Pokerrrr 2 Review : Is this USA poker app trustworthy ?

Pokerrrr 2 Review

The success and popularity of club based poker apps , brought whole wave of new poker apps. X-Poker, recently launched ClubGG, Pokio, KKPoker and many others. Pokerrrr 2, however, launched back in 2014 and it failed to capture the mobile poker market by storm. Its popularity is mostly in North America.

Does this means its bad ? Is it safe to play there ? Lets answer all those questions

Pokerrrr 2 Software

Once you sit at the table, the app software and interface immediately captures your attention. But make no mistake, not in a good way.

First of all, Pokerrrr 2 is available only for iOS and Android. This means it is touch screen oriented app, which tries very hard to recreate real life poker movements. Whether you raise or call, you should make swiping movement at your chips, to replicate your live poker gestures. You touch your cards to see them , similar to your local casino and you slide them in the center of the table, when you want to fold.

This all seems nice and immersive, but in reality, after few dozen hands, it becomes a chore. Nothing more annoying, than time outs, due to the clunky controls. As far as appearance and visual appeal are concerned, it is personal taste. However, lets just say, we heard no one writing poems of how good it is. The Poker Agent team also find it average at best.

pokerrrr 2 rake
pokerrrr 2 rake

Pokerrrr 2 clubs

The bread and butter of poker apps. The clubs themselves. Pokerrrr 2 ones are 90% USA based and run by few reputable guys and many questionable individuals.

Club system here is very bizarre, to say the least. There are no unions ( group of clubs joining together for more action}. Hence why, most clubs are very small and mainly targeting higher stake players.

Not only that, pokerrrr 2 clubs lack security , There are no game integrity teams, aiming to guarantee fair play. Another terrible design decision, is the lack of poker agents. The app itsels, makes it near impossible to work with, as affiliates have no panel from which to invite players and follow their stats. You can not invite your friends and see them in your panel, because pokerrrr 2 simply do not have such option.

This leave us with only two type of users – club owners and players. It is safe to say, good portion of Pokerrrr 2 clubs are not trustworthy and have problems paying their players. Very few clubs are trustworthy. Most of them are very risky to play in.

Even in solid real money games on this app. are not everyone cup of tea. They lack active tables and poker format variety.

pokerrrr 2 clubs
pokerrrr 2 clubs

Pokerrrr 2 rake

Each real money club decides itself how much rake will charge players. Usually rake is standart 5% with 3bb cap. Rakeback, on the other hand, tend to be very little, even for serious grinders. There are some tricks club owners use, like deposit bonuses or free chips to bring traffick to their club. Sadly these ” bonuses ” are not that attractive.

Speaking of tricks and club owners, Pokerrrr 2 clubs are notorious for shady practices like changing rake structure in the middle of a game. TYes, you heard right, there is option to tweak rake settings, while tables are running ! Countless players have complained that they were cheated with this black hat technique.

Deposits / Withraws on Pokerrrr 2

Since clubs on the app are run mostly by guys from USA and Canada , be prepared for the local payment solutions. Meaning you will need one of the following – PayPal, Cashapp, Venmo and Zelle.

Revolut, Skrill and Crypto are mostly frowned upon, Of couse, there are pokerrrr 2 clubs which work with those, but it is quite rare to stumble upon such places.


To sum it up, playing on Pokerrrr 2 with real money is risky and not advisable. If you look to hop into the world of club based poker apps, there are much, much better places to do it. The Poker Agent team recommend our grinders to choose real money clubs at other sites where we can guarantee the safety of the funds.

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