Mata Aces – a Mexican Poker Game – Rules

mata aces poker

Mata Aces, also known as ‘”mata ases” or “kill aces” is Mexican poker game type, which gained popularity more or less ten years ago. The game was available in limited number of international poker sites and mainly in local Mexican casinos and poker rooms.

Flashforward to 2023 and this less known poker format is back in the spotlight, thanks to UPoker. Players from Mexico and Peru, should be ready to face some tougher competition, because UPoker is club based poker app, which is internationally available. But first, let’s find out what is mata aces :

Rules of Mata Aces

In short, mata aces is a perfect blend between No Limit Holdem , Stud and Draw. It sounds , rather complicating, but in reality, it is not so hard to grasp.

Mata Aces is a no-limit version of Texas Hold’em card game that originated from Mexico. It produces a lot action at the tables, making it much fun to play, and it has rapidly earned much popularity within the South American poker community.

The objective in the game is to make the best 5-card poker hand, that has a minimum ranking of a pair of aces or better.

Mata Aces Set-up

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To start, each player pays an ante into the pot. Two dcards are distributed to each player, one face up and the other face down. Then three cards are dealt face down in the middle, called community cards.

First Round of Action

The player with the highest ranking card, starting from the right of the button, will start the action. In clockwise order, each player will either bet, raise, check or fold.

Second Round of Action

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A third card is distributed to each player. which will be face up or face down, according to their choice, but taking into account that each player can only have one card face down, at any given time. That is, if he decides that the new card is face down, he must now reveal the card, that was previously face down.

The three community cards, that are in the middle are now revealed and the second round of action begins. Once again, the player with the highest poker ranking hand ( in sight), begins the hand.

The Next Rounds of Action

kill aces poker

The same dynamic is repeated until each player has 5 cards in their possession, 4 of them in view and 1 hidden. At this point, each player completes his best 5-card poker hand, for which he can use only one or none of the community cards.

The Winner

mata ases

The ultimate goal of the game is to gather at least two aces or better. Whoever has the best hand will take the pot ( revolutionary concept) . In case, no player meets the minimum qualifying hand – aces or better, the pot continues and accumulates onto the next hand (unless all players agree to split the pot) .

Where to Play Mata Aces online ?

mata aces online

If the game sounds fun to you – good news ! You can start playing it within minutes. The only thing you need to do is download UPoker app , create account and contact us to get you inside the clubs, which offer the game. You can learn more about the app, from our UPoker Review page.

If you prefer to see the games yourself, just open the UPoker lobby , click the magnifying glass symbol and enter Club ID: 113495. Once you send request, we will accept you to check the action. If you are not inside the club within minutes, message us directly on telegram to approve your application. See you on the tables !

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