High Stakes Poker Online – Where to Play Nosebleed Stakes ?

Private High Stakes Poker Clubs

Being a winning player in high stakes poker games , is no easy task. It is combination of superb knowledge of poker strategy, iron psyche and careful table selection.

High stakes poker players always look for new places to play, as on nosebleed tables, quickly only the strongest remain. At least, this is what happens in all popular online poker sites.

This is why, finding soft games and big whales, who donate money, is the single most important mission of all high stakes sharks.

Probably the second, most important task is securing good rakeback deal, as 1 long session on 25/50 stakes, for example, can result in 4 digits rake. Having big rakeback deal, softens the blow.

Poker players who play 5/10 blinds and up, do not need to spend so much time studying  or multi tabling.  Instead, they use their connections to access private live and online games, where hobby gamblers waste their funds,  just to have fun.

Time is money, as probably all high stakes players know, this is why we will directly continue with revealing the best online poker rooms for big limits.

These private poker unions and clubs below, are the number 1 places, you can play online poker, at the moment. Especially nosebleed stakes, where the difference in skill level of hobby whales on apps, compared to grinders in popular poker sites, can not be measured.

NLH High Stakes – PPPoker Union Fresh Breeze

Playing NLH High Stakes is the toughest task, as it is the best known poker format, and edges are slim. This is not the case, when you play on apps.

As you can see on photos above, VPIP% of players is 40-50, which is ridiculously high. This means they play every second hand, on 5/10 limits. Even micro grinders, know this is almost double the optimal percentage of VPIP.

Fresh Breeze Union is one of the older PPPoker Unions and games there flow constantly on all limits. High stakes tables, however, often come down to only few 5/10 tables.

Good thing is, those tables are almost always filled with new players. You will play constantly with fresh whales. We do not know, if the name of the union – fresh breeze, has anything to do with it, but regardless, it is very refreshing to play high stake games, with people, who barely deserve to be called poker players.

As we already mentioned, rakeback deal is crucial when playing nosebleed stakes. This is why The Poker Agent offers every high stakes poker player 50% Rakeback in the Fresh Breeze Union.

PLO4 High Stakes – WeLovePoker Union on Upoker

Upoker High Stakes

We run our own club in this Upoker Union and we only focus on Omaha High Stakes Players there. This is one of the worst places, to play NLH and it is average place to play low stakes Omaha.

However, playing high stakes PLO4 in WeLovePoker Union is absolutely delightful. As you can see on photo above , one player collects chips from the whole table. One good player , skins 5 fishes.

Most of your “clients” in this union, will be asian gamblers with lots of money and nearly 0 knowledge of the game. They focus on having fun in short amount of time – playing many hands, calling with bad/martinal hands and drawing to weak hands. Basically every fatal error, you can make , while playing Omaha and poker in general.

Rakeback deal for high stakes players in our club is 55%.

PLO5 High Stakes – PPPoker Indian Clubs

PPPoker Indian High Stakes

It is no secret, that indian players , as a whole, are one of the worst ones on the planet. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule and even well known world class professionals coming from India. As you can guess, those type of pro players, are no where to be found in these private Indian Games.

In private online indian clubs on PPPoker, you will find 99% complete fish players, who barely know the rules of Omaha. And since PPPoker is a platform, which mainly focuses on PLO5, these Indian clubs are excellent choice for 5 carded Omaha high stake players

Indian High Stakes Clubs are home to many businessman , who play in a recreational manner and outsiders are not welcomed to ruin the party. As you can guess, The Poker Agent has full access to all Indian Private Clubs and our players can join freely, even those which run nosebleed stakes.

Rakeback Deal in all PPPoker Indian Clubs for high stakes grinders is 45%.

PLO6 – Upoker Israel Unions


PLO6 has exploded in popularity this year and rightgully so. Its action packed, dynamic and gives chance to weaker players. Playing field is more even, due to the fact , that 6 carded Omaha is high variance game and luck plays a big factor.

As you can see on the photo above, Upoker Israel Unions are full of high stakes games on this format. Many rich whales from Israel are  waiting to try their luck. Here is the place to say, these are some of the juiciest games in the planet on all Omaha variations, especially PLO6.

Our players completely dominate the games in these Private Jewish Clubs. The Poker Agent deal for high stake playets in Upoker Israel Unions is 50%.

Private Swiss Nosebleed Poker Games

For those private Swiss Clubs , as with all the rest of the places from our list, you will have to contact us ;

Telegram : @thepokeragent

These Swiss Clubs offer very small traffick and games run rarely, but limits reach 100/200 blinds and smallest ones are 25/50. It is only for true adrenaline junkies and pros.

Games are no where near as soft, as those mentioned earlier, but for sure are still profitable places to play the highest possible stakes. While there are solid players, we have noticed 5-6 fishes, who play unbelievably bad.

Other than that, the rest of the players are average at best , but for sure amateurs, like many other places. If you have chosen your spot, do not hesitate to contact us, we will answer every question and give you all the information you need about the high stakes poker scene.

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