Poker Bots – Truth Or Myth ?


Since the dawn of online poker, there is huge portion of recreational players, who have excuse for why they are losing. Most of you probably heard  many bad beat stories, where the victim suffers incredibly bad luck.

Poker bots is the latest addition to the excuses list. The Poker Agent team collected experience in online poker is more than 50 years. We have heard it all. And we have been hearing it for years ;

” Online Poker is rigged “
” 90% of time the weakest hand wins “
” Poker is rigged for action “
” When depositing you win, after a cashout you always lose “

There is no way to convince losing player, that these statements are not true. Even if you show RNG certificates or 1 million sample of hands, proving online poker rooms innocent – they will ignore them.
Human brain is working very simple. In your everyday life there are logical explanations and tendencies.

Work hard > earn more money
Hit the gym more  > be in better shape

On the poker table, however, you sometimes work hard, make the right moves and still lose. You play more, spend time studying strategy, but you still lose the session. Maybe you are on minus for fifth time in a row.

This is perfect time for your brain to pick a logical explanation. After all, how you can lose to inferior players 5 sessions in a row ? Obviously online poker is rigged.

In reality poker is a game of skill, in the long term. In the short term, however, it is a game of luck.

Today, however, we are going to talk about a real threat to fair play. Something which exist in online poker for quite some time . Many famous online poker rooms like ACR, Bovada and even Party Poker network had problems with. Ofcourse we talk about poker bots.

AI poker bots in 2023

What is a Poker Bot ?

Poker bots are computer programs, which can calculate the right decisions in certain spots, based on math. How much to raise ? When to fold ? Poker bots know it all. This does not mean they always win. Just means they make the “correct” decision from purely mathematical perspective.

How many poker bots are there ?

This is hard to answer. Usually poker bots can be found only on No Limit Holdem games, as games with more cards like Omaha, seem to not work well with bots. Hence why, many players made the transition to omaha and other formats.

Are Poker Bots better than good poker players ?

No. Good poker players make correct mathematical decisions, on top of other skills they have, like exploitative play, timing tells and observation. Poker bots are one dimentional.

Are there poker bots on PPPoker ?

If you explore our website, you will see we are firm believers , that the absolute best online poker games can be found on these three platforms –  PPPoker, Upoker and Pokerbros.

Lets talk about whether there are bots on them. Since the dawn of club based poker apps, some individuals have been trying to use unfair advantage. They were targeting decentralised poker apps, as they seemed easier to infiltrate,  than the big poker rooms like ACR, for example.

And it was. But three years ago. Nowadays,  things became exactly the opposite. Big poker rooms are not that well equipped to deal with those AI players. On the other hand, poker apps, such as PPPoker, have ton of experience with poker bots trying to exploit the clubs.

The way PPPoker deal with bots is very simple. PPPoker has a lot of unions of clubs on the platform, which engage in real money games. These PPPoker Unions are organisations which have few thousand players and grow each day. They have full team monitoring the games 24/7.

On top of union security you have the PPPoker security team. This team monitors all unions for suspicious activity. Recently PPPoker added former Pokerstars security personnel to boost their own.

In addition to that, all tables have GPS restriction. Meaning if you and friend of your’s, sit next to each other in real life and decide to join the same table on PPPoker – it will not be possible.

PPPoker Anti Cheating (Poker Bots) Measures :

1.   Auto Interception System: 24/7 automatic tracking system monitoring the tables checking about 100 indicators of player behaviour. It is aimed at identifying collusion and bots. Pokerbros personnel part of security team.

2.  Captcha: an already known technique used by other rooms as a way to deal with automatic games. Now club administrators can turn this feature on at any table, and players will have to pass a random test to keep playing.

3.  GPS/IP Restriction: forbidding two or more players to join games from same location or multi accounting.

4. In some unions / clubs it is even forbidden to use HUD

Are there Poker bots on Upoker ?

Upoker is asian platform which began operating in few years back. Its main traffick were asian players, who know next to nothing about poker.  Things  has not changed much since then, except back then, platform was not experienced, and many asian players attempted team play ( collision ) .

Since then, Upoker security team have much more experience . Not only with collision but with poker bots too.

Upoker had by far most attempts to be breached by poker bots and few months ago we spoke with Upoker security team. They assured us , that they were on par with integrity team of Pokerbros or PPPoker Security Team.

Upoker was the first platform, which included Captcha technique. Not to mention players who are trying to tweak their vpip stats, by playing the free play games, have been expelled from clubs. Players with solvers face the same fate.

Upoker unions have tools at their disposal for reporting tables to security team of Upoker, which they can review in detail and investigate for bots, collision or sharks with solvers. Than they report back to union leaders if there is any cheating.

Due to these successful efforts for fair play, many new unions and clubs opened on Upoker. Newly formed Private clubs and European Unions started operating and everyone is welcome to join. You know who to contact, if you want access.

Upoker Anti Cheating ( Bot ) Measures :

1. Upoker Unions having report tools to reach Upoker Security team for detailed analysis of each poker table.

2. Captcha technique as in PPPoker.

3.  Players with poker solvers removed directly from clubs and unions. Players who try to tweak VPIP % are banned from the platform too.

4. GPS / IP restrictions – no multi accounting or collision possible

Are there Poker bots on Pokerbros ?

Pokerbros is probably the trendiest poker app platform at the moment. It is also the newest one out of the 3 mentioned in this article. It is a USA developed club based poker app.

As USA players are most vocal and loud when expressing opinions, worrying concerns for poker bots started to emerge.
Which is absolutely surprising to us, because even with naked eye, you can see Pokerbros security team is the cream of the crop, not only in club based poker apps, but in general.

Pokerbros Security is also called Game Integrity Bros and it is seven days a week, 24 hours a day online and monitoring all unions, all clubs and all games. It takes them no more than 24 hours to spot ANY suspicious activity.

If Game Integrity team was not enough, unions on the platform are the most professionaly run poker organisations, we have seen. Pokerbros Unions own security teams are something to brag about. They do not need 24 hours, but much less time, to spot any suspicious activity, let alone bots, within their own union of clubs.

You will be happy to know that Pokerbros Integrity Team renewed their contract in May 2021, so our favourite platform will be protected for years to come.

Pokerbros Anti Cheating ( Bot ) Measures :

1. Game Integrity Bros (GIB) – one of the best security teams in the poker world. GIB is the PokerBros fair-game team. They have invested over one million dollars in recruiting 14 poker experts (developers, players, etc.). Their objective is clear: to detect any form of cheating, including but not limited to chip dumping, collusion, bots, real-time assistance, etc.

2.  Recently Pokerbros added CAPTCHA protection, similar to PPPoker and Upoker.

3. Pokerbros Unions professional security.

4. GPS | IP  Restriction – no collision or multi accounting possible.


are there poker bots

Poker bots are a problem in current online poker world. Like in every field, there are people who play dirty, lie, cheat and steal. Often those ways promise riches but lead to problems and losses.

The Poker Agent team  offer many online poker rooms and apps. Today we chose to show you how some of them take active stance against unfair play. Its easy to deny poker bots exist and let them damage online poker. Poker apps we talked about today, however, decided that they want safe environment for their players and spend millions on protecting their games and catching cheaters.

Poker bot users will keep existing as long as there are places for them to play. If all poker rooms take  proactive approach, like the poker apps above, AI poker programs will become a myth. 

For news on hot topics like this one, navigate towards our Telegram News Channel.

And if you prefer to just understand how you can play poker on apps, we got you covered.

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