Nordicbet – Scandinavian poker room review

Nordicbet review

Nordicbet brand was established back in 2002 for poker players from Scandinavian region. Since 2013, it accepts players from other territories, but still, the main focus remains on Norway, Denmark , Sweden , Finland and Ireland.

Nordicbet Poker was part of Betsson network and operated with Maltese license. Later migrated to Microgaming poker network , until its closure in 2020. Nowadays Nordicbet is part of iPoker network.

NordicBet was the first bookmaker to offer Nordic sports, and later added casino games and a poker room, and nowadays is a top-choice for grinders living in Northern European countries.

Nordicbet Deposit Bonus

If you play in regular licensed poker rooms, here you will find no surprises. Nordicbet deposit bonus system is very simple. You receive 100% first deposit bonus up to 2000 EURO . Bad news, however, is you have 60 days to clear the bonus. Clearing the bonus is done by generating 5 time more rake than the deposit bonus. It is designed to be very hard to get the full bonus. Prepare a few sleepless nights a week, to if you want to claim it.

Nordicbet Rakeback

Again, pretty standart rakeback structure, compared to other “regular” poker rooms. Players are devided into tiers. The more rake you generate, the better tier is your nordicbet account. Worst tier is “bronze”, which rewards you with 10% rakeback. The best tier is “elite” and it requires a lot of grinding to get to. Reward for reaching and maintaining this rank is 30% rakeback, which in our humble opinion, is very low. For comparison , our lowest rakeback deal other rooms, such as real money clubs on poker apps, is 30%. There you can reach up to 60% rakeback.

This is the time to say the rake on Nordicbet tables is pretty large. Up to NL20, games are raked 6.5% with 10bb caps. Then it becomes 5% with 5bb cap. Just in comparison , in real money clubs on apps, rake is mostly 3-5% with 3bb cap on all limits.

Poker Software

Sadly Nordicbet do not offer mobile poker app. The PC client however is simplistic with iPoker network design being 90% of the skin, the other 10% are Nordicbet logos and blue buttons. It is not piece of art, but it works.

Regular grinders will be happy to know HUDs are 100% supported.

Nordicbet games and traffick

Poker formats on the platform are pretty standart. You can find all the well known poker formats – Cash Games, MTT , Fast-Fold Poker and Sit & Go. The game types are a bit restrictive as there are only NLH and PLO active tables. New innovative poker formats are nowhere to be found, nor different versions of regular Omaha.

Active players at peak time on the platform can reach 3000. Peak in traffick is ,understandably, during night time in Northern Europe.

Nordicbet fish/shark ratio

This is the main reason, we think you should avoid this poker room. Games are shark invested with no fish players to be found. As you can see in our poker deals section we rate the poker rooms with fish % and traffick %. For traffick we would give this poker room 9 , but for fish players 1. Or even 0. Games are super tough to beat. Of no help are the high rake tables and low rakeback deals.


Nordicbet is one of the more famous european poker rooms, but leaves a lot to be desired in many aspects. We strongly recommend checking other options like PPPoker , Upoker , Pokerbros and Betkings, which can offer you far easier games, with lots of recreational players, bonuses and better game variety.





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