Live Casinos in USA on track for the Best Year Ever

Live Poker USA

After Covid pandemic negatively impacted many markets, last year, almost none of them were as severely hit, as live casinos.

While online poker was booming and continues its growth this year, many live poker players lost their main “job”.

Luckily this year, many USA casinos opened their doors . During the second quarter of 2021, gambling operators posted record breaking numbers in revenue. Turns out second quarter of 2021 is the strongest period of live gambling on USA soil.

During April, May and June – gambling markets posted a total of 13.6 billion in revenue, surpassing the previous all time best in 2019 – 11.6 billion.

According to Forbes, USA casino industry is on track to set an yearly records as well. If the current trend continues, American casinos will report more than 44 Billion this year, which would break previous best revenues from 2019 – 43.6 Billion. Of course, this will be possible, if Covid measures do not return this fall.

In contrast, exactly 1 year ago, live casinos were reporting the worst numbers in history, due to the strict rules in 2020 summer. Some operators barely operated , while others were completely closed.

“The gaming industry is on its way back,” Bill Miller, president and CEO of the AGA told Forbes. “In any other environment, these quarterly numbers would be a victory lap. But there are still a few missing pieces to the puzzle. A full recovery requires the meaningful return of meetings and events, as well as the revival of international travel. It requires everyone working together to move beyond the realities of the past year, and the Delta variant has reminded us that we’re not there yet.”

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