How to Become Poker Streamer – a Comprehensive Guide (2024)

how to become poker streamer (2024)

Poker streams have been around the since beginning of the online poker boom more than dozen years ago. It is definitely not a brand new concept and there are already established poker streamers who have large audience and profit from this in various ways.

Looking at poker streaming as a hobby is perfectly fine, but if you wish to profit from it , while having fun recording your sessions, there are few key things to keep in mind, in order to become a successful poker streamer.

How to Become Poker Streamer – Starting Steps

Luckily for the newcoming enthusiasts, the investment you need, in order to start, is next to none. Your already existing PC/Laptop setup may be enough in order to produce good quality videos.

Most of the time the built in cameras on your TV, Laptop or monitor are pretty bad quality, so you will need to buy at least a solid camera, with which to capture your reactions and commentary. Recording just the sessions, usually is not enough, to produce fun and engaging content. Especially on the streaming platforms, which focus on creator-audience interaction.

To sum up, all you need to do is solid PC/Laptop , on which you can record without stutter + good quality camera and microphone . The rest, is to have pretty good idea of what type of content you wish to produce – fun, educational or some mixture of both.

Choosing the Streaming Platform – One of the Most Important Steps in the Poker Streamer Journey

There are some obvious candidates, which will work best for poker streaming. Of course, they are those, who attract the largest audience – Youtube, Twitch and Kick.

Its natural to think that in this tough competition for views, the largest platforms would be hardest to stream on, as there are many content creators there with unique ideas. While this is true, luckily for few in the online poker industry, the competition is very low.

There are numbers of reasons for it:

  1. Higher average age of the audience watching poker content.
  2. The bigger popularity of the casino games, which content creators target as easier path to views.
  3. The main reason – the guidelines which has to be followed, in order for content to stay on the platform.

For the latter, we will help you follow all the needed guidelines of the streaming platforms.



As one of the most successful living game platform, Twitch has many advantages, like integration of Amazon Prime for gaming.


To be poker streamer on Twitch, first and foremost, make sure you follow the rules of the platform. Breaking those, will quickly and your streaming career, before it begins. Here are the most important rules:

  1. Twitch prohibits poker content that involves, promotes, or encourages scams, fraud, or any other illegal activity.
  2. Excessive gambling with losing money recklessly is strictly forbidden. In other words poker streamers should promote the responsible gambling behavior.
  3. Mark your content as ” Mature Only “

Twitch provides opportunity for all creators to earn really good amounts per week, by subscriptions, donations, sponsorships and other methods, which work for streamers in every industry.

Monetizing your poker content will be even easier, once you start attracting the right crowd. At the end of this article, we will explain this aspect better.



The latest streaming platform is starting to melt the monopoly of twitch in surprisingly quick fashion. Kick offers better reward program with higher incentives for the creators.

Here are the main things you need to know, before starting your poker streamer career on Kick:

  1. While Kick allows Gambling content, it has to adhere to local laws.
  2. Your steam should be marked Mature Only
  3. Kick forbids excessive gambling and irresponsible behaviour.
  4. Hate speech, harassment or any other discrimination is strictly forbidden !

Kick offers a very attractive bonuses for successful streamers, but even if you struggle to gain many views, with our poker streamer strategy, you will earn large amounts in no time.


If you wish to stick to the classics, becoming a poker streamer on youtube, is definitely possible. Here is what you need to know before you start:

  1. Youtube is very strict with not showing content in locations, where gambling is restricted.
  2. Content should be marked mature only.
  3. Avoid promoting the poker content with ads. It can quickly backfire and result in banning your account. It can work in some scenarios, but one misstep is all that it takes for all the hard work to go to waste.

Since Youtube is the second largest search engine, besides Google, make sure you use the right keywords and headlines to put yourself out there. Recording live videos can be a great way to become poker influencer . Recommending your crowd a good poker software or poker rooms is the very best way to monetize your poker streaming career.

The key is to make sure the products you are offering are good and bring something unique to the table.

How Do Poker Streamers Make Money ?

The million dollar question – how do you monetize your efforts as a poker streamer.

Online poker is a niche industry, in which there will not be tens of thousands of people watching you every day. Collecting just a few hundred players is more than enough to start earning.

The most important thing is to offer your players something unique, as a reward for them enjoying your streams. Every poker player wishes to play in the softest possible online poker games in the world. Losing players, look to cut their losses or finally become winners and winning players love to exploit recreational players, wherever they see them.

One of the common things between losing and winning players is that they search of the softest possible games. This automatically means that whoever watches your stream, will ALWAYS be interested in discovering the best online poker games possible.

Since The Poker Agent team works in this industry for 7 years ( officially), all this time our primary focus has always been finding the softest possible online poker games in the world and make the as accessible as possible.

By having an audience you will have the opportunity to redirect them to good poker rooms and be highly rewarded for this. No, this is not posting GGPoker or Pokerstars referral links, where your audience will sign up only to lose their bankroll within the first day, thanks to the plethora of sharks lurking there.

The rooms you will be able to offer your audience will be unique and with limited access. Meaning that you will not compete with all other streamers who spam links of the well established poker sites, who have been around for 20 years. Who needs referral link to sign up to Party Poker or 888Poker ? These sites are known by everyone.

Not only that, your audience will have the opportunity to play in poker rooms , which are not location restricted.

So, how you, as a poker streamer will make money ? It is very simpler:

  1. Grab the interest of the largest possible audience and keep the engaged with fresh content.
  2. Redirect them to unique poker rooms, which we will propose to you. Just contact us to discuss the details.
  3. Collect your weekly winnings from us and keep improving your poker streaming content in order to attract more people.

How Referring Players Works in Practice ?

Poker Agents who have partnered with us, have a deal where they decide how much of the bonus to give their players and how much of it to keep for themselves. It is a great system, but it requires attention to every single player on daily basis.

Poker streamers have the potential to attract hundreds of players, so chatting with every single player is virtually impossible. After all, you will have to focus on improving the quality and popularizing your stream.

The only thing you need to do is redirect people , who are ready to deposit and play poker in some soft rooms. When they do it, you will be earning weekly bonus of between 10 and 40% of their rake, depending on their weekly volume and the poker room they choose. They will also earn a bonus themselves , which will be a second incentive to them, on top of the much softer player base.

Since you will need a poker room, to stream your content on, we will recommend you several options, which will best suit your crowd or the very least, your own preferences for game types and stakes. With each player who signs up and begins playing, your rakeback will also grow exponentially ! Streamers will receive 40 / 50 / 60 or 70% rakeback themselves , based on the poker room and they choose and how many people they have attracted to play and on what limits.

To sum up :

Poker Streamer earns between 40 and 70 % of rakeback just playing and streaming the games. He also receives between 10 and 40% of rakeback from the rake of his players.

The players who join are recommended the softest possible games, for their preferences . They also receive between 25 and 35% rakeback, based on their weekly volume.

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