ClubH72 Review 2023 ( + Free Test Account )

clubh72 review

ClubH72 is an online poker website, which everyone can easily find online. The trick is, you need a poker agent to join the action and even to check the games.

Today we will provide you with everything you need to join, including a free test account, to look around the room first and decide whether it is your cup of tea. But let us not get ahead of ourselves and first take a look at what you can expect from ClubH72 site.

ClubH72 Software and Interface

As with everything, the first impression is always the looks. Once we logged in on ClubH72 website, one thing stood up – simple and easy to understand design. You will only need 2 minutes to understand how everything is working.

The feel of ClubH72 site is similar to the KingsClubPkr. The differences of the two websites are many as well, but more on that later.

Once you sit at the table, you will see a clean but functional looks, with the most important customization settings present. You can select bet sizings, color themes and enable or disable features like Run it Twice, Display Stack in Big Blinds, Display Current Hand Value and few other options.

clubh72 pc
clubg72 software

Clubh72 Traffic

The next thing you notice once you enter a certain online poker room, is how many active tables are there. It is surprising that such new and not well known website, has a good amount of active tables running at various stakes.

The peak of traffic is during European evening time. This is when you can find more between 5 and 10 active tables, up to 5/10 blinds.

clubh72 traffic

Majority of the players are from Europe, so the games are not as soft, as some private clubs we offer, but they are definitely not tough opposition either.

Clubh72 Games and Stakes

As of today ( April 2023), Clubh72 offers mostly No Limit Holdem tables. This is not particularly bad news, because there are already so much places, where you can play Omaha online, that regular NLH is often the second most popular game.

The good thing is, there are variety of stakes to choose from – you can play as low as NL50 and Up to NL1000 with Ante.

All the tables are 7-max and feature an ante. It is obvious the owners of this room want to stimulate players to play more loose and keep the nits uncomfortable. “I want nitty games “, has said no Holdem game ever. Omaha and MTTs are also available.

7-2 Hand Twist

This fresh new twist for online poker is quickly gaining popularity in some private poker clubs, apps and sites. It is also a present feature in Clubh72.

pooer 7-2 win hand

7-2 is the weakest poker hand, but not when you play it on Clubh72. You can see the rules of playing this hand in certain tables, in the above picture.

Clubh72 Rake

Rake and rakeback is something which is always among the first questions, grinders ask when entering a new poker room.

This is why without wasting more time, we will give you the whole rake structure of this room :

clubh72 rake

The caps are countet in $ and not in big blinds, so hopefully your blood pressure is back to normal. Jokes aside, this is a highly competitive rake structure, without being a particularly low or high.

The rakeback we can offer in Clubh72 , is dependent on the weekly volume of each player. This is why you can contact us directly to get your personal deal.

How to Join Clubh72 ?

First and foremost you must go to their official website

Once you are there you will see this screen :

clubh72 login

To check the room, you can login with our own free test account :

  • Username : pokeragent
  • Password: testaccount

Not that this is only test account, you can not play with it. You can use it only to check the action.

To join Clubh72 yourself, all you need to do is ask us to open account for you. We will create an account with username to your preferences. To deposit and withdraw from Clubh72, you need poker agent. We can provide quick and secure service to you and get you playing in 2 minutes.

All you need to do is to be using cryptocurrencies as payment method.

Clubh72 Final Words

For a brand new room, the amount of active tables in this online poker site, is a pleasant surprise. With the free test account we provide you with, you can check the action on Clubh72 and if you like what you see, just contact The Poker Agent and ask us to open your own account. The Poker Agent team fully guarantees the bankroll of all our players.

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