PokerGO Play App – A Giant Joins the Mobile Poker World in 2023

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The world’s largest poker content company, and Gala Games, a pioneer in Web3 entertainment, today announced the development of PokerGO Play™. It will be released later this year. Beta is coming in June 2023.

PokerGO Play App is launching in 2023

PokerGO Play App integrates key Web3 elements into a cutting-edge poker platform to deliver a revolutionary social gaming experience to poker enthusiasts around the world. Innovative gameplay and platform features give users the opportunity to level up and improve their players while redeeming exclusive real-world prizes.

pokergo play powered by gala games

“PokerGO’s extensive experience in poker entertainment and Gala Games’ cutting-edge Web3 development are a perfect match,” said Richard Blankenship, Chief Revenue Officer of PokerGO. “Together, we have successfully created a top-notch social poker game loved by players around the world.”

“By working with PokerGO, a leader in poker entertainment, we were able to create a social poker game that is unmatched by anything available today. Players will be able to play poker in an immersive Web3 environment. You’ll quickly realize that it’s going to be even more entertaining,” says Eric. Schielmeier, founder of Gala Games.

As part of the partnership, PokerGO Play App will become his top sponsor of PokerGO and will provide extensive content for the company, including his PokerGO exclusive tournaments as part of his PokerGOTour®, such as the World Series of Poker and Super High Roller. Earn a premium for his marketing opportunities against your portfolio. Bowl, Poker Masters, PokerGO Cup. PokerGO Genesis NFT holders will receive favorable in-game status and both will be hosting special events at his PokerGO studio in Las Vegas. 

PokerGO Play App already signed Maria Ho as Ambassador


World-renowned poker pro Maria Ho has signed on as the first PokerGO Play App Ambassador, to help launch the game. She will also be a playable avatar in-game along with other celebrity avatars.

The lady needs no introduction. She is the single biggest female poker superstar in the world.

PokerGO Play App will be developed by Gala Games


Gala is a Web3 gaming company that leverages decentralization, player ownership and a rewards economy to create innovative new ways to play. With dozens of games on the way, and several already in various stages of pre-order and beta, Gala is quickly becoming a world leader in gaming with its unique experience. For more information, please visit

PokerGO Play App will be a mobile poker platform, similar to PokerBros, ClubGG, PPPoker and the rest of club-based applications.

There’s not much to analyze beyond marketing hype of PokerGO Play app, so it’s hard to say exactly what will be like. However, it is not a secret how much of a success the club based poker platforms have been.

It is as close to 100% sure, as it can be, that PokerGO Play app will adopt the same system. As a social poker app, you can expect to be able to play from everywhere in the world. Joining clubs and private games, will be the main reason, many grinders will probably find their new home here.


This is screenshot from a gameplay testing process of the developers. As you can see the visuals are not something to brag about and the looks here, will probably not resemble even remotely the final version of the game. This is work in progress photo, so expect one of the biggest poker brands in the world, to deliver much more polished product in the end.

Where to Play till we wait for PokerGO Play App ?

web3 poker platform pokergo play

If you already look to play against some casual players online, there are already perfectly suitable options.
As we already mentioned one of the best options are PPPoker , Upoker, Suprema, Pokerbros, X-Poker and few others.

The ones we recommend the most, however is the ClubGG Poker App . The one, which PokerGO Play app probably will bear similarity to, the most. ClubGG app has perfect software and eye-candy visuals. The fully available PC version, with all the needed features, is only the cherry on the cake. Not to mention, the horizontal PC table look, which is not something common for mobile poker platforms.

Similarly to PokerGO Play app, ClubGG is developed by one of the largest poker networks – GGPoker. It is definitely one of the best places to play poker online.

With PokerGO Play App launching this year, you can be sure that The Poker Agent team will keep you updated on the subject. And after it’s release, as with all the other social poker apps, we will always have the latest news, deals and offers for the PokerGO Play App. Here first.

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