Pokerbros vs PPPoker vs Upoker – Which Poker App is the best ?

pokerbros vs pppoker vs upoker

Dear reader, If you are poker lover who uses internet, there is a high probability, you heard of club based poker apps. We bet most of you are well acquainted with online poker platforms, such as Pokerbros, PPPoker and Upoker. Those are the most famous and successful poker apps, of the last few years.

They share key similarities – all three are platforms for private club games, which thousands of players prefer, due to the games being fun and full of recreational players, contrary to the popular poker sites, filled with sharks. Apart from this, PPPoker, Pokerbros and Upoker, share also one key similarity – they grow and evolve almost every single day.

Platform owners lauch new poker formats and innovative new systems, on monthly – even weekly basis, amassing huge variety of poker game types. On top of official app support, there are poker unions and clubs, run manually by reputable poker groups and individuals, who launch promotions, VIP deals and other incentive for newcomers and loyal grinders. Some of the most rewarding tournaments in the world, are held on these club based poker apps.

After this introduction, aiming to bring newcomers up to speed, we will continue by comparing these 3 best places to play online poker. For full review and learning how to join Pokerbros, PPpoker and Upoker , check our pages, dedicated to each platform.

Let’s start comparing these poker apps and see which one is the most suitable for you !


Pokerbros App

Pokebros is the newest of the bunch, but it is safe to say, it is one of the most famous online poker rooms in the world. This poker app needed just 2 years to become widely popular on all continents. With its fun looking user interface, splashy games and player pool, filled with recreational players – it can entertain you, like no other place.

Players in all clubs come mainly from USA, but there are also Pokerbros clubs with majority of players coming from Asia, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Greece, UK, Switzerland, Austria, Croatia, Brazil, Mexico and other interesting places.

Once you sit to play, the first key difference from PPPoker and Upoker, you will notice, is that there are no VPIP statistics. This is correct, the main “fish detector” stat is not present. But do not worry, it is very easy to spot loosy goosey players. After all, Pokerbros is well known for it’s juicy games and multi-way pots.

Out of all three apps, Pokerbros is the one with the best developed Sit&Go and Spin&Go formats. PPPoker and Upoker lack good amount of active tables on those. However, both Upoker and PPPoker have soft heads up games, while on Pokerbros – 1v1 format is almost non present.

Moving on to game types – Pokerbros have impressive amount of different poker variations . Additions like “Double Board” and “Kill Pot” on Omaha tables, shows that Pokerbros team follows the latest trends and even sets them. No Limit Holdem comes in the traditional well known format, but there are also NLH Short Deck tables and NLH Pineapple. The latter is also available on PPPoker, but rules to the game are slightly different.

On both Pokerbros and PPPoker, NLH Pineapple is format in which players are dealt 3 cards and have to discard one, to continue playing traditional Texas Holdem. The key dfference is, on PPPoker you discard right at the start of the hand, while on Pokerbros you do it after the flop.

Omaha Double Board is exclusive Pokerbros game, in which the term “splashy” , we often use to describe the app, is at full display. Name of the game is self explanatory- regular Omaha, but played on two boards. Imagine, how many multi-way juicy pots this format generates. It is so addicting and fun, we wonder why other online poker rooms, have not included it yet.

Back to the total number of available games – impressive variety indeed. NLH, PLO, PLO5, PLO6, PLO8, Short Deck, OFC, NLH Pineapple, Omaha Double Board, MTT, SNG, Spins, FLH, FLP – all those are present on Pokerbros.

When it comes to stakes, almost all players will be satisfied. Main unions and many other smaller private clubs will keep you occupied on micro, all the way through nosebleed stakes. The smallest stakes are usually around 0.03-0.06 blinds and the highest go up to 50/100 blinds. The bulk of tables, however, are played on limits till 5/10.

Those are the main features of Pokerbros, so let’s see how they compare ;

Disclaimer : PokerBros is not a sponsor of or in any way involved with this promotional activity, nor does PokerBros endorse it.


  • Perfect place for all players, except the lowest micro grinders and lovers of 10/20+ games. They are present, but with less traffick than Upoker.
  • Most poker formats. With recent inclusion of Omaha Double Board and NLH Pineapple, Pokerbros now offers most variety.
  • Juiciest Tournaments
  • Sit & Go , Spin & Go , Fixed Limit Games – all present on Pokerbros, while lacking on PPPoker and Upoker
  • Loose games
  • State of art software and interface
  • Has more clubs and unions than Upoker
  • NLH, PLO, PLO6, PLO8


  • No HEADS UP games
  • Very small player pool for 10/20 + blinds and above
  • No VPIP statistics of players
  • Less clubs and unions than PPPoker
  • PLO5 – slightly less popular game, than the other Omaha games. Still strong presence.

Here you will find how to start on Pokerbros and which are the best clubs for you


PPPoker app

PPPoker is the first app, which proved the club based online poker formula, successful. It is the biggest platform, with most active clubs, unions, players and nationalities. PPPoker achieves all this, by being consistent, innovative and appealing to players from every continent and country. This poker app is always bringing something new to the table, to spice things up – poker formats , super tournaments, VIP rewards, even whole new game types.

When it comes to user interface, PPPoker has a bit more “clean” visuals than Pokerbros . Software reminds more of a conventional poker site. Once inside the main lobby, you will immediately notice the buttons, from which you can join clubs. There are also “Shop” and “Forum” menus. From PPPoker Shop you can buy diamonds, emojis and VIP cards. The latter unlock full statistics of players, while playing in private clubs. You can check opponents, thoroughly, with over 10 important statistics. Contrary to Pokerbros, even without any VIP Card, you have access to the basic player statistics like VPIP% .

“Forum”menu is basically a video sharing page, where you can watch replays of interesting hands and comment them with other players.

PPPoker is a platform of choice for players from all around the world. Still, each poker app, targets certain locales, more than others. For example, Pokerbros is mainly targeting USA market, while PPPoker is most famous in South America. There are countless private clubs and unions from Brazil, Argentina , Peru and Colombia, which are home to huge number of latino players.

At the same time, with huge presence on the platform are countries like Russia, India, Australia UK, Philippines, Ukraine and USA. Some of the largest PPPoker unions come exactly from these places. PPPoker is the most diverse and colorful platform, in terms of nationalities.

When it comes to game variety and stakes – PPPoker certainly do not dissapoint. Here you can find regular NLH, PLO, PLO5, Short Deck, PLO6, PLO8, NLH Pineapple, MTT, All in or Fold, NLH Heads Up, PLO Heads Up and more. While all these game types are included, it really depends on which private club you join.

For example in the biggest Australian Union – PPPFish, you can find one of the best Short Deck tables in the world. Unlike Pokerbros, PLO and PLO6 on PPPoker are not that popular, instead in most of the clubs, PLO5 is the main attraction. In addition to PLO5, PPPoker is most famous with its plethora of suitable clubs for heads up. Lovers of 1v1 duels, will find that there is no better place for them, than PPPoker.

Third signature feature of PPPoker, are the low stake tables. With some of the best clubs on the platform coming from India, Peru, Brazil and Russia – understandably the currencies inside these private games are INR, PEN, BRL and RUR. Those low value currencies are every micro grinder wet dream. You can play the best micro and low limit games on PPPoker, against players from unusual exotic countries, with weak poker traditions and understanding of the game.

One last thing we would like to mention, only on PPPoker there is a feature called EV Chop. It is triggered once players are all in and it is entirely optional, if you want to use it. When EV Chop function is activated, all-in players are given a chance to claim a proportion of the pot according to their equity share. For example, if you are All In, and your hand leads 60/40 – you can chose to take 60% of pot immediately and not concern yourself with the outcome of the hand. 

Alright, enough talk, let’s compare ;


  • NLH / Omaha Heads Up Games
  • Micro / Low / Mid Stakes
  • Biggest variety of clubs, unions and nationalities
  • Private games in Indian Clubs, against weak players
  • PLO5 – most popular type of Omaha on PPPoker
  • NLH Pineapple
  • Short Deck
  • EV Chop option


  • Less high stake tables than Pokerbros and Upoker
  • PLO and PLO6 – both Upoker and Pokerbros offer more action on those
  • Very few SNG and SPIN tables

Find out how to join PPPoker clubs and which ones would suit you best !


Upoker App

Upoker is initially launched exclusively for the Asian market, but nowadays , it is available worldwide. Upoker has more similarities with PPPoker and less with Pokerbros. Out of the 3, this asian poker app, is the least popular, but that does not mean, it is of lesser quality.

User interface here is simple and not heavy on aesthetics. It is there to do it’s job and not to raise eyebrows, which is a bit strange for an Asian product. Continuing with PPPoker similarities – tables have VPIP statistics. Main lobby has “Shop” section, which works exactly the same as PPPoker one. Table layouts, software – all is similar to PPPoker.

The main differences here are not visual, but instead hidden in this platform club and union policies. Upoker has less unions and clubs than both Pokerbros and PPPoker. However, this is not a bad thing at all.

Upoker operates very simple and we often recommend this platform to newcomers. There is one huge union of clubs, which is called Grand. It is one of the biggest online poker rooms and has ton of traffick. The union is called grand, because it is consistent of many other smaller unions, which themselves are made of Upoker Clubs. Grand Union is huge and there are active tables 24/7.

The private games, where it becomes interesting, are the smaller unions and private clubs, which are not part of Grand Union. Almost all of these private games are with Asian origin – players come from countries like Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore and other places, where gamblers play mainly for fun. It should come as a no surprise, that these clubs have unimaginable amounts of amateur players, who log in. only to go all in a few times.

On top of all these Asian countries, Upoker is also home for few Israel clubs. Those are heaven for high stake players. Games are really soft there, especially on all kinds of Omaha. It took many years, for players from Israel to learn a little bit of NLH, but apparantly their knowledge of PLO, is still very poor.

When it comes to new poker formats, Upoker is second to none. You can play NLH, NLH SWAP, OFC, PLO , PLO5, PLO6, Heads Up, Tournaments, Short Deck , Omaha Short Deck and mixed games. While most of those do not need introduction, others are entirely new poker games.

Texas Holdem Swap, is fun unique poker format, only for players on Upoker. Once per turn, during any given time, you can change one or both of your hole cards. You can do this even on river ! NLH Swap is our new favorite way of enjoying poker, probably will become your’s too.

Other new game types like PLO Short Deck are pretty self explanatory. It is regular omaha game with the rules of the short deck holdem. Mixed games are also another fresh new way to enjoy online poker. The rules are pretty simple, you can join tables where each hand, you play different poker format, against the same players. For example, hand 1 you compete in regular NLH, hand 2 in NLH swap, hand 3 in PLO6 or vice versa. It really shows, who is well rounded in all poker games and eliminates large chunk of the luck factor.

The stakes in Upoker vary from club to club, but there is one general rule. All small unions and private asian clubs – great for low stakes NLH. Grand Union and Israel Unions – great for high and nosebleed stakes.

With all that being said, let’s see how Upoker compares to others ;


  • High/Nosebleed Stakes
  • Bum hunting in small asian clubs
  • Full Ring Games


  • Smallest number of clubs and unions
  • No PLO8
  • No SNG
  • No Spin & Go
  • Apart from Grand Union – less active tables

Learn how to join Upoker clubs and which one is suitable for you


The Poker Agent team created this in depth analysis to help both newcomers and veterans on poker apps. We tried to create the ultimate article, which to help you find the best place for you to play in. Our team is hopes you were able to find the most suitable poker app and club for you. If still in doubt, you can always contact us, for free consultation and help in everything related to online poker.

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