Cryptocurrency in Poker – TOP 5 Coins and Wallets to Use


With more and more people dropping the e-wallets and discovering the convenience of using cryptocurrency in poker, there are also those who still have not made research into the subject.

Usually it is either because of being afraid to leave the comfort zone or because their current poker room supports other payment methods.

With the development of technologies, more and more online poker sites, apps and various other platforms will continue to use the most convenient worldwide payment method – the cryptocurrencies.

Today we will explain in simple and understandable way – which are the TOP 5 crypto coins to use and which are the recommended crypto wallets, which support them. Let’s dive into the world of cryptocurrency in poker :

Cryptocurrency in Poker – Which Wallets to Use ?

There are few things newcomers to the digital asset world, should know before we get into our TOP 5 list.

You can use cryptocurrency in poker by using either:

  1. Crypto exchanges, such as Kucoin, Binance and Coinbase.
  2. Hot Crypto Wallet – those who you can download on your phone
  3. Cold Crypto Wallet – those little USB sticks, which are actually a hardware device, rather than purely software product.

To be the master of your own digital assets, make sure that you avoid using crypto exchanges. Between the bankruptcy of so many crypto platforms over the years, the scams and the chance that they freeze your funds, it is just not worth to risk it.

The very best wallets to use for crypto are the hot and cold wallets, with hot ones being super convenient to use, while cold wallets are being extra safe.

Since below, you will find the TOP 5 choices to use for cryptocurrency in poker, here are the best wallet which support all the crypto coins you need:

  1. Exodus Wallet ( Hot Wallet)
  2. Ledger ( Cold Wallet)
  3. Trust ( Hot Wallet )

Not only they are safe, they offer all the needed currencies in order for you to enjoy poker on various crypto poker platforms. They are also easy to use.

Best Crypto Coins to Use for Online Poker


With crypto wallets set up, you can proceed to figuring out which are the most common cryptocurrencies used in the poker industry for deposits and withdraws – here is the list :

5. Etherium

Etherium is the most popular altcoin in the world and is also super convenient for poker . Most online poker sites support it and it is convenient to use. You can swap it to various different digital assets and you also can use it to “burn gas” to make transaction with etherium based tokens. Some of which you will find below on the list.
Fees are usually highest, of all the coins on this list.


The first stable coin in this list is the USDCoin (USDC). The value of most stable coins is almost ideally equal to 1$. It is a great choice for people who do not want to gamble with the price going up or down ( like you would by using Etherium or Bitcoin)

Fees are minimal, usually gravitating around 1-5 Dollar per transaction regardless of its amount. The ERC20 in the end of the coin name, means that it uses the etherium network, when sending or receiving funds. Etherium network is one of the most common ones used for transactions.

3. Bitcoin

King of crypto is also one of the best options to use and enjoy some bitcoin poker platforms or use it to send and receive money abroad from poker agents and private club owners.

The only downside is that the fees can sometimes be high, but more often than not, they are between 4 and 10 dollars, depending on which platform you use and the current state of the blockchain.

It is the most popular crypto coin in the world, so you cannot go wrong with this one. If you are not into crypto trading, you might as well monitor the amounts you keep, to avoid big fluctuations of your bankroll.


Tether ( USDT) is the most popular crypto stable coin in the entire world. It is equal to 1$ and many people use it to complete payments around the world. The low fees, mass availability and convenience to use it for massive transcations thanks to the low fees are what made the coin popular in the poker industry.

The only downside of USDT ERC 20 is that it has slightly bigger fees than the number 1 coin on this list. Which is ….


Tether using the TRON network (TRC20) for transactions is the most popular way to settle payments in the poker app industry.

It is done extremely fast, with low fees and without hassles. The amount of the transaction is not important, the fees are always around 1$.

It is harder to find wallets, which use the TRON network, but once you have the needed setup, you will hardly look at any other way of sending funds abroad. This is the best cryptocurrency in poker, that can be used as of 2024.

How to convert Crypto to Fiat ?


There are number of ways to achieve this, but usually the most convenient and easy method is to use Crypto ATMs which are widely available around the world. If you do not have one nearby, you can use legit sellers, popular crypto exchange platforms, or local crypto-to-fiat exchange bureau ( they are available in most countries ) .

This is short and simple guide, but it is all that you need , in order to use cryptocurrency in poker. Here are some poker rooms, in which you can start playing using crypto. Good luck !

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