Flash Poker or how X-Poker has introduced Fast-Fold Poker to Its Tables !


X-Poker app continues to impress with its commitment to introducing brand new poker variations in 2024. First, they have introduced Squid Poker, a brand new fun format for both veterans and amateurs and now they launch their own version of Fast-Fold poker called Flash Poker !

Here is what it is all about :

Flash Poker is now available in private clubs on X-Poker


Flash Poker is essentially the well known Fast-Fold Poker format, which was introduced back in the day in regular poker sites. It allows players to sit on the table and skip all the waiting, when they fold or win their hand. When either of the two events happen, you are moved to new table, along with all other people who folded or already won their hand.

Flash Poker is the most effective method of enjoying online poker without interruptions or waiting time.

How to Play Flash Poker ?

To play Flash Poker, all you need to do is download X-Poker app on your PC or mobile device. It is available both for iOS and Android.

Then, launch the poker application and create a free account. When you login to the main X-Poker lobby you will see two options right in the middle of screen the option to “Join a Club”

Now just contact The Poker Agent or see all the available X-Poker Clubs you can join yourself.

Which X-Poker Clubs Currently Offer Flash Poker ?

There are already X-Poker clubs offering the game, surely most others will soon follow this trend. As of right now the “Disney Union” is most active in the Fast-Fold scene. The private games on apps are with much less traffic than traditional poker sites, so do not expect hundreds of players. Usually around dozen players gather to play, but the number will grow with time.


The main attraction in Disney Union and other similar clubs are not the size, but the sheer number of bad players, who always try new formats, without studying them first.

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