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is pokerbros legit and safe

Is PokerBros legit ? Is PokerBros rigged ? Is PokerBros safe ? Those are some of the most asked questions by players, upon deciding, whether they should start playing on the platform.

It is important to separate these questions, because the answer to each of them is different. If you are wondering about whether to trust this mobile poker platform, better read this article to get a clear picture.

If you already ask yourself, why you should trust The Poker Agent team judgement, here are our credentials :

  • Working with PokerBros app since it’s existence. One of the first Pokerbros agents.
  • Working in the poker app industry since 2015
  • Providing service to more than 2000 happy players
  • Collaborating with more than 60 active PokerBros agents
  • Worked with over 300 clubs

Our portfolio and history on the app. gives us the confidence to answer you the question, is pokerbros legit.

The combined experience and feedback of all players and agents, who talked with us about the PokerBros platform, is equivalent to Ph.D. Degree in the field. We are aware of the fears, questions and confusions, which even some decently informed poker players, might have about the platform.

This is why, we have decided to sum up the information to the most burning questions in one article. Let’s get right into it :

Is PokerBros Rigged ?

While wondering whether PokerBros is rigged, we must ask ourselves, few questions. Why would free-to-play poker platform, would rig the games and toward what end ?

Many other websites are often accused of the same crime, but if we think logically, it is counter productive to the best interest of any poker platform. There is absolutely no reason to rig the action, when the idea, is to ensure a safe environment, in which players to play as much as possible.

One of the most common accusations against all poker sites, in general, is that they rig the action for bigger pots. The idea is that the online poker sites, would benefit more from bigger pots.

This makes zero sense, since the idea is to keep people playing, not make them bust, In fact, the nightmare of every poker room is players losing chips too quickly and game finishing early. Bigger pots = players losing whole stacks = less gameplay. If you pitch the idea to a poker website owner, to somehow rig the action, so that the players play less , he would laugh in your face.

PokerBros app is also accused of rigging the action, towards helping the weaker player. First and foremost, this makes no sense, since PokerBros is not real money platform. Why would free-to-play app do this and how will they profit from it ?

Not to mention, that all those players who complain about online poker being rigged towards helping losing players, are losers themselves. They are losing since poker exists, yet the excuse for their loss, is that software is helping losers like them. In short, software helps losing players, yet they still lose. Maybe without the algorithm help, they would be completely dead and buried.

PokerBros is not rigged. Not for action, nor towards helping losing players. The developers have no reason to rig a free-to-play poker app. Below you can see that the app is fully tested for RNG, ensuring a fair gameplay to everyone.

Is Pokerbros rigged

Is PokerBros Legit ?

Now this is quite a different question and needs more clarification. It involves delving deeper into the private games, happening on the platform.

By asking ” is PokerBros legit ? ” , newcomers often mean whether they can trust the PokerBros clubs, they have chosen to play in. Sadly there is no simple, “yes” or “no” answer. PokerBros app is just a platform, on which everyone can create a club and invite people, to play on them.

To know is PokerBros legit, you need to find out whether the games in the clubs are legit. This can be answered by asking yourself another question. Can you can trust the owner ? The agent ? Maybe some other person, who got you playing ? Make sure you trust them 100%, as you depend on them.

When your chips or promised bonuses disappear, it is not because of the PokerBros team. They have nothing to do with the private games, you have entered. These are responsibility of the people owning these clubs . You must contact the upline ( people who got you started) and resolve any potential issues with them.

Legit or not, it all comes down to who you choose to trust, when selecting a PokerBros club to play in. The only 100% guaranteed way for you not to worry about the legitimacy of the games, is to choose from the PokerBros clubs, we give access to.

Not only that, you better contact us directy and make sure you are tagged as our player. This way, we answer directly for your account. Think of The Poker Agent team as your bullet-proof vest. Better trust the first professional PokerBros agent, than friend of friends.


So , is PokerBros legit ? Yes, if you trust the right person. Legitimacy is not dependent on the PokerBros platform itself, but on the people who invite you to play on it.

Is PokerBros Safe ?

Another burning question and rightfully so. Word of the year 2023 is “AI”. In online poker, the “AI” word has been around for many years. It is better known as “bots”.

Bots are not the only worrying cheating practice in online poker. Other popular poker “hacks” are collusion, multi-accounting and in the PokerBros case – chip dumping.

It is important to mention, that these are all valid topics for concern. So how PokerBros keeps the game safe ?

First and foremost, PokerBros app has its own security squad, called the “PokerBros Integrity Team” . It’s working 24/7 in a bid to keep the games clean at all times. It is worth mentioning the player base of PokerBros app is not nearly as big, as the largest poker sites, yet the security team is of similar size.

This only means the Integrity team, has much bigger control and more time to monitor all tables, than even the biggest poker networks. Follow the link to read more about the PokerBros securty team.

On top of the PokerBros Game Integrity, there are also Union securities. As you may have heard, there are several large PokerBros unions, which are essentially a group of PokerBros clubs, joining forces together, in order to provide a bigger room with shared traffic.

In those there is a separate security teams, working to catch any potential fraudulent activity. Even some private Pokerbros clubs, have people observing the games.


Our humble opinion, is that the PokerBros security system is not worst than the best one that there is. We can say for sure, it is one of the safest places to play online poker and bots/team players are completely non-existent. People attempting those cheating maneuvers, are caught within 24 hours , banned and confiscated.

…in the End , Is PokerBros Legit Overall ?

This is not one of those articles , where you will find the information in the end. You must carefully read, each of the paragraphs to understand how it all works. The best answer we come up is, that yes, it can be, but you need to be guided by professional and not trust random people.

If you are newcomer to the app, do not be afraid. You just need a bit of time and help, in order to play without worrying about anything, except performing at your best.

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Disclaimer 1: PokerBros is an online social gaming platform and does not provide any real money service.

Disclaimer 2: PokerBros is not a sponsor of or in any way involved with this promotional activity, nor does PokerBros endorse it.

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