and the pace of the game is much more dynamic.

On the other hand, 5 Card Omaha is also not that dependent on variance, such as games, like Short Deck and especially 6 Card Omaha. PLO6 is probably one of the craziest poker game types, where ridiculously strong hands, face each other, almost all the time. In 5 card omaha, the variance is not that huge and most of the time edges are not that small, when you are ahead in the hand, unlike PLO6.

All these things blend perfectly together, making 5 card omaha a very desired game type, which is equally exciting for veterans and newcomers. The most devoted fans of this game are definitely in South America. There, PLO5 is the most played game and the amount of crazy maniac players, are off the charts. This is why, most of the rooms, which we will recommend you, are filled with hot-headed latino guys, who play almost any two cards.


Where to play 5 Card Omaha in 2023

Years have passed and 5 Card Omaha became very popular game on many online poker sites, rooms and apps. If one follows online poker development, it is very obvious, that the best places to play PLO5 are in private clubs on . 5 card omaha on club based apps is like a different animal. Most players chase hands, never bother to calculate odds or equities. They just play for fun.

Whether you seek such fun yourself or you are serious player, looking to win the maximum amount – the answer where to play 5 card omaha is obvious :

Poker AppGet Access
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pppoker logoCheck PPPoker Clubs

Disclaimer 1: PokerBros is an online social gaming platform and does not provide any real money service.

Disclaimer 2: PokerBros is not a sponsor of or in any way involved with this promotional activity, nor does PokerBros endorse it.

How to Choose a Room to Play 5 Card Omaha Online ?

We go into details, about each poker app, in our reviews of the platforms. Above, you can also explore the countless private poker clubs on all platforms. Many of those rooms are suitable for PLO5 and some are even for exclusively 5 card omaha games.

Of course, each club is different and it is hard to say, where it will be absolutely the best place, as every player have tastes and preferences. However, we can quickly mention few things, which are like unwritten laws :

  • Suprema Poker App has very juicy 5 card Omaha games. You can play from micro, up to high stakes games. Most players are from Brazil. Best place to play 5 Card Omaha Heads Up.
  • ClubGG Poker is where the nosebleed games happen. Most clubs are for high stakes. Players are mainly from America and Israel. The heavyweight PLO5 division.
  • PPPoker is mostly app, for low to mid stakes. The bulk of active tables in most clubs, are for games from 0.25/0.5 up to 4/8. Of course, there are exceptions to the rule, but in general this is the situation. PPPoker is also the app, where 5 card Omaha is played the most and it is the main game. Most clubs are either South American, Russian or Indian. Funny thing – Russian players ( who are usually competent in other places), on PPPoker are very weak.
  • Pokerbros – the app has some good clubs, in which you can play decent PLO5 games, but on this one – most of the Omaha games are either PLO or PLO6. Still, Pokerbros is maybe our last choice, when comparing to the apps above for 5 card Omaha – but much better than regular sites. Players are abysmall. Pokerbros app hosts players from all corners of the world, but the bulk of the player base is from America.

For further details, choosing the correct club for you and all other possible information, you might extract from us for free – do not hesitate to contact us. The Poker Agent mission is not only to get you to start playing, but to keep you playing with the amazingly soft games and good bonuses.

What is 5 Card Omaha?

5 card omaha online rules

Five Card Omaha is an Omaha variation where the player is dealt 5 pocket cards. At the same time, the “2+3” rule is still in place: exactly 2 hole cards and exactly 3 community cards have to be used to make a hand. This seemingly minor change in just 1 extra pocket card gives 5-card Omaha poker several essential differences from PLO4: higher variance, less importance of each particular pocket card, and an extensive blind defense range.

5 Card Omaha is a kind of competition of solid draws. More pocket cards (compared to the classic Pot limit Omaha) open up a wide variety of options to make a strong hand.

Both the beginners and regular Texas Holdem players may have the misconception that making a winning hand with such a choice of hole cards should be easy; thus, one should play more hands. In fact, this is perhaps the main “trap” for PLO5 “dummies.”

At the same time, the complexity of the game math is also an advantage of PLO5 over its “colleagues.” An additional pocket card becomes a serious stumbling block for analysis even with the help of third-party software. Judge for yourself:

  • 6+ Hold ’em (Short Deck) – 81 unique starting hands;
  • Texas Hold ’em – 169;
  • 4 Card Omaha – 16,423;
  • 5 Card Omaha – 331,682. We welcome anyone to do the math in real-time…

How to play 5 Card Omaha: basic rules

5 card OMAHA

The PLO 5 rules are very similar to the classic Omaha – the number of pocket cards is the only difference. The players are dealt 4 and 5 cards in the classic version and PLO 5, respectively. And don’t forget the “2+3” rule above.

Five hole cards, five community cards, four rounds of betting; blinds, check, call, fold, bet, raise; the strongest hand wins at showdown – here’s a quick guide to the rules. By the way, hand rankings are the same for Hold’em and all Omaha variations. Some of you have learned them long ago, while the others still have a picture with ranks and names of hands on the mobile.

Players make their moves clockwise: the action starts from the first one after the big blind (preflop) or from the first one after the button (postflop).


After the betting round on the river is completed, the players proceed to a showdown. The one who made the last bet or was the “aggressor” reveals the hole cards first. If all the players have “checked” on the river, then the showdown starts from the first one to the left of the button.

The pot eventually goes to the player with the most powerful hand. If the hands are equal, then the pot is split. So everything is identical to the classic poker rules.

Winning tips for playing 5 Card PLO

5 card omaha online plo5

At first glance, it might seem that if you know the rules of classic Omaha, then you can adapt to 5 Card Omaha quickly and smoothly. It happens sometimes; we don’t deny it. And yet, for most players, this is a thorny path of trial and error.

Those wishing to master PLO5 will have to consider the following tips:

  1. Get used to 5 hole cards.

    In PLO4, the perfect starting hand consists of four connected cards. Therefore, you’d need all 5 hole cards connected in PLO5. 

    Obviously, such starting hands are rather rare. So every time you get 4 or 3 connected pocket cards, always assume that your opponent has a stronger hand. And with this thought, make a decision whether to put money in the pot.

    In general, you need stronger starting hands in 5 Card Omaha than in 4 Card Omaha for profitable play in the long run. This rule can be followed by those who switched to PLO-55 from PLO-44.
  2. Be able to evaluate the strength of your draws.

    First of all, it concerns flushes. Given that there are 4 suits in the deck and you have 5 hole cards, all starting hands in 5 Card Omaha have at least two cards of the same suit. Thus a flush in PLO5 is a relatively common hand. You should learn how to calculate your own odds to make a flush and the odds of your opponents, considering your pocket cards.
  3. Try PLO4 before switching to PLO5.

    The switch from Texas Hold ’em to 5 Card Omaha is like learning to ride a two-wheeler without ever getting on a tricycle. Take your time: learn the basics of PLO4, try to play it, and only then proceed to a more specific and kinda exotic Omaha variation.
  4. Leave your bluffs for Hold’em.

    Even if you are the most sophisticated Texas Hold ’em trickster in the world, we still do not recommend you to bluff in PLO5 because five hole cards give too much room for action. So your opponents will either “lay down their arms” with weak hands anyway or call your bluff with a good draw.

    Moreover, the weaker your opponents, the less often a bluff will work. Beginners are not always able to properly assess their chances and tend to enter the pot with weak hands. So frequent bluffing against them can lead to serious losses in the long run.
  5. Do not overestimate pocket aces.

    Pairs don’t win at showdown in PLO5. And if they do, it is an infrequent case. Having received pocket aces, the player can get a false impression about the relative strength of his hand. Before putting money in the pot, ensure your hand has excellent postflop playability.
  6. Stick to bankroll management rules.

    Beginners should play PLO5 at micro and low-stakes – chasing higher stakes is a recipe for bankruptcy. Don’t lose your head, calmly evaluate your odds, don’t be afraid to fold, stick to the chosen strategy, and don’t forget about the size of your bankroll.


5 Card Omaha is special game, which is both entertaining and skill dependent. For a rookie, it might look like lottery or highly dependent on variance, which sometimes might as well be, but with solid fundamentally strong strategy, everyone can dismantle these soft games we recommend you.

Check all the apps and clubs inside of them, which we mention above and discover your new PLO5 home. If you wonder which one to choose or prefer a quick recommendation by us – slide in our DMs on Telegram and we will give you free recommendation and help you start in 2 minutes.


✅ Is 5-Card Omaha beatable?

Yes, it is possible. But to make a long-term profit playing PLO 5-cards, like any high variance poker variant, you must strictly follow all the basic rules of the regular player: follow bankroll management, constantly improve your game, develop tilt stability, and play regularly.

✅ Is 5 Card Omaha solved?

No. Due to the huge number of possible starting hands (331,682), PLO5 is unlikely to be solved in the near future.

✅ Is there any PLO5 tracking software?

All major trackers, except for Hand2Note, support 5 Card PLO Omaha. But unlike classic poker variants, proper tools for the post-game analysis have not been developed yet.

✅ What is the best starting hand in PLO 5 card?

The best starting hands in 5 Card Omaha are those that are most likely to give you solid draws or made hands on the flop. Therefore, the hands having two suited bundles coupled with connectors are the most playable ones. 

It’s even better if you have several suited connectors, like 78s, QJs, and AKs, which do not discount each other outs to make straights or flushes. 

Strong starting hands also include the ones with top pocket pairs and two suit bundles (AsAd8s7dXc or AsAdKsKdXc). At the same time, you should not forget that the strength of pocket pairs in PLO5 decreases much more rapidly than in PLO4.

Do not forget about your position at the table:

  1. In HU games, the big blind should defend approximately 90% of starting hands. This rule should only be broken against extremely tight open-raisers.
  2. Due to the impossibility of stealing blinds from more or less competent players, the value of starting hands in the three earliest positions is mainly determined by their playability in multiway pots. Many hands that seem strong in heads-up games, including many AAxxx ones, should be folded from the early positions.

Benefits of playing 5 card Omaha with The Poker Agent

  • Getting access to soft games
  • Plethora of choices – rooms, apps , clubs
  • Solid weekly bonuses
  • Vastly different places to play, with players from different regions of the world.
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