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With the online poker scene slowly but surely switching to the club based poker apps model, many poker countries have already embraced the latest trends for the last few years.

When you think of poker apps, just a  few years back, everyone imagined goofy free to play application, in which you compete with players from all over the world with virtual chips.

Actually it does not sound all that bad, if you remove the “goofy” and “free to play ” parts.
Club based poker apps are a perfect mix between regular poker room and those free to play apps.

They have fully tested software and certified RNG system. Not only that, almost all club poker apps, have fully dedicated PC client, which works like a charm and is convenient for multi-tabling grinders.

Add to that, the worldwide availablity – you can play from anywhere. Just like those goofy applications. The difference is, that in club based poker apps, you can join clubs and play for real money.

‌The possibility of playing from every country in the world, in soft real money games , is truly tempting.  Many poker playing countries, already discovered, that these apps are the best way to play real money poker.

Today we will take a look at those poker countries, in which poker apps are most popular, as of right now. After reading through the article, you will have a better understanding of what type of players you can face on these poker apps and where they come from.

The First Poker Countries in the Poker App trend – Latin America

latam poker

Brazil, Peru , Venezuela, Colombia and many more. These poker playing countries are all over PPPoker and Suprema app.

They are madly in love with poker and this is why , the biggest clubs on poker apps, are almost always Brazilian ones.

You can expect from latino players a lot of multi way pots, questionable river calls and plenty of loose passive plays. These are hot-headed players, who love to gamble and try their luck.

Stakes in Latam clubs are often lower, but at the same time, the amount of active tables, make up for it. Latino players love to play heads up on NLH and Omaha. Regular PLO5 tables are also one of the most popular choices here.

Latest Poker Country which embraced Poker Apps – India

India Poker

India is the latest poker country, which joined the poker app trend, with full speed. Many indian clubs on PPPoker are available currently, even ones for higher stakes games.

As you know , Indians play in Ruppees, this is why the stakes for outsiders can be too low, but there are good Indian PPPoker Clubs for higher stakes Omaha games.

Players from India, are often complete amateurs, who beg you to take their money. This is why , the opportunity to play against such amateurs, which PPPoker and other poker apps provide, is golden.

Asian Poker Countries and Apps

poker countries

This is a never ending love story. Asian poker countries first thought of this unusual way, to compete in real money games. Back at the dawn of club based poker apps, Asian players were making everyone rich.

Their understanding of the game, was not complete, even when we talk about the simple rules like, using only two of the hole cards in Omaha. Asian players were the complete rookies, who just limped and hoped for the best. It was so easy to exploit them, that many people made enough money for their retirement plan.

Nowadays, asian players are much tougher, but still one of the weakest ones, out there. They prefer to play No Limit Holdem and avoid Omaha. Asians love to play strict, tight strategy and rarely take unnecessary risks. Their NLH game improved , in contrast to their Omaha skill set.

Our club on Upoker hosts many asian millionaires, who play 25/50 PLO6 games. They are playing for pure fun and without a solid strategy. Players with big bankrolls and excellent understanding of Six Carded Omaha, can make a fortune here, just for few sessions. Find how to get in – HERE

One of the main Poker Countries – USA

usa poker country

Another place, where poker apps dominate the real money poker market. With club based apps like Pokerrrr 2 , many gamblers are allowed to play with just a few clicks on their phone.

The games are full of drunk players, gamblers and high stake amateurs, who basically donate their money.

USA players are often impatient , but have the bankroll to play even the highest stakes tables. They look for action packed games and love big pots. Multi way splashy pots are a must for them, so that they do not lose interest.

One of the softest clubs in our poker deals page, come from America. Most of them have huge variety of poker formats , games and interesting additions like double board and bomb pot tables.

Players from USA, love gimmicky stuff, so learning non traditional poker formats , will pay off in the long term.

Poker Country which loves PPPoker – Australia

poker australlia

One of the biggest PPPoker Unions – PPPfish is almost exclusively filled with Australian players. This Aussie union is one of the main attractions on the app, with probably the best MTT and Short Deck action, there is.

Australian players are no chumps – they have very good understanding of the game. They love to play all kinds of poker but mainly NLH and Short Deck. Plenty of aussie grinders can be found on the high stakes tables , too.

Australians, while not on the level of european/russian players, are not to be underestimated. Most of them are not elite players, but in general, are better than latinos and asians. Australia is one of the leading poker countries in the world and they love to play on PPPoker.

Poker Apps in Russia and CIS Poker Countries

russian poker

Club based apps enjoy a great popularity in russian speaking poker countries  . Russians can be found everywhere, but mainly on Upoker and PPPoker.

Players from Russia are renown, for their skill and usually are formidable force in online poker. However, on poker apps, most of the russian players are not skilled. They are nothing like their predecessors, who ruled the Pokerstars tables.

Russian regs , are still tough opponents but nothing out of the ordinary. On poker apps the majority of players, no matter their location, are complete amateurs.

Grinders from Russia, love to play traditional NLH and NLH 3-1 ( Pineapple). One of the best clubs on PPPoker, currently , is in Yamal Union and has mainly players from Russia, Ukraine and CIS Countries. Many players are not eager to test it, but once they do, they fall in love with it. Search for Rolls Royce club – HERE.

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