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free poker lessons

PokerDiaries is a website and instagram with free poker lessons and other content run by Aleksandar Stojkovic, a long time poker pro, coach and content creator from Serbia. Aleksandar is playing professionally for 8 years and coaching actively for 3 years. All free content is provided in order to promote the game of poker and offer help to younger struggling players.  You can occasionally find stories from travels and reviews of different countries.

Offered articles :

  • free poker lessons
  • live play videos with explanations
  • hand analysis
  • Mental game development
  • Living in different countries as poker pro

Free poker lessons

Many topics are covered in free poker lessons: starting hand and charts, how to play specific hand or specific spot, working with solvers, best GTO (game theory optimal) approach, best exploit in many spots, working with statistics, understanding Equilab and equity, learning HUD (heads up display) , deviating from optimal plays because of different opponents, explaining where should you play and why, understanding rake/rakeback and other regulations.

Live play videos with explanations

There are different types of videos because of different  levels of poker knowledge. Some very basic ones are made for beginners  on NL5 and NL10 and more advanced videos for experienced players are recorded on N50 and NL100. There are also hand analysis, solver work and exploit plays explanations.

Hand analysis

free poker lessons with poker diaries

Hand analysis, pot odds, equities and other strategy guides you can find mostly on Poker Diaries instagram and youtube in form of short videos. If you are in the mood for reading, rather than watching, poker diaries got you covered. Every piece of poker strategy content is free and available for everyone, willing to learn and improve.

Free poker lesson – Mental game development

Mental game is a very challenging part of the game for most players because of high variance. Articles covering this topic are focusing on understanding level of thinking of your opponents and understanding your mental game issues: tilt triggers, frustrations, inadequate preparations, scheduling of sessions, etc.

Living in different countries as poker pro

This is a relaxed part of website where you can read about living and playing poker in different locations like Thailand, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Spain, Montenegro, etc.

Aleksandar Stojkovic poker results

Aleksandar is playing NL100 and NL200 at the moment and coaching players struggling under NL200. These are results from most recent 250 000 hands.


Final Words

We have many players, especially at lower stakes, which expressed interest in improving their poker strategy but do not have the budget to buy expensive courses. Trying a free poker lessons, provided by proven player, who actually plays and studies the stakes, he is tutoring about – is definitely the EV+ decision for your poker career.

If you are in the mood for more actually working methods to improve your poker game, check our heads up tricks.

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