PokerHub App Review (2023 ) – A Comprehensive Analysis

pokerhub app

Agent based poker apps are becoming the new mainstream way to enjoy online poker. Veteran platforms, such as PPPoker , Upoker , Pokerbros and even ClubGG , are already quite popular choices all around the world.

Concerns about their credibility and trustworthiness, slowly evaporated, with more and more serious players and celebrities preferring them over the regular poker sites.

PokerHub app has launched back in 2021 and until recently was quite anonymous platform. It is a Canadian based poker platform, which aims to take piece of the pie, from the huge poker app market. The idea of the app is identical to all the rest of the club based poker apps.

Today we will be doing a comprehensive analysis of the PokerHub app and try to figure out, whether it is worth your time.


Quick Overview of PokerHub App

If you download the PokerHub app on your PC or Smarthphone, you will immediately notice that it is another agent based poker app, which have most of the features of the already popular ones.

The whole concept of the app is build on already familiar theme, which is not bad, but also forces the question of why to choose this app, over the more popular ones.

Of course, currently the PokerHub app lacks that polish , the player base and the credibility of the already established platforms, but in their defense, the development team is definitely showing dedication and effort towards their job.

PokerHub app is clearly looking to always improve. They look always for feedback about their platform and are willing to consider every idea of every major union/club owner or agency. Willing to change and improve with time, is a sign of professionalism and love towards the poker app business.

Even as of right now, PokerHub app is pretty functional platform, with all the features you need to enjoy online poker. PokerHub app is Gaming Labs certified, putting all worries to rest, about it being unfair in one way or another.

Let’s delve deeper into the features of PokerHub app and analyze them one by one :

PokerHub App Software and Interface


PokerHub app is both available for PC and Smartphones. As already mentioned, this platforms is a club based poker app with integrated agent system. What this means is, the only thing you need to do is create account for free, by using only your email and thinking of password.

Once you log in, you will see the main lobby of the PokerHub app. From there you have the option to join a PokerHub club, where the real action is happening. Those PokerHub clubs are places where private games happen and player may request chips from their agent to test their skills, against mostly poker enthusiasts and recreational players.

The table design and interface is pretty standard for a club based poker app – vertical look, with your avatar being on bottom. There are few options to customize your color style and deck towards your liking. Club lobbies area also pretty similar to the likes of Suprema Poker and XPoker.

With its blue colors and cartoonish looks, PokerHub app currently resembles the most X-Poker application. Even though X-Poker app is Asian platform and PokerHub is Canadian, they bare great similarity. If you are playing currently on X-Poker, you will feel right at home here.

Overall, if you play on agent based poker apps – you will feel right at home with this one, even though looks may not be as sleek, as ClubGG or Pokerbros

PokerHub App Clubs and Unions


As of March 2023, there is one huge PokerHub Union Maple, which is home to most of the PokerHub clubs on the platform. They share their player pool in a bid to offer much larger and active poker room for everyone to enjoy.

You can contact The Poker Agent if you wish to always have access to the latest clubs and unions on the app, at any given time.

Currently the player pool in the biggest PokerHub Union is made of NLH and PLO5 players, who play mostly low to mid stakes. This will surely change time, with the platform gaining popularity and in turn – more players.

PokerHub Traffic

The player base of PokerHub app has vastly expanded in the last few days. This is not a big compliment, however, because up until recently, almost nobody was playing on the app.

As of right now there are few tables running at all times and we would estimate the total active players in the biggest PokerHub club, are no less than 200, which may seem small, but player pools grow quite quickly. Especially if certain place, proves to be a fish tank where you can win easily.

PokerHub app activity is not something to brag about, but it grows on daily basis. If you are NLH or PLO5 player, finding games will be possible almost 24/7.

PokerHub App Game Types and Stakes


Currently PokerHub App offers fairly large selection of poker game types, similar to its predecessors. The Canadian platform has already included NLH, PLO, PLO5, PLO6, MTT, Short Deck and even Flash Poker.

Most of the players currently are not playing PLO, PLO6 and Short Deck, but we expect that to change with time. Especially for the Omaha 4 and 6 versions, since this format is the most popular one in the world currently.

Stakes you can play on PokerHub app will vastly vary from club to club. In one you may be playing only high stakes, in other it will good only for micro grinders and in third – all stakes may be present. This will largely depend, on what type of players, will find the app interesting to give it a try.

As of right now, PokerHub app is suitable for NLH and PLO5, low to mid stakes, as already mentioned above.

PokerHub App Agent System

As all club-based poker apps, except Pokerrrr 2, there is agent system in place. If you look to be PokerHub agent , it will certainly be possible and the app is definitely making it easier for us to give you an optimal working condition.

PokerHub app has not only fully functional agent system, but also already they included a Super Agent feature. This means Super Agents will be able to assign not only players under them, but also Sub Agents.

This was included on UPoker right from the start, on PokerBros at later date and on PPPoker and X-Poker there is no such feature yet. Which means that PokerHub app is already richer on “agent” features than some poker apps.

The agent panel is almost 100% identical to the other apps, which is fine by us, since it is working perfectly and there is no need to change a fully working system, just for the sake of it.

PokerHub App – What to Expect in 2023 ?

If PokerHub app continues to grow, we expect many new clubs to emerge, throughout the year. With potentially more clubs appearing, there is a big chance most of them to be quite soft, as incognito places, are often full of home poker lovers, who just love to move their local home game, online.

From The Poker Agent team, as always, you can be sure that we will find and infiltrate those games, to provide our players with always the softest lineup, where it is a ” crime ” not to destroy the fishes who play inside.

Whether the app develops and joins among the best one in the business, will largely depend on their developers and marketing department. Once clubs start emerging, do not worry about which one is safe to play in. Even if there are problematic ones, The Poker Agent offers full protection of our players and you will never be left hanging if some PokerHub club decides to close doors prematurely.

PokerHub Final Words

Usually we will go to the pros and cons of some product we review, but we feel that PokerHub app is too young of a project to give a final verdict. The clubs ecosystem, the player base, the game formats, the visuals and even the software, may be undergoing changes, only in a matter of weeks.

The good thing about club poker apps, is that it is an always evolving journey with many new features appearing, old ones improving and new players coming in on daily basis. PokerHub app seems to get that and they seem well prepared to ride the waves and provide a quality platform for all poker lovers.

If you wish to give the platform a try, reach out to us :
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