7 Reasons Why PLO6 Double Board is Better Game Than You Thought

plo6 double board

PLO6 Double Board is a game which evokes polarizing feelings in different poker players. For some, it is the most exciting game. For others, it is a crazy poker variation, which has to be played only for fun.

There are also those, who think the variance of PLO6 Double Board is so huge, that it is impossible to consistent winner. PLO6 Double Board is among the formats, often branded as just playing the lottery.

The interesting thing is, that all those mixed opinions, are correct in their own way. This unorthodox game type is all those things, but it is also much more than that.

Let’s take a look why PLO6 Double Board is better, than you might have thought:

7. PLO6 Double Board Attracts Fish Players like Magnet

The fact that the game is so highly dependent on luck, is what makes it so enticing for recreational players.

Amateurs love this game. Much more than anyone, however, PLO6 Double Board is played by highly impatient individuals, who do not care for Texas Holdem or any other formats, which involve more waiting.

These action junkies are ready to go head-first into every battle, every pot and play till the bitter end. A player with the right strategy, can have a really easy way of defeating all those thrill seekers, chasing all kind of bad flops.

6. People Who Join By Mistake

It may sound ridiculous, but only people playing the game regularly, know what we are talking about. Usually regular PLO6 tables and Double Board versions look pretty identical in most online poker rooms. Hence why some unknowing customers join the tables by accident.

Usually such amateur players announce it loudly in chat, by mentioning that they never played with double boards, or just acknowledging how fun the game looks. If you have planned to finish your session, if you see this, stick around. Your bankroll will be happy with your decision.

Even though it is basically the same game, with slight tweak of the rules, the strategy is completely different in each one. This is why novices players can be easily exploited, especially in the first dozen of hands, where they will be completely lost with the game mechanics. Not the rules, per se, but more of a bet sizings, hand selections and determining hand strenght ( where their hole cards rank in the bigger picture).

5. Bad Regs Who Think They Can Play

Ok, ok, we know bad regulars are present in every poker game type, but hear us out. The Poker Agent will give you a very useful tip, on spotting a crucial leak in even experienced players.

Many people are under the false impression, that the main idea of the game is, if you can not hit the nuts on both pots, that the next best thing is , hitting a very strong hand on the first board and have a whole bunch of nothing on the second one.

If you are among those people, congratulations ! You are just a food for the PLO6 sharks . The idea of the game is not to play and win the first board( hopefully), while losing the second one and splitting the pot, only to pay rake. In case you like to play like this, you can order yourself a “more rake is better T-Shirt.”

In PLO6 Double Board you have to be drawing to the nuts on both boards. This is a game, in which often post flop, there are multiple people in the hand. Not only that, all of them hold 6 Hole Cards, which can combine with 6 other cards, on the board. Majority of the time, you are completely crushed with even premium holdings.

Forfeiting the one board, only because you have the nuts ( so far), in the other one , is a recipe for disaster. Many bad regs do not realize that and you can exploit this leak, easily.

4. Not Drawing to The Nuts

As already mentioned, people tend to make questionable plays on 6-Card Omaha in general, but on Double Board, the number of such situations, increase exponentially.

Drawing for low full house, second best flush or not the top straight, should be avoided, as often as possible. Only if you are drawing on both boards and you are against one opponent, you may allow yourself the luxury to chase a bit more loosely such draws, again in a bid to try to somehow hit the nuts, by some runner-runner miracle.

Putting yourself in a position to pay huge bets, with a hand, which you have no idea, where it sits in the whole scenario is a no-no. PLO6 Double Board is a game of absolutes. Either you have it or not. Marginal situations should be avoided, especially against amateur players, which are a vast majority in this game.

3. It is One of the Most Fun Games to Play

“Texas Hold’em is the most fun poker game ever ” . Said no one ever. It may be the most popular game, it may be highly profitable for the people , who know what they are doing, but most interesting ? Waiting for hours to get a decent hand ? Definitely not the best way to spend Friday evening.

PLO6 Double Board on the other hand is a game, where you see flops constantly. Different combinations, multi-way pots, dramatic bad beats – it has all the ingredients for a thrilling adventure. Of course, it may be a recipe for disaster, as well, but which poker session is not ?

2. No Overthinking

Of course, if you play PLO6 Double Board on the highest level possible, you will face some difficult spots. But against the average player online, all you have to do , is show better discipline than him. No one will attempt super crazy bluffs or hero calls on PLO6 Double Board.

Almost everyone plays it like Solitaire – connecting cards and hoping for the best hand to finish your opponent. The profit comes from people, who lack patience and prefer to play till all cards are revealed. These people are the main donators in this game.

Involving yourself in a complex bluffing strategy or hero calling with marginal hands, is not the best way to play this game. In fact, it is one of the worst ways.

1. Redraws

Do not underestimate the power of redraws. Just like in traditional Omaha, redraws are situations where already nutted hand, have the ability to improve even further. Often when 2 nutted hands are against each other in PLO6 Double Board, at least one of them will have redraw.

This is why it is of utmost importance to choose your pre-flop strategy carefully. Playing well connected and suited cards, can make a huge difference in the long term. These redraws situations are incredibly valuable, because once your opponent has strong enough hand, he is inevitable to participate in the pot with all of his chips.

This is the perfect opportunity to redraw to even stronger hand and eliminate him effortlessly, just because you chose the better starting hand with more options for Ace high flushes or straights.

Where to Play PLO6 Double Board ?

PLO6 Double Board is incredibly fun game, but hard to come across in traditional poker sites. This is why we recommend you to try the game, in a private online atmosphere, where the majority of the people, play the game as a form of entertainment. Winning is not their number 1 priority, which makes them the perfect opponents.

Just take a look which PPPoker Clubs, Pokerbros Clubs and X-Poker clubs offer the game and join to check the action. Good luck on the tables !

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