TOP 4 Best Reddit Poker Groups in 2023

best reddit poker groups

With the slow decline of online forums, it was up to more social platforms like Discord , Reddit and even Telegram – to scratch that itch, of discussing your hobbies online.

Reddit poker groups exist from quite some time now. Most of these communities have been around for few years already. As you know, platforms like discord, twitch , facebook groups and even Telegram Channels – also allow developing communities and maintaining forum – like discussions.

However, in our humble opinion, reddit poker groups are closest to active forum with discussions on various topics. So, if you love to talk about poker, these reddit poker communities got you covered :

best reddit poker communities

4. Reddit Poker Group – r/onlinepoker

2600 Members – Number of Posts per day on average – 1

Explore r/onlinepoker

This is a reddit poker group, which as you can guess, is focusing on online poker and the places you can play. Unfortunately most of the discussions revolve around regular poker sites, which are full of sharks and tough to be profitable in. However, you can also seek help here, as there are people, which write helpful posts and comments on various topics, such as crypto in poker and country-related issues and fixes, regarding online poker.

3. Reddit Poker Group – r/PokerVids

6900 Members – Number of Posts per day on average – 2

Explore r/PokerVids

It is 2023 and videos in all aspects of the online world, are kind of a big deal. This is especially true when it comes to poker. In this reddit poker group, you can watch gameplay videos of it’s members, famous players, funny video memes, podcasts , strategy videos and all other types of animated poker content.

2. Reddit Poker Group – r/PokerTheory

13800 Members – Number of Posts per day on average – 4

Explore r/PokerTheory

” Poker Theory subreddit is a thought provoking poker forum. Discussions focus on the underlying concepts and theoretical aspects of the game ” . This is the official description of this group.

To put it simply – here everyone discusses hands, ranges , charts and all other strategy related topics. Often members indulge in long conversations about certain plays or argue, which is the correct play, in certain spot. Spice things up with the usual GTO vs Exploitative play debate and you will get a pretty clear picture what to expect from r/PokerTheory.

1. The Best Poker Community – r/Poker

229000 Members – Number of Posts per day on average – 50

Explore r/Poker

This is the oldest and the biggest poker community on reddit and probably in the world. It has a huge amount of members, but the more impressive fact is, that most of them are active. There are so many active discussions with plenty of comments and responds from multiple users, that it is impossible to monitor everything.

Usually in such big forums and communities, with little exceptions, there is very little moderation. Here, somehow , the moderators do their job and there is no spam and advertising. It is very well moderated subreddit, which combines quality and quantity in an amazing fashion.

Honorable Mention

only poker memes

0 Members – Number of Posts per day on average – 1

Explore r/OnlyPokerMemes

The Poker Agent team has decided to launch our own reddit poker community. We have our whole website, where you can find the best possible poker deals online. This is why , our subreddit will not be so serious.

This community will be for those who want to quickly find funny poker memes or post some themselves and see the reaction of other members. In short, if you find poker memes amusing – this is the place for you. This group will be solely for poker memes and nothing else. Ads, spam or negativity will not be allowed !

We hope that this will be a place, where you blow off steam after tough sessions. See you there !

best reddit poker groups
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