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Heads Up Poker – one of the oldest  and most interesting poker formats, is living its renaissance in 2021.

This year is full of high stakes duels , played by poker pros and televised by the likes of PokerGO. The entertainment of watching 1v1 poker matches , is on a whole different level. Nothing more exciting , than witnessing a poker duel. It resembles a battle between two gladiators , but instead of swords, they carry only their sharp minds to the arena.

While it is ton of fun to watch, playing heads up online, is totally differrent experience. Usually popular poker sites are full of pros. Sharks wait for their next victim, almost 24/7. When you add the high rake of most poker sites, games are almost unbeatable.

Sometimes it is fun to test your skills against solid players, but if poker is your main source of income, you should stay away from tough grinders. Especially on heads up format. Challenging sharks is boosting your ego and playing against fish, is boosting your bankroll. Decision is yours.

Even if you have chosen rationally, that it is better to compete against rookie players, where to find soft games ? The answer is in poker clubs on apps, where it is much, much easier to win. Most players are  clueless how to play heads up. They know very little about poker strategy, GTO play and using exploitative patterns.

Below you will find a list of absolutely the best places , to play poker heads up. We have chosen these heads up poker rooms, after playing in every possible poker site, room , app , club and private game. The Poker Agent has a specialist heads up player, who has reached 25/50 USD heads up tables on Pokerstars.  So , we will leave him to continue with his list of recommended poker clubs for heads up.

Heads Up Poker in PPPoker Brazil Unions

There are 3 brazil unions on PPPoker. The biggest one, Liga Suprema, is absolutely the best place for Omaha heads up . You will find mostly low/mid stakes there.

Super Poker union is another one on PPPoker which has heads up poker tables . Player are a bit better than Liga Suprema, but there are plenty of heads up tables with fish as well. Here you can find a bit higher stakes too.

One-X union is the final PPPoker brazil union which we recommend. It is the smallest one, but also exceptionally good for lower stakes players. Only NLHE is available, you will not find omaha heads up games.

Heads up Poker in  Pinoy Donks Union on PPPoker

This Philippine union is great for low stakes heads up poker action. Players are very bad, like in most asian poker clubs. They like to gamble for few minutes and leave. This is annoying at first, but if you are consistent player, sitting at the table and going through Filipino players , like chainsaw through butter, is very profitable.

In Pinoy Donks you can play PLO and NLH in heads up variant.

Pokerbros Heads Up Poker Clubs

Almost all Pokerbros clubs, who belong to unions, have heads up tables. The trick here, is that the format is Sit and Go. No cash tables are available.

This is why, we recommend Pokerbos to all players who contact us to play SNG Heads Up.

Disclaimer 1: PokerBros is an online social gaming platform and does not provide any real money service.

Disclaimer 2: PokerBros is not a sponsor of or in any way involved with this promotional activity, nor does PokerBros endorse it.

Heads UpPoker in Upoker Israel Unions

The Poker Agent favorite place for high stakes heads up online. Games are unbelievably soft. Playing big limits again Israel Whales in 1v1 format is dream come true.

Only thing better than playing against bad player, is playing against him on high stakes. We very often recommend these Upoker unions. Not only for heads up, but in general. There are also mid and even low stakes heads up tables, but if you have the bankroll, you NEED to try the big limits. Both Omaha ( PLO, PLO5, PLO6 ) and NLH are present.

Play Heads Up Poker in Peru Unions !

Probably the best place to play heads up, along with Israel unions. Completely terrible latino players can be found all the time.

Heads Up tables are active 24/7. Only downside is that stakes are low . Medium stakes run rarely.

You can not go wrong with Peru clubs. They are full of amateur poker lovers, who love to play heads up. Win-win.

Heads Up Poker in 2021 Conclusion

This list is definitely going to boost your winrate significantly. 

If you want to play in one of these poker rooms , receive a free advice on choosing a place to play heads up or just get an answer to a specific question – feel free to drop us a message.  We respond fast and will help you start in no time !

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