Exclusive Pokerbros High Stakes Club – “La Nueva Era” (2023)

pokerbros la nueva era high stakes

The Poker Agent team is a veteran in the poker industry, offering private clubs for many years, even before the appearance of the Pokerbros app.

We offer always the best playgrounds, but sometimes a unbelievably good club comes along, which is even more special.

Such is the case with the Pokerbros high stakes club – “La Nueva Era”. This literally translates from Spanish as ” The New Age”.

We think the name suits the club perfectly, as Pokerbros private clubs ecosystem, is living its renaissance right now. There are of course, a lot of new Pokerbros Unions emerging, but lately, the most special places are the private games with limited access.

Let us find out, why La Nueva Era is among the best Pokerbros high stakes clubs at the moment !

Traffic and Stakes


This is a smaller private Pokerbros high stakes club, with some mid stakes available as well. Games DO NOT run 24/7, but there are active tables on daily basis.

Blinds of the tables vary from 2/4 up to 15/30.

Nationality of Players

As you can probably guess from the name of the club, it is with South American origin. The majority of the players come from Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Argentina and other spanish speaking countries.

This is not to say, there aren’t enthusiasts from all over the world. A good amount of the players come from all around the globe – overall the player pool is International with emphasis on South America.

Game Types

The main game types in this club, as of March 2023, are PLO5 and PLO6. We are almost sure there will be also bomb pot and double board variants.

Tables are 6 seated, depending on what kind of player base assembles, it will possibly lead to the inclusion of HU and full ring.

Skill Level of Players

It is too early to conclude, exactly what type of players you will be dealing with here, but from the looks of things, this shapes up to be one of the best places for Pokerbros high stakes omaha games.

As you probably already know, Latin players are very undisciplined and we have already seen a lot of multi way pots, loose calls, bad preflop hand selection, among other leaks, which can be exploited.


The Poker Agent has observed the games for only 2 days and we already saw these holes in almost everyone playing there currently. There are no sharks to speak of, the skill level of players is best described as recreational. They have some knowledge of the game, but experienced PLO grinders, will slice through the opponents, like hot knife through butter.

In short, if you play high stakes in the largest unions, better include this private Pokerbros high stakes club, as a secondary option. The games are mostly softer than the big alliances.

How to Join Pokerbros High Stakes Club ” La Nueva Era “

To join La Nueva Era just :

pokerbros high stakes la nueva era
  1. Download PokerBros
  2. Create account and login
  3. From Pokerbros Lobby click the magnifying glass symbol
  4. Enter Club ID: 189943 and right under it Ref ID: 1045813
  5. Send application, message us to accept you and ask us how to get chips.

Can i be Agent in ” La Nueva Era ” ?

If you have friends who play mid to high stakes Omaha , we will be happy to invite you as agent in La Nueva Era. Steps of joining are the same as above, just directly message us about being agent and for further information.

Is there a way to get notified when tables are running ?

Whether you play in this Pokerbros high stakes club, in big union or somewhere else – there is a way to keep following all the action, on all apps. Updates on when tables are running, tournaments and other useful information – find exclusively in our telegram news channel .

If you prefer to follow the Pokerbros news week by week , we got you covered as well. The only thing, which you need to focus on, is playing your optimal game, for all the rest, you have The Poker Agent team at your disposal.

Disclaimer : PokerBros is an online social gaming platform and does not provide any real money service, is not involved with this promotional activity, nor does PokerBros endorse it.

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