Pokerrrr 2 Clubs – Find legit poker club and avoid cheaters

Pokerrrr 2 clubs

As we have said before – Pokerrrr 2 is not the safest place to play poker. It is full of shady club owners who cheat you in various ways.

This is why it is of utmost importance to find solid reputable Pokerrrr 2 clubs backed by huge poker affiliate, like The Poker Agent.

Pokerrrr 2 clubs are not part of our main portfolio of poker offers. However, many USA players love to play on this app. There are countless forum threads and facebook groups,  in which players are constantly complaining of being scammed by club owners on Pokerrrr 2.

The shady reputation of Pokerrrr 2 is not enough to stop many gamblers of trying their luck. Both with the cards and the clubs, which they chose. Due to the nature of this american poker app and thr absence of agent system, we can not give you straight away solid reputable clubs.

Instead, feel free to contact us , if you are interested in joining the only reputable clubs we know of :

Telegram – @thepokeragent

Today , you will understand  how to avoid being cheated on Pokerrrr 2.  If you play already or have chosen services of other Pokerrrr 2 clubs , that we do not recommend you, please watch out for these red flags, to avoid losing your money.

Pokerrrr 2 clubs

Pokerrrr 2 Clubs with PayPal only payments

Watch out for club owners which offer only Paypal. The club owners themselves face a huge risk by choosing to offer this payment method to players.

Many cheaters do charge backs on PayPal. They deposit in certain club and if they lose, charge back the amount deposited. This may seem as distant problem, but may end up affecting you. Pokerrrr 2 clubs are not big organisations and couple of those charge backs are enough for them to go broke. This is why we do not offer PayPal as payment method. Actually , our loyal players are welcomed to use it, but we are more than capable of covering the funds, no matter the amount, in case of cheating attempts.

Some Pokerrrr 2 clubs cheat with rake

Pokerrrr 2 rake

This is only possible on this app, this is why The Poker Agent works only with 4 trusted Pokerrrr 2 clubs. In comparison we offer more than 40 on the other apps.

Back to the problem in hand, many clubs cheat players by adjusting rake on tables, in the middle of play. Say you entered a 5% rake table and suddenly club owner changes it to 20%. If you are not observent with what is happening,  you can lose a lot of money.

This unnecessary feature of tempering with rake mid-play is only present on Pokerrrr 2 app, while many other useful ones are lacking.

Pokerrrr 2 clubs with Venmo , Cashapp or  Zelle

Playing in clubs which support only those wallets and not cryptocurrency, is not necessarily bad, but players must be cautious.

Offering purely American payment methods is not strange, since Pokerrrr 2 is home to mainly players from USA. Although , having only Venmo as payment option in a certain club, for example, means there would be hardly any players from other continents.

This is not  certainly bad, per se, but shows that club has no aim in accomodating different kind of players and growing. Playing club based poker with crypto is the most popular way to do it, nowadays. Absence of it in certain club is a bit worrying.

First and foremost, cryptocurrency payments allow for big amounts of money to be transferred with better privacy. Wallets like Venmo and Cashapp, are convenient on American soil, but come with their limitations. Privacy and transaction amounts being one of them.

If some Pokerrrr 2 clubs, can not afford making big payments, you should avoid it. The lack of cryptocurrency support, certainly strengthens the possibility of this happening. Usually big transactions in online poker, especially on apps, are done with bitcoin or stable coins like USDT.

Pokerrrr 2 Cheating of players

Pokerrrr 2 cheat

Make no mistake , every poker app or poker site is endangered by team play. The difference is big poker sites and reputable poker clubs . 

In reality, most Pokerrrr 2 clubs have zero security. This opens the door to players, who look to play from multiple accounts and cheat their way to win. It is very worrying and certain way to lose if you play in such unfair games. Always be observent of what is happening and if you suspect foul play, just change the club. Or better yet,  find solid contact, who has deep understanding of the poker scene and will guarantee for your money, like us.

Final Words

Pokerrrr 2 clubs are a very risky place to play in, but quite rewarding as well.  Wise old saying goes – the bigger the risk, the better the reward.

We fully understand why someone would be attracted to this poker app. Like Pokerbros, the vast majority of the are clubs, offer very soft games. Most players in club based poker apps, such as Pokerrrr 2, are completely unaware of how to play poker correctly.

However, you need to be extra careful with Pokerrrr 2. There are dozens of ways to lose your money, because of  shady club owners or  team play on the tables, thanks to the lack of club security. If you still want to give Pokerrrr 2 a shot, do yourself a favour and contact us. We will take all the risks out of your shoulders and provide you with secure and reputable clubs, in which your money will be guaranteed by US.

If you want to check our other offers , visit our poker rooms page.

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