Upoker H2 Brazil Union Review

Upoker h2 brazil union

Upoker H2 Brazil Union is part of the Grand Union on the Upoker app. It is the biggest alliance on all apps, or at least in the top 3, depending on the moment you read this article.

Not only that, this brazil union has its own exclusive tables. The traffick and active tables, at any time during the day, are something to brag about. Lots of tournaments and cash tables with variety of stakes await you.

But does H2 Brazil suit your preferences ? Lets find out !

How soft is Liga H2 Brazil  ?

Upoker Omaha clubs

Even though its brazillean union, played in brazillean real currency, Liga H2 Brazil is part of th grand union on Upoker.

The Poker Agent has own club in We Love Poker ( Grand Union ) and we recommend it almost exvlusibely to mid/high stakes PLO and PLO6 players.

Liga H2 Brazil is almost identical in a sense. Games are 90% exactly the same , with 10% being exclusive tables for the brazillean union. This means, we again strongly recommend this union for high stakes Omaha players.

However, most of the NLH tables are not soft and good amount of grinders can be spotted. Grand Union is one of the oldest ones on all apps and its popularity is also its biggest weakness. It attracts many regular players.

It may sound as counter intuitive, but on NLH especially, the higher the stakes, the softest the games. On big limits quite a few asian whales give away easy money, while on lower stakes, grinders give each other hard time. It is strange phenomenon , like in almost no other poker room or club.

Still, all players should focus on Omaha here, mixed games and new poker formats like NLH SWAP. Such innovative poker variants, attract mostly hobby players. Joining them while they are still fresh new, is something your bankroll will enjoy.

Upoker H2 Brazil Union Tournaments

Upoker brazil tournament

Tournament schedule in this Brazil Union is busy to say the least. Beefy freerolls and MTT’s with entries from 1 dollar to 500 Dollars, await you every day.

September and during Christmas period, Upoker is especially generous place.  Each year there are plenty of highly rewarding tournaments. The cherry on the cake are the Upoker Series of Poker ( USOP) , series of events, with main one having 100k GTD prizepool.

If you are tournament player, for sure you will feel right at home on Upoker. Rewards are enormous and participants are not that many. Very good combination to boost your crypto or E-Wallets.

Poker formats available in H2 Brazil on Upoker

All kinds of poker types and stakes await you. This is the only union, where you will see 7 tables running simultaneously on 25/50 USD blinds.

On top of huge variety in stakes, you will find lots of poker game types. NLH, NLH SWAP, Mixed Games, OFC, PLO , PLO5 , PLO6 , Short Deck, Omaha Short Deck,  Tables with Double Board and Bomb Pot – all these are present and active enough.

PRO TIP: Take your time to explore new poker formats like NLH Swap or Omaha Short Deck. Many hobby gamblers play them, because they are fun, not focusing on win. If you treat poker as profession or at least aim to win at all costs when playing, learn to play in these poker game types

How to join Upoker H2 Brazil Union ?

Joining this Upoker Union is easy and straight forward. Just download the app, create account , click ” Join a Club ” and enter the following ID’s

Club ID:  15646
Referal ID: 490279

After that you can contact us for deposits and cashouts on

Telegram : @thepokeragent
Whatsapp : +359878805600

Final Verdict

Our final verdict for this union is very high in number, but usually we do not recommend it often. The only reason for this is that the most important factor , by which we judge poker clubs, is how soft they are. Upoker H2 Brazil is soft for higher stakes, especially on Omaha, but tough for lower stakes, especially on NLH. In comparison to big poker sites, however, even the NLH games are child’s play. We have talked many times of how soft are games on apps in comparison.

Weak Players4/10 (Below Average)
Active Tables10/10 (Perfect)
Games Variety10/10 (Perfect)
Stakes Variety10/10 (Perfect)
Final Verdict8/10 ( Not an Average )
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