Poker Pro Wins Tennis Prop Bet With Frying Pan

prop bet tennis with frying pan

Who does not love prop bets ? Definitely not Markus Gonsalves and Dan Smith ! The two pros got together for a much friendlier high-stakes match, that took place on the tennis court.

It was an old-school bet between Dan Smith, who ranks eighth on the all-time money list with more than $41 million in career tournament winnings, and World Poker Tour champion Markus Gonsalves , who just won $585,000 in the PokerGO studio during the No Gamble, No Future cash game.

The Prop Bet happened …

playing tennis with pan bet

on the tennis courts in Las Vegas last week for a one-set match, only Gonzalves, who is the better player, was forced to play with a frying pan instead of a racquet. The two have played before, with Markus Gonsalves winning using only his left hand.

Despite the awkwardness with the equipment, Gonsalves again cruised to victory, beating Smith 6-2. The only modifications he made to the pan were to stick some grip tape on the handle.

You can watch the full match below, recorded by Alan Phan.

Smith pushed the possibility of a rematch in a month, prompting Gonsalvez to joke that maybe next time he’ll try playing with a baseball bat.

Gonsalves continued to gloat the next day, tagging Smith in a tweet showing him making eggs with his makeshift “racket.”

tennis with frying pan

In the end of the day, there was a happy end for the Dan Smith as well. He quickly shook off the shameful loss by winning the $25,000 High Roller event at the US Poker Open just a few days later for $400,000. He then finished fifth in the $50,000 event for another $150,000.

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