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Today we are going to review pretty standard PLO hand, to kickstart our series of poker articles about weak poker players on apps and how to exploit them easily.

The main difference to other poker quizzes and strategy blogs, is that you will be able to see real online poker situations, which occur in private clubs on poker apps. Today we will take a look at the Upoker App.

Many people never tried those and wonder what is the level of play – is the competition really that terrible. Here you can test yourself and see if you will be profitable against these opponents.

Other difference is that you will se our thought process when we play mostly lesser competition, as most online coaches focus on teaching you, how to prevail against pros, when in reality, most of your money will be won against fish.

Lets dive right into it. Today we play PLO4, 1/2 , against two very loose players. First interesting situation comes…


Upoker Clubs

After Button raises to 7, we call and the guy in the Big Blind, decides to make it 28. Button calls, which leaves us to act. Do we ?

A: Fold
B: Call
C: Raise

The answer is pretty simple. We have 4 connected cards and amazing pot odds to call. We will be calling 21 chips to win 63. Knowing our opponents tendency to over call and play weak hands, this adds terrific implied odds if we hit a good hand on the….


Upoker the poker agent

We are first to act. What is your play?

A: Check
B: Bet Half Pot
C: Bet Pot

Did someone answered A ? Its not terrible answer but not optimal play here. Flop comes with 2 hearts and give us opportunity to semi bluff. We are perfectly aware at least one of our opponents will call, but this is what we want.

Betting half pot here is the way to go, since we have top pair and big straight draw. Even if our opponents have 2 pair or better, we have our draws. This is fairly disconnected flop, which is good for us. We can assume our opponents will continue mostly with flush draw here or if they raise us, we can safely assume they have 2 pairs or a set.

Many players on Upoker here will happily call with KJ or top pair with no draws, which is why we absolutely love the field. We bet half pot and one player calls. We think he has flush draw. Then comes the


Upoker grand union

We are first to act once again. Do we ?

A : Bet
B : Check

Answer here is fairly simple again. We are commited to the hand and anything which is not heart is perfect for us. We proceed to bet all In here, without much thinking. We are with very few chips left to have any other option. If we played deep stack, things like having Ace of Hearts blocker will come into the mix, but with our current stack, this is the only way to play this spot correctly.

Our opponent calls and reveal…..

Upoker Asia
upoker weak poker players

This is completely terrible hand which should not have been 3 bet in first place, should not have called the flop and definitely should not have called the turn.

Our rival is with bottom pair and has very weak flush draw. Remember in PLO, 9 high flush draw is not a good hand. If i have higher flush draw, he is almost drawing dead. We offer villain to run it 3 times , he refuses and river comes blank.


This gameplay is taken from our newly formed The Poker Agent club on Upoker. Do not worry , our team do not play there, as we try to keep the soft field untouched for our players. In fact this was the 4th hand after we sat down on the table.

If you have any questions about Upoker or want to share some thoughts, feel free to contact us.

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