PPPoker Tri-State Union Review

PPPoker Tri-state

PPPoker Tri-State Union is small USA alliance , which is almost exclusively populated with American gamblers, who love to play in home games. The passion with which players play here and have fun regardless if they win or lose, is contagious.

Tri-State is small alliance between a handful of clubs from United States. This USA Union , like its player pool, is not too focused on becoming large in numbers, instead focuses on keeping already existing players happy.

In other words, Tri-State Union on PPPoker , does tremendous job in keeping hobby players hooked.

Think of this union as the equivalent of saturday night home game, where everyone focus on drinking beer and watching football, instead of trying to win at all costs.


  1. PPPoker is an online social gaming platform and does not provide any real money service.
  2. Any monetary value indicated in this article is solely and exclusively the opinion of the author only.

PPPoker Tri State Union Cash Games

As we said the union is not big. You will find 5-6 active tables most of the time. Evenly spread between NLH and Omaha.

Suprisingly, even though traffick is low, there is good variety of stakes. You can play low , mid and high limits. Player pool is certainly well balanced to allow everyone to hop right in, without having to wait, for table on his desired blinds.

Sadly MTT’s are almost non existent. But as we said, not huge union, which is why it is one of the softest ones on PPPoker ( regular players just do not know Tri-State exists )

Joining PPPoker Tri-State Union is very easy

As all other PPPoker private games, this USA union can be joined by contacting us or other trusted agent , you might now.

Choose carefully who you decide to trust, because in club based poker apps, the single most important thing is trust. As we have explained many times – all clubs are good and some, like Tri-State, are unbelievably awesome. But if you do not have solid contact, it all goes to waste.

Final Verdict

PPPoker Tri-State union is quite unpopular among players and affiliates. In our opinion it is hidden gem on our favourite PPPoker app, so now is the perfect time to join a poker room, which is home, only to recreational players.

Weak Players10/10 ( Almost All)
Active Tables6/10 ( Above Average)
Games Variety5/10 ( Average)
Stakes Variety7/10 (Good)
Final Verdict8/10 ( Not on Average)
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