Best Omaha Poker Tips | How to Play PLO in 2021

omaha poker tips

With the overwhelming popularity of No Limit Texas Holdem ( NLH) , many regular players found their winrate has vastly decreased.

While still profitable, NLH is much more “resolved” poker game type, which is somewhat understood even by recreational players. In Holdem, money can be made for sure, especially on poker apps, but the question is – are there any better ways to increase your poker win-rate ? Here enters the Omaha poker format, as option.

Poker is a game, in which most skilled and psychologically stable players triumph in the long term. Being well informed, especially In 2021, is equally important quality to the other two. This includes being smart, when table selecting and even choosing which poker game type to spend your time on.

With NLH still being the most popular poker variation, there are much more strategically prepared players there. While you can play in private clubs on apps , against weak unprepared players, boosting your bankroll e further is easiest , by studying Omaha.

Omaha poker is much more dynamic and action packed version of No Limit Holdem. Pot Limit Omaha is like a regular NLH on steroids. This 4 , 5 or 6 carded poker game, is quickly taking over as the favorite poker format worldwide.

The path towards big winnings, more often than not, is the easiest, by studying Omaha ( PLO, PLO5 , PLO6 ) . Today we will give you few fast, easily implementable tips, which you can start using, while grinding on Omaha tables. We promise that your bankroll will be thanking us.

Pot Limit Omaha is a high variance game – do not play it, like a gambler !

While playing PLO, PLO5 or PLO6, you will often be a very slight favourite. Whether it is pre flop ( not worth mentioning ), on the flop or even on the turn – many times your advantage will be so minimal, that it will be counter intuitive to gamble big amount of your stack.

In Omaha it is common for each player, in almost any situation, to have many outs. Many enthusiasts, watch high level professional games, in which pro players push big amount of chips, with almost equally strong hands. This may be their optimal strategy, just because seasoned grinders, like them, have almost no skill advantage, over one another.

The situation in ordinary games online, is vastly different. Especially on poker apps such as PPPoker and Upoker – players who try PLO tables , are mostly gamblers or complete rookies, who barely know the rules.

The way you profit against those, is not by betting, while having small edge. On the contrary, just keep pots small and try to reach every river. This way, an experienced Omaha grinder, would know very well, where he sits in a hand, while amateur PLO players, will overestimate the strength of their hand.

Pro Tip: Remember, while playing Omaha, even low flushes are considered a marginal hand. Fish players almost never fold hands, such as low flush or straight and you can easily take all their chips, if you catch them with those type of hands.

Do not overestimate your hand in PLO

The number 1 way , we as poker pros, profit from players on Omaha, is by them, overestimating their hand. Strength of your hand in each street , is vastly different , whether you play NLH, PLO, PLO5 or PLO6. For example in NLH, two pairs may be excellent hand. On PLO it is often marginal hand, while on PLO5 and especially on PLO6 is almost having nothing.

Adjust your perceived hand strength, to the game you are playing . On PLO6, for example, most of the time you will need to have the stone cold nuts , to be comfortable in betting big for value.

Omaha Poker myth – It is for seasoned players !

On the contrary. Many players are afraid to try it, just because they think, that already the best poker players play Omaha.

The truth is, one of the worst gamblers play Omaha. Why ? It is much more dynamic and fast-paced game, than NLH. You have to participate in much more hands and you often get dealt attractive starting hands. And this is only amplified on PLO5 and PLO6.

Weak players have no patience of the regular NLH. Nowadays they are much more attracted to Omaha. Use this newfound knowledge and find yourself some soft PLO games, while the games are still hot.

Conclusion about the Omaha poker variation

If poker apps did not exist, NLH players would be having very hard time in being profitable. To solve this, even the most hardcore Texas Holdem players, switched to PLO and not looking back since.

Omaha is fun , addictive and much more profitable poker game, nowadays. It has many variations, which makes it suitable, whether you are adrenaline junkie or patient strategist.

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