Where to Play Bomb Pot Poker Online in 2023 – Full Guide

bomb pot poker online

The bomb pot poker format has not been around, since yesterday, but until recently , it was just another nuance of the poker game. However, these last few months, it has exploded (pun intended) with popularity, especially in USA scene.

Bomb pot poker has been something of a player’s favorite format in most live and online casinos. It brings a lot more head and juicy pots into the game, which attract recreational players, who are attracted to the possibility of getting lucky one time and win a huge pot.

The Poker Agent has access to extremely soft and fish-heavy bomb pot poker games online, but before sharing them with you, let’s go over the rules of this fun poker format.

What is Bomb Pot Poker ?

Rules of the bomb pot poker format are simple.

Before the hand is dealt, each player at the table agrees to put ante into the pot. When a bomb pot hand is dealt, the preflop betting round is usually skipped, and normal betting rules resume once the flop is dealt.

This automatically means all the players on the table will be seeing the flop. Let’s face it , most of the winnings against bad players, come post flop and you wish to play as much hands, as possible against them.

The thing with bomb pot poker is, you need to have good BB management, as well as perfect hand selection. You will be playing a lot of large multi-way pots, so you have to be careful with which hands you decide to continue on turn and river.

How Bomb Pot Poker Changes the Game ?

There are a number of ways, which bomb pot poker changes the narrative of the game. Let’s go over a few of them :

  • Every player sees the flop. This means you can not put your opponents on a certain hand or range of hands, based on their preflop decisions.
  • Bomb pot gives bigger fighting chance to lesser skilled players, due to the bigger variance, since everyone has the chance to see the flop and hit the nuts in already established multi-way pot.
  • The math behind taking a post flop decision, drastically changes, because the chip EV is different.
  • Bomb Pot Poker is much more action packed and you can’t play too tight , in order to be a winning consistently.
  • Whether you play bomb pot Holdem or Omaha, the strength of hands is significantly different from a regular non-bomb pot poker game.

Bomb Pot Poker Variations

where to play bomb pot poker online

Whether you play NLH, PLO, PLO5, PLO6 , you can find some bomb pot poker games online. But this is not the only distinction.

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Rules of the most bomb pot poker games, have a fixed Ante system, where you pay a certain amount of big blinds at the beginning of each round.

But there are also those type of bomb pot tables, in which the ante amounts can be set as a range of big blinds. With a range chosen, every Bomb Pot sees all players post the same random ante between the set minimum and maximum values, resulting in pots of varying sizes to play for as the action moves directly to the flop.

bomb pot pokerbros

In the beginning of each round, the software will randomly select the ante amount, based on the table min and max settings. For example, between 1BB and 5BB. This adds an interesting dynamic to the game, where each hand has a different EV+ decision making process. In some hands you can hold easily your 1bb ante bet, but once you put 4-5BB, it adds another layer of thinking behind your optimal strategy.

Where to Play Bomb Pot Poker Online ?


Let’s get into the important part ! And that is, where to play the best bomb pot poker online games.

It comes as a no surprise, that one of the weakest players, who barely try to improve their game, is found in the private games. More specifically on PPPoker, Pokerbros and Upoker .

There are many suitable private clubs on these three club-based poker platforms, where recreational players try their luck on the bomb pot tables. Most of them are playing the Omaha variants, but there are also those enjoying it on NLH.

The players on those apps, see the game more as a bingo. As you know, most of the amateur players are not very patient, and the possibility of seeing every flop is mouth-watering to them.

To know which clubs to join on those platforms and where the best bomb pot poker games are, you have to follow closely the action on daily basis. This is something, which not everyone has the time for. Luckily The Poker Agent services are completely free of charge and all you need to do is contact us and ask where the best bomb pot poker games are.

We will immediately guide you in the right direction and get you playing in just few minutes.

Finishing Words About Bomb Pot Poker

There is not much else to say about this poker format, besides the fact, that currently it’s popularity is in its absolute peak, especially in South and North America. Everyone looks to play some bomb pot poker online and even live.

At times like these, it is the best possible moment to play, as there are plenty of recreational players, who just want to check up the latest trend and join the games, without considering the fact, that they are not prepared with the correct strategy.

We already mentioned where the best bomb pot poker games are at the time of writing this article. If you wish to stay updated and follow the bomb pot poker action in the future, subscribe to our Telegram News Channel. There we share all kind of interesting poker content, including the latest online poker rooms, in which you can enjoy bomb pot poker.

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