BetOnline Poker Review in 2023 – Full Breakdown

betonline poker review

BetOnline Poker

Game Selection
Recreational Players
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Room type : Licensed
Payments: Crypto
Platforms: PC, Android, iOS
mac OS


BetOnline Poker is the flagship skin of the Chico Poker Network, ranked #3 among US online poker sites and among the top 15 networks in terms of worldwide traffic.

Headquartered in Panama City, Panama, BOL Poker has been in operation since 2004 (nearly 20 years of gambling experience) Betonline is best known as a sportsbook and casino, but the poker room is full service and actually benefits from the influx of sports fans .

BetOnline Poker shares its player pool with two other sites, TigerGaming and Sportsbetting, so it can utilize up to 4,000 simultaneous BOL connections – great for cash games, SNGs and MTT tournaments (with a GTD of nearly $10 million.) Monthly Grid) is a great option for enthusiasts: you can play here for any stakes, from NL$10 and PLO$10 to $1,000.

BetOnline Poker Bonuses

BetOnline Poker offers a Bad Beat Jackpot promotion across all disciplines. Jackpots don’t usually interest regular players, but in this case they can be big. These tables are particularly favored by casual players here, and there are 994,723 reasons for that: the Bad Beat Jackpot won such a prize in the summer of 2020

BetOnline Welcome Bonus

This bonus is given to players after their first deposit of between $50 and $1,000.

The bonus is awarded at a rate of $5 for every $50 deposited as rake, so the FDB is equivalent to a 10% rakeback.

Bad Beat Jackpots at BetOnline Poker

betonline poker jackpot

Jackpots are widely used in the gambling industry to attract the attention of players looking to earn extra money on successful (or unsuccessful) hands.

All games participate in the Bad Beat Jackpot 2.0 promotion, which pays out when you lose AAAKK (in PLO – 6666x) or more. The prize pool is built up with an additional 10 cents for every $4 in the pot, but no more than 50 cents per hand.

Jackpot wins are paid out to all players at the table.

Play & Win Leaderboard
Each month, the site adds $100,000 to the Play & Win leaderboard. This is a separate promotion for each bet (low, medium and high) and format (NLH, PLO, Boost, Windfall and SnG). These promotions are not a direct reward for quantity, but emphasize that there is an element of “luck” that many casual players and sports fans find desirable.

VIP program
BetOnline does not offer the usual VIP programs (such as receiving rakeback directly through points accrual). However, it does run some promotions and contests on a regular basis, encouraging draws for mostly casual players. However, this situation can be changed by registering on the Worldpokerdeals website.

Rake System at BetOnline Poker

In general, BetOnline Poker does not offer a rakeback loyalty program. The site prefers to run various promotions to encourage casual traffic and reward casual players.

BOL Poker charges between 5.56% and 6.25% rake. Rake distribution follows the standard “weighted deposit” system, where the rake is directly related to the amount invested in the pot. The size of the bank is standard:


To replenish the jackpot piggy bank, players are charged an additional $0.10 for every $4 (but no more than $0.50). Note that this is an additional rake, which the soft lineup at these tables must somehow compensate for.

As mentioned above, there is no direct rakeback here. In addition, there is little profit in irregular action. Therefore, grinders will only play these tables for profit.

Games and traffic

betonline poker lobby

BetOnline, part of the Chico network, has been stable in 13-14th place in the PokerScout rankings since 2016, but has never risen above the top 10.

The peak of online play is between 01:00-06:00am GMT. The optimal time to start playing is 01:00. The primetime game attracts up to 4,000 players in the US, mostly cash game and SNG fans.

Cash games are hold’em, Omaha and fast-fold.


There are no surprises at BetOnline Poker. Texas Hold’em dominates the rest of poker, with NLH accounting for about 80% and Omaha the remaining 20%; Hold’em 6+ is always free; and fast-fold is the most popular game, with a large percentage of players playing fast-fold.

Straddle is available in all games (except Boost and $5/$10).

BetOnline offers several 9-max tables, favored by Americans, which is the main market.

Mid-stakes (NL100-200) is trending in all Chico Network rooms as it is the preferred game in the US.

Chico Network has its own version of fast-fold poker called Boost . The traffic there is not high, but the NL10 players can get in on the action during peak hours and find nearly 100 matches. Other stakes (NL25 to NL200) are also available but are not being played very actively.

Players can join the Boost table from a desktop or mobile client.

As for Pot Limit Omaha, the situation is much better: PLO is a soft field, with high stakes and lots of randomness. The main traffic is seen in Hi/Lo and PLO5 formats, which is extremely rare.


Windfall Spin&Go Lobby on the Chico Poker Network.

The room is active with dozens of turbo and 8-max DoNs up to $15; HU-SNG has 15 to 20 tables with buy-ins from $10 to $60; BOL is one of the best sites to play SnG; and the Spin lobby is a great place to play Spin&Go.

Spin Lobby is designed to attract casual players. This is the only logical explanation for having different types of Spin&Go tournaments with buy-ins ranging from $3 to $30:

BetOnline Poker Tournaments (MTTs)

Chico has revised the MTT grid, increasing the total guaranteed prize pool to $10 million.

Despite the revised tournament grid, top players do not consider BetOnline Poker to be the best place to play MTTs. The site cannot compete with the market leaders in terms of the variety of events and the size of the guarantee. However, it does have the advantage of a relatively weak field.

BetOnline Poker and WPN are a great combination. There are more than 50 events daily, with the following events being the most popular

Main Event $150,000 GTD for $109 (Sunday).
Daily $55 for $25,000 GTD.
Daily $33 for $15,000 GTD.
High Roller $525 for $10,000 GTD.

Traffic to $1,000 bets is the same as the top poker sites. At the same time, the field is softer. The room is great for 6-max, full-ring, all-in betting, and SnG players.

Softness of play.

BetOnline and Sportsbetting are partnered with the biggest bookmakers in the US and Canada, so gamblers at the tables are guaranteed. Betting enthusiasts are eager to try their luck at poker. The presence of a casino has a positive effect on the number of “fish”. “

Only BetOnline and SportsBetting accept betting in the United States. Therefore, it is these two sites that account for a large flow of US recreational players, while TigerGaming, which does not accept US customers, is widely popularized in Europe and Latin America.

Bad Beat’s jackpot promotions are also ideal for keeping recreational players at the tables. Given the table selection options, the BetOnline Poker field is one of the best, according to our customers.

Trackers and HUDS

Lovers of third party software will be happy to know that most of the these practices are allowed : Here is the full list :

  • Tracking software – yes.
  • Preflop charts – yes.
  • Mining – yes.
  • Bum hunting – no.
  • Venue scripts – no.

BetOnline Poker team has taken steps to protect the poker “ecosystem”. These include updating the list of software that is always banned, limiting multi-tabling to eight tables, restricting bum hunting and table selection, and banning direct rakeback.

However, if the rules are followed, there are no problems with withdrawing winnings.

BetOnline Poker Software

BetOnline Poker uses software from Connective Games in both fixed and mobile versions. The only difference from its online “competitors” is the color scheme. Otherwise, it is the same stable client.

The client has the usual gaming features such as automatic buy-in, bet size and notes. In addition, with a few clicks you can completely change the table design, change the color scheme of decks and remove uninteresting disciplines from the lobby. All in all, everything to make multitabling more comfortable.

BetOnline Layout

Such tools as PokerTracker, Holdem Manager, Hand2Note and DriveHUD are allowed. However, only H2N works offline, the others require a hand converter.

Mobile app

betonline poker app

The Betonline Poker mobile app runs smoothly; the iOS and Android versions are well designed and have a number of notable features:

  • Portrait view of the lobby and tables
  • “Main Games” tab in the main menu;
  • Multi-table games
  • Filters

BetOnline Poker Odds Calculator

Modern poker programs can be used with Betonline poker via a hand converter, but the site offers a free “BetOnline Poker Odds Calculator” add-on available for both Windows and Mac OS users.

The BOL calculator includes a basic HUD, odds, EVs, outs and alerts for nat hands, and is automatically labeled with icons according to the villain’s profile (call, dodgy, gambler, good player, neutral, etc.).

How to Join BetOnline Poker ?

Joining this fully licensed poker site is pretty straight-forward. Just follow this link, register and check out the deposit option from the built in cashier.

Betonline Poker Withdrawal Rules What you need to know.

  • Withdrawals are usually processed within 24 hours.
  • Account verification is required.
  • Proof of identity is required to deposit unlimited funds. Please have the following documents ready to verify your identity: ID card, passport, driver’s license, last utility bill received.

If you have any problems or questions re: BetOnline ag Poker support, please use the live chat function on the site or send an e-mail to As far as we know, the support team is very responsive and friendly.

Pros and cons of playing at BetOnline Poker.

  • High traffic from the US.
  • 9 max tables.
  • Fast-Fold action
  • HUD and tracker available.
  • High rake.
  • No rakeback
  • Not as soft as club poker apps.
  • KYC verification

To play in the softest online poker games possible, without KYC verification and with attractive weekly bonuses, take a look at platforms like ClubGG, PPPoker, X-Poker, Suprema , UPoker.

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