Double Board Omaha – TOP 5 Rooms to Play Online in 2023

double board omaha

Along with Bomb Pot , Double Board Omaha is among the trendiest poker games in 2023. It is a new and exciting poker format, which always attracts the right “customers” for the regular grinders.

As always, the club based poker apps, are among the first to pick up the latest trends and are already offering the Double Board Omaha format.

In those apps, you can play some PLO4 , PLO5 and mainly PLO6 Double Board games with people from all over the world, across variety of stakes.

The Poker Agent offers around 80 different online poker clubs, which is why this article will nail down the 5 rooms, in which you can play Double Board Omaha in Spring 2023. To keep following where the double board omaha action is happening, we recommend you to follow our news channel or keep revisiting our website to find the latest clubs.

Double Board Omaha on Pokerbros

The main Pokerbros Unions in which you can play Double Board Omaha are Panamericana and Diamond. For those already playing on the app, these probably sound familiar already. For newcomers, in short, Diamond and Panamericana Unions are the two biggest ones on the platform.

This automatically means those are the 2 main places, where you can enjoy Double Board Omaha on Pokerbros. With this said, there are also a few other places for PLO Double Board.

As previously mentioned, the majority of Double Board Omaha action is on the 6 carded variant. So prepare for a lot of variance but plenty of action and weak players. The only 2 tools in your arsenal, which you need are solid understanding of the game and patience. Rest will take care of itself by putting big enough volume of hands.

To access Panamericana and Diamond unions, be sure to contact The Poker Agent .

Disclaimer 1: PokerBros is an online social gaming platform and does not provide any real money service.

Disclaimer 2: PokerBros is not a sponsor of or in any way involved with this promotional activity, nor does PokerBros endorse it.

Double Board Omaha PPPoker

pppoker double board plo6 indian clubs

At this moment, the main place on PPPoker, where Double Board Omaha is available, is the Indian Union “Alliance”.

There you can play some mid to high stakes PLO5 and PLO6 in their traditional variants, as well as bomb pot and of course Double Board.

90% of the players you will be facing are Indians, who are notoriously bad on poker and especially on Omaha. Combine with the fact that you will be playing the Double Board Omaha version and things start to sound attractive.

As you can see from the photo above, three players go all in on the turn, without anyone of them to have a good reason to do so. Triple all in with next to nothing. Be sure to contact our Telegram admins and ask them to gain access in this PPPoker club.

Double Board Omaha on UPoker

double board omaha upoker asian clubs

The oldest club based poker app is also up to the latest trends with two Asian Unions offering Double Board, 7 days a week.

Asian players are somewhat learning to hold their own on NLH, but on Omaha Double Board , they are completely lost. Under-bluffing and not understanding hand strengths are few among their many problems with the PLO strategy.

This is good news for everyone tired against waging reg battles or playing in nitty games. There are also few other UPoker clubs, which offer Double Board Omaha, so it is best if you talk to us, to hear the latest deals.

Final Words

Double Board is format, which is not only limited to Omaha. It is way of experiencing a poker game, in a different flavor. Some Pokerbros clubs are already offering NLH Double Board, which is also comes as a breath of fresh air from traditional holdem.

Poker Apps have always proven that they catch the latest trends and introduce them in a spectacular way. After all the games, which are organized on apps, are hosted by players for players. The developers on the apps, listen closely to the game organizers and always introduce new and fun formats to play. Just like they did with Double Board Omaha, which became hugely popular overnight.

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