High Stakes Poker Online in 2023 – Expert Breakdown

high stakes poker online 2023

2023 is upon us and playing high stakes poker online, is vastly different from the good old days. It was simple back then, there were 2-3 regulated poker sites to choose from. Games were shark infested, next to impossible to win, especially when we talk about the nosebleed stakes – 25/50+ blinds.

Nowadays, the amount of regular poker sites dramatically increased , with good amount of options to choose from , in most parts of the world.

With years, the high stakes poker scene and online poker in general, started to develop serious problem, which was getting worse and worse. Of course , we talk about the games getting tougher. This is especially true, for stakes bigger than 5/10, where sharks are always lurking in the “normal” poker sites.

There, it is almost impossible to win, due to the lack of recreational whales and hobby businessman. In order for high stakes poker online games to be profitable, those type of players are crucial to the ecosystem. These poker enthusiasts, who do not live and breathe poker. Who play it for fun and enjoy punting huge stacks .

High Stakes Poker Online Scene Few Years Ago

Luckily, online poker evolved tremendously throughout the years and people started organizing “home” games – online. The word to mouth of how badly some players play in these private games, quickly made such club-based poker apps a global phenomenon.

Back to the high stakes poker online scene – The Poker Agent team is consistent of few high stakes poker players, who started crushing those games 4 years ago, when club poker apps were brought to life.

In those days of old, without exaggerating, it was next to impossible to lose a session, due to whales, literally donating their stacks in ring games, with incredibly bad decisions. The situation was a poker heaven, if ever there was one.

Of course, like all new things, the complications began with the integrity of the people, who got us playing in those games. Without going into further detail – slowly it became impossible for us to play, only because we were too good for the field.

High Stakes Poker Online in 2023

Fast forward few years and here we are. Our band of poker lovers, decided that if we can not participate in those high stakes games, we would create opportunity for absolutely everyone to play on poker apps, absolutely safely and without problems. Whether you play NLH, PLO, PLO5, PLO6, OFC, FLH, Sit & Go or any other format – you can play all on poker apps. Whether it is micro or high stakes.

Today, we will take a look exclusively towards high stakes poker online. It was always with strong presence online poker clubs, but the last few months, it grew illogically quick. The introduction of ClubGG poker app, from the GGPoker development team, attracted many whales and high stakes grinders, especially on Omaha. The scene there, we dare to say, is one of the most impressive ones, we have ever seen.

Games are resembling those of few years ago, minus the problems and complications. Let’s take a better look at it:

Playing High Stakes Poker Online on ClubGG

Downloading ClubGG and creating account is simple, it takes no longer than 2 minutes. There are no complications, no documents, no verifications and nothing else to stop you from logging in seemlessly.

As a high stakes poker player – you probably value things like sleek design, good user interface, functional software and easy to use poker client in general. With GGPoker behind the development of ClubGG, all this is present and fully working.

Not only that, ClubGG has the best PC client out of all poker apps. It works like a charm and present the opportunity for vertical or horizontal table display.

But enough about the looks , let’s talk about the juicy games, which you can play on ClubGG, far removed from the high stakes sharks on regular sites. Here majority of the players are recreational and have businesses or professions. For them poker is hobby or side hustle.

Imagine such whales playing 25/50 , up to 100/200 blinds. If you are such whale player, this is the perfect place for you too. Hobby players have decent chance to win against other hobby players and next to 0 chance against the predators on Pokerstars or any other big poker site.

ClubGG Poker is infested ( in the best possible way) with Israeli players. Whales from Israel are renown for their low skill levels. This is of course, meant as a friendly jab – we have many Israeli frends and few very solid high stakes sharks from Israel. But many the amateur “whale” type of players, come indeed from Israel.

As you probably are well aware, to play on ClubGG poker you need to join clubs. The high stakes poker online on ClubGG and agent-based apps, entirely happens in private clubs, to which The Poker Agent team gives access to.

Many new clubs launch each week, some of them stop and it is very hard to keep you always updated on what is happening. Yet for us, it is very simple, as we are 100% working for your comfort and safety.

The highlight of the high stakes on ClubGG are definitely the PLO5 games. There are also suitable private clubs for NLH and PLO4 . If you happen to look for one of these formats, ClubGG have you covered. For PLO5 we have many, many options , so you can play in multiple places and choose from dozens of tables, even on 25/50+ blinds.
For regular holdem and 4 cards omaha, it is slightly tougher to find games running at any time, but we will navigate you towards the places, where you can start your new hobby of bumhunting whales. Speaking of traditional NLH and PLO, the high stakes poker online scene for those, is probably the best on ……

Pokerbros – Play High Stakes Poker Online in the No.1 Poker App in the world

Who have not heard of Pokerbros ? Most high stakes players are already pretty familiar with the platform and its ecosystem. Unions, Clubs, deals, many Pokerbros agents and nosebleed grinders, found their way here. On Pokerbros, even on highest stakes, you can play the widest array of games – NLH, PLO, PLO5, PLO6, FLH, Spins, MTTs and few other sub-categories like Double Board and Bomb Pot. The only real absence are the heads up games.

Still, the games remain quite soft with plenty of options available. If you think, you know everything about the app – guess again , The Poker Agent team has a quite a few surprises for you and some exclusive Pokerbros Clubs for play soft high stakes poker online in 2023.

Here you can find mainly American players, but to be fair, players from all over the world join on daily basis. When it comes to the high stakes poker online scene here, players are mostly from North and South America. There are also few interesting European clubs to keep an eye on. To help every player, monitor everything without spending the time to do so, we have the Pokerbros News Page and also our Telegram News Channel, where we share the juicy stuff.

As we said, there is plenty of clubs to choose from and the high stakes poker games are quite soft hare. In general, we can describe the majority of Pokerbros players, as people who lack patience and tilt control. They easily get mad, play many hands, have incredibly poor starting hand selection and love to call whole stacks with bad hands. Incredible, but this is also true for nosebleed stakes like 25/50 and 50/100.

There are few good players here and there, but in general, when compared to regular poker sites, its like playing on Zynga, more or less.

The Poker Agent team is aware that many high stakes players, are well connected in the poker world and look to be Pokerbros Agents as well. We firmly believe there is no better place to be as a Pokerbros Agent, than with us. Due to the simple reason, that we offer completely safe access to most clubs, including exclusive ones, with which you can surprise even the oldest veteran.

We always welcome new poker agents and give them the best conditions to work with.

Disclaimer 1: PokerBros is an online social gaming platform and does not provide any real money service.

Disclaimer 2: PokerBros is not a sponsor of or in any way involved with this promotional activity, nor does PokerBros endorse it.

Play High Stakes Poker Online on Upoker and Suprema Poker Apps

If Pokerbros and ClubGG are the market dominators, these two poker apps closely follow behind them. Both are developed by the Upoker development team – the oldest agent-based poker app of the bunch.

Upoker initially was aimed towards the Asian market exclusively, but quickly started developing international traffic. Currently in 2023, it has lost its shine a bit, but still there are few solid Upoker Clubs to join, on which you can play one of the best high stakes poker omaha 6 cards games. PLO6 is very popular game on club-based apps like Pokerbros , Upoker and Suprema. It is definitely thrilling game. Especially when you play it on Upoker against fish high stakes players from the Asia.

As of right now Upoker has few active European clubs as well, some Russian and even South American ones, can be found on the platform. The main Grand Union, the biggest alliance on the app, remains the most popular choice. The Poker Agent team hosts our own club there and we can offer solid bonuses to high stakes grinders.

Suprema Poker is basically the Brazillian version of the Upoker platform. But make no mistake, the student became the master in this case. There are more games overall here and especially the high stakes are very varied. Suprema Poker is also the best place to play high stakes Heads Up, Omaha HiLO and even Short Deck games.

The platform is 90% made of Latino players, which play very aggressively and even maniacally. Latin people are short tempered and they quickly tilt. You can use this to your advantage even in the highest stakes games. Which here are often between 10/20 and 25/50, depending on when you log in. We have seen very good 15/30 blinded, heads up games on both nlh and omaha.

High Stakes Poker Online Tools Which Help Your Win-rate

There are few ways our team helps high stakes grinders optimize their win-rate and reduce their losses, when unlucky.

  1. First and foremost we carefully recommend you the best possible club for your high stakes poker online home. If needed, we can advise you on joining multiple clubs, across few different platforms even. To get an idea of how we take into account your needs, check out our fish finder quiz .
  2. After you contact us and get access, it is time to start playing. We send you a weekly bonus each week, depending on the volume you do per week. When playing high stakes poker online, many people are tempted to become agents themselves, to optimize their positive results. This is fully possible, as we mentioned above.
  3. The Poker Agent team provides quick service and access to the biggest list of private poker clubs in the world. Every high stakes player can find some soft games there and play far removed from sharks.
  4. Professionalism, insider information, quick action updates via our telegram channel and tips on where and how to play to beat the field. We are specialists on poker apps.
  5. Quick transfers of chips between clubs and platforms. You speak with us and we transfer your balances seamlessly. All our service is free of charge, you just message us and let us know what you need. Once you do, we already start working on it. Players who play such high blinds are VIP members and we treat them as such.

Finishing Words About High Stakes Poker Online

As former players ourselves, we are perfectly aware that when talking about high stakes poker online, the most important word is trust. It is impossible to play high stakes at some place where you feel insecure.

With many years and experience behind our back, marketing campaigns, maintaining clean reputation and happy players – it would be flat out stupid to ruin everything by disappointing VIP high stakes players, who know exactly what they look for.

It is in our best interest for our players to win and continue to play with us. No agent, wants his player to lose and stop playing. This is why we take our job very seriously, when we search for the optimal game for your skill level and tastes. Building the biggest portfolio of online poker clubs is only half of the job. The other half is connecting each high stakes player, to the best place for him, in order to boost his win-rate.

This is why, playing with the correct agent for you, is for utmost importance and can make the difference between losing and winning. If your passion are the high stakes poker online – drop us a message and let’s talk about it !

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