Virtue Poker Coin (VPP) New Bullish Trends in August 2023 ?

virtue poker coin

The only poker related altcoin – Virtue Poker, shows bullish trends for August 2023. It has already risen over 25 % since the mid July and the trends seems to continue, as Investors Observer reports.

As of the moment of writing this article, Virtue Poker token trades at $0.006751 with the experts predicting even more bullish movements in the next weeks.

What is Virtue Poker Coin ?

virtue poker price

Virtue Poker is a decentralized poker platform built on the Ethereum blockchain with a peer-to-peer network. The platform seeks to provide a safe and fair online poker experience.

As a business-to-consumer (B2C) operator, the company seeks to develop the underlying technology and liquidity to demonstrate the marketability, integrity, and reliability of the platform.

Additionally, they plan to expand through white labeling, allowing new licensees to enter the worldwide market. From a few companies in the early 2000s to a multi-billion dollar business today, online poker has come a long way.

The platform’s native token is “Virtual Player Points” and the abbreviated token is “VPP“. VPP has four main functions.

  1. VPP is a virtual cryptocurrency that can be used as an in-game token.
  2. The token can be collateralized into the Justice Registry, a smart contract that allows users to stake tokens notice and hand-validate on the blockchain in exchange for a fee.
  3. Finally, they can also be used to enter exclusive MTTs.
  4. VPP can be earned as a rakeback
virtue poker phil ivey
phil ivery virtue poker vpp coin

Some of you may have heard, but Phil Ivey is backing the Virtue Poker project from 2021, as an ambassador to their brand. Having one of the biggest celebrities , as the face of the brand, should definitely give more confidence to potential investors.

If you are one of those people, who are not ecstatic about crypto investing, why don’t you try playing some poker with crypto instead.

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